bittboy pocket go v2

Bittboy Pocket Go V2 Could Be The Handheld Of The Year

Bittboy has officially revealed the Bittboy Pocket Go V2, a new, larger more aggressive handheld that could be one of the best retro handhelds of the year, but the Retro Game 350 is coming out slightly earlier and could cause some serious drops in sales should it not launch soon. The Bittboy Pocket Go V2 is set to launch in mid-late October, with a whole bunch of new features, the “Pocket” in its name is slightly misleading as this handheld is a lot bigger than the original Bittboy Pocket Go, so much bigger that they’ve added a 3.5″ screen.

The handheld is not yet released, and there’s no real information as of yet, so all we can go by is a few images, plus we can take a look at previous products to evaluate what they could be planning to do. The major component they missed out on within the previous version was an analogue stick, and we mentioned this in our review, but to add a analogue stick in the previous shell would be overkill, it’s too small.

So they decided to create a bigger shell, with the ability to add an analogue stick and a bigger 3.5″ screen that will help with immersion and gameplay quality. These are two great additions to the Bittboy Pocket Go V2 but will this handheld be too big for those wanting a literal pocket console? Who knows, it’s certainly at the tipping point between a pocket handheld and a ‘chuck in your bag’ console.

bittboy pocket go v2 black

Bittboy are still unsure of what colours to add to the Bittboy Pocket Go V2 editions, they’ve teased an all black version which looks like it’s straight out of a cereal box and they’ve revealed a transparent shell with coloured buttons which is a much, much better look. We’re hoping they come out with DMG Gameboy variants and possibly an atomic purple edition, as they’ve tested some coloured transparent shells on old products so we know they can do it. Usually they reveal these after in hopes customers buy another “limited edition” variant.

Design Features of the Bittboy Pocket Go V2

Taking a look at the front of the Bittboy Pocket Go V2 you can see there’s a lot going on. The large screen is protruding, and it’s slightly raised out of the shell, we’re not sure if we like this or not but it’s obvious that it’s been done to save space. Below that you have some branding, again, we’re not a fan, we quite like the minimalist look, but hey, they’ve got to let the world know who’s made it!

It has a D-PAD and below that an analogue stick which we really hope is fun and comfortable to use. Some are saying on twitter that it’s in an awkward place on the handheld, but we’ve used a couple of handhelds with this location and we’ll be honest we didn’t mind it! Towards the right hand side you have your action buttons and what looks like 3 settings buttons, perhaps brightness, start/select and an options button.

bittboy pocket go v2 black

On the top we can see that it has four trigger buttons, a on/off button, volume buttons and a headphone jack. Nothing special about this apart from those of you that want four shoulder buttons for specific games, but this was a must for this Bittboy Pocket Go V2 to have longevity on the virtual shelves for months if not years to come.

On the back we can’t imagine anything serious will be installed, perhaps some graphics and the battery door but that’s about it.

How Does It Play?

The previous Bittboy played emulators well, apart from Playstation ROMS and the lack of N64 emulation. If you’re looking for PSP and N64 emulation then we advise checking out the Gameboy 1UP XL, it can play all the ROMS you desire. Bittboy has uploaded a few videos showing off the emulation, and although we can’t tell you exactly how well it plays we can review the video capture.

From what we see it can handle most games that’s thrown at it, even some PS1 games such as Crash Bandicoot without major frame rate drops. They haven’t shown every emulator yet, the Gameboy emulator is what we’re excited for as it wasn’t perfect on the old Bittboy, but it was quickly fixed with a firmware updated a few weeks after launch. This is one great point about Bittboy, when their customers find problems they will sort them fairly quickly with a firmware update. Where Bittboy lacks is customer service, it’s hard to get hold of them should anything go wrong with the product itself. No returns, not the best english and it’s a “deal with it” situation, but their products are great, so it’s not a problem as of yet.

bittboy pocket go v2 emulation

The games it can play are as follows: PS1, Neo Geo, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, Mega Drive, SMS, GG, Poke Mini, SNES, NES. Those are the ones we know of so far, this could change, but we think it’s highly unlikely that N64 or PSP will be available, as this thing just doesn’t have enough power.

You’re probably asking, why could the Bittboy Pocket Go VW be the best handheld of the year? Well, if it plays all of the ROM’s above flawlessly, has similar build quality to the original Pocket Go and sticks to a $50 price then yes, we think it could be one of the best, by far. The Retro Game 350 is already priced between $60-80 and is a very similar handheld, so if Bittboy was to undercut them they could see a huge boost in sales and it would become a lot more affordable for those wanting a new handheld for Christmas. For us it comes down to, price, game quality, and build quality. Plus a nice unboxing experience wouldn’t go a miss, their packaging is similar to that of toilet roll.

Once we get more information on the Bittboy Pocket Go you can be sure we’ll let you know here. We have good contacts with Bittboy and are always one of the first outlets to get a unit in, so, get subscribing to our YouTube channel to be the first to watch our review.