Our Anti-AI Policy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used by thousands, if not millions of websites around the world to generate written content. Each time AI is used instead of a human, it pushes the industry towards a time and place where the written form becomes less creative, less personal and far less valuable for the reader.

At this moment in time, AI generated written content is mostly ripped from other content websites, and reworded to get avoid intellectual property laws, taking the hard work from real humans within the field who did the research with no credit.

Here at Retro Dodo we believe heavily in supporting the industry, and working with human creatives to produce high quality content that has passion and personality.

AI cannot show you if a product is bad or good, it cannot inform you of its experience with hands-on testing, it cannot tell you its opinion on the latest news, nor can it interview well known names in the industry to produce in-depth feature pieces.

Our work will always be 100% human written.

We will do the research ourselves, scanning the web for hidden information, we will talk with folks within the industry for unique stories, and we will test products ourselves with zero bias.

Retro Dodo does not use AI for written content, research or fact checking.

We are an independent publication who believes heavily in supporting creatives within the industry, instead of using AI to replace them.

In a time when content feels more robotic than ever, we want our website to be personal, approachable, and organic.