retro game 350

Retro Game 350 Has Been Officially Revealed

The Retro Game 350 has finally been announced and its rammed with a few great features that is bound to put it above the competition. Previously there was rumours that the Retro Game 350 would have one analogue stick, but no, this is the real deal and it’s available to pre-order today.

So what’s new with this handheld and how is it going to compete with the best retro handhelds on the market? The Retro Game 350 is powered by the JZ4770 which is the same CPU as the Retro Game 300 which can handle most emulators you chuck at it apart from majority of the PS1 titles.

It comes with a very large 3.5″ 320×240 IPS display at 60hz allowing you to be completely immersed, an d this is much large than other handhelds, for example the Bittboy Pocket Go and the LDK Horizontal.

The Retro Game 350 also comes with 2200mah battery which will last a whole day of gameplay, and it comes with 4 shoulder buttons allowing you to play those games that need it. The ABXY buttons are still vile, with the times new roman font in then and the analog sticks are apparently similar to that on the Nintendo Switch, oh and USB-C.

In our opinion it looks great, if it has the same comfortability factor as the RG300 then this could be a serious handheld! Unfortunately it comes in at $79.99 so it’s not cheap, but from what we can see this is a large handheld, and one we can see starting a high end emulator trend, lets just hope these things don’t start going above $100 or we’re out1

As for now, this is all the information we have. We’ll update this article should we find any more information from our contacts, you can pre-order it here.