AYANEO Next Lite OS Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


When it comes to the preloaded operating system (OS) for the upcoming AYANEO Next Lite, it is sounding like one step forward and two steps back. Some of you may remember that the initial announcement for the Next Lite stated that it would come with Valve’s SteamOS pre-installed. This detail stood out quite a bit […]

AYANEO Announces New Retro Mini PC AM01 Perfect For Emulation

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01

AYANEO has announced their first mini PC, the Retro Mini PC AM01, as part of their new Remake initiative. And as the name suggests, the Retro Mini PC is a mini personal computer inspired by classic Macintosh computers. AYANEO are not trying to hide their inspirations at all in this new device. It even has […]

AYANEO Officially Reveals Flip DS Handheld Windows PC


AYANEO have just confirmed the upcoming Nintendo DS inspired Flip DS on a livestream focused on retro remake products. AYANEO’s CEO, Arthur Zhang, walked us through both AYANEO’s history and their love of classic video game and home computer devices. The livestream was focused on their new initiative “AYANEO Remake”, which is their product line […]

Nano Play Is The Next Of Many New Handheld PCs Coming To Market

Nano Play

The Nano Play is yet another upcoming handheld PC coming to market hoping to capitalize on the popularity started by companies like Valve and AYANEO. What is particularly interesting about the marketing of the Nano Play is that they are coining it a “laptop and handheld console hybrid”. Which is a bit strange to us. […]

First Look At New AYANEO Flip A Clamshell Windows PC


AYANEO has just dropped the first clear images of their highly anticipated AYANEO Flip handheld device. And it is as beautiful as you might expect. Just last month, we had specs and release info for the AYANEO Kun, a reveal of the New AYANEO Pocket S, and an updated CPU for the AYANEO Pocket Air. […]

AYANEO Kun Specs, Release Date, Pricing & More

AYANEO Kun Specs

Surely, if you’ve got your eye on premium portable gaming devices, then the AYANEO KUN is one you’re watching closely. And if you’ve already made your decision to pick one up, then you don’t have too long to wait. Because the Kun is set to launch on IndieGogo in less than one week. So let’s […]

The Meteorish TJD T101 Is A Handheld That Looks Like A Cheeseboard

TJD T101

The TJD T101 is an upcoming Windows based handheld that is hoping to compete with the likes of AYANEO or the impressive ASUS ROG Ally. This astonishing handheld concept made the rounds in the Discord gaming community for a while, with most of us assuming it was an AI generated image or a joke, but […]

ASUS ROG Ally Prices And Release Date Revealed


After a long period of speculation and anticipation, the price and release date for the ASUS ROG Ally have finally been revealed. For those unfamiliar with this new handheld PC, it is a new powerhouse that aims to be the Steam Deck killer. And when we see the specs and the price, we expect that […]

KUN Handheld Will Be AYANEO’s New 8″-10″ Flagship Windows Console


AYANEO has been delivering premium handhelds at an impressive rate, and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Their latest teased device sounds to be their most ambitious handheld yet: the AYANEO KUN. AYANEO held a live Youtube stream on Jan 18th sharing news of the Air Plus and Pocket Air. During […]

AYANEO 2 Wants To Be A Steam Deck Alternative With A Better Design

ayaneo 2 geeks

We’re a little late to the party with the AYANEO 2 news, only because we’re still keeping up with their news about the AYANEO Slide, the AYANEO Flip, and we’ve just finished our full review of the AYANEO Air. Phew, AYANEO slow down yeah? This is another one of AYANEO’s upcoming handhelds, named the AYANEO […]