The Meteorish TJD T101 Is A Handheld That Looks Like A Cheeseboard

TJD T101

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The TJD T101 is an upcoming Windows based handheld that is hoping to compete with the likes of AYANEO or the impressive ASUS ROG Ally.

This astonishing handheld concept made the rounds in the Discord gaming community for a while, with most of us assuming it was an AI generated image or a joke, but after seeing it on RetroResolve, this thing is real.

But once posted the T101 on their homepage, we knew that this thing was actually a device that somebody out there hoped to create.

TJD T101

The TJD T101 features a massive 10.1 inch (1920×1200) 60hz FHD display. Which is about the same size as most iPads today.

They really place a lot of emphases on the screen in the marketing for the new handheld, coming in with 323ppi density and 500 nits peak brightness.

The design of the T101 looks like a tablet smashed between two Nintendo Switch Joycon controllers.

Or like what happens when an unknown handheld manufacturer uses the Sony Project Q and the ASUS ROG Ally as its main inspirations. Which is exactly what is going on here.

The intended handheld would use Windows 11 as its main operating system. Which means that it hopes to sit next to the ASUS ROG Ally or the premium Windows devices by AYANEO.

So does the T101 pack the same kind of power as the competition?

With an AMD Phoenix Ryzen 7 7840U (4nm Process, 8 Cores 16 Threads, 5.1GHz Max Boost Clock, 16MB L3 Cache, TDP up to 30W) it does sound quite impressive on paper.

TJD T101

With the marketing tagline of “Plays Literally Any Game”, they are really promising a lot in terms of its ability to handle current generation AAA PC games.

Of course, there will be several different models available, to keep up with the likes of AYANEO’s expansive catalog.

The current advertised models are a [ 7640U + 16GB + 1TB ] at $599 and [ 7840U + 32GB + 2TB ] at $999.

But obviously the T101 really places its emphases on the overall look and “wow” factor.

So the handheld will be packed with all of the trendy keyword features: RBG Color Light Effect, Hall Sensing Joysticks, Hall Triggers, Fingerprint reading power button.

Meteorish TJD T101 Specifications

TJD T101
  • CPU: AMD Phoenix R5-7640U / R7-7840U
  • GPU: AMD Radeon 780M
  • Storage: M.2 2280 PCIE4.0 512G-4TB
  • Memory: LPDDR5x 16G / 32G / 64G
  • Display: 10.1 inch (1920×1200, 60hz, 323ppi, 500nits peak brightness)
  • Battery: 60Wh
  • Connectivity: WIFI 6E / BT 5.2
  • Interfaces: 2 x USB4 Type-C and 1 x USB A Interface (Supports DP1.4 4K 60Hz), 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack, High-Speed TF Card Slot (Speed up to 300 MB/s)
  • ETC: RBG Color Light Effect, Hall Sensing Joystick, Hall Trigger, Dual Gyroscope
  • Dimensions: 343x155x19.9mm
  • Weight: 890g

Launch Information

The TJD T101 is currently a hopeful concept that is intended to launch soon on IndieGogo.

Their current estimated launch time for the campaign is “Late August to Mid-September”.

So if what you have seen excites you, then you should head over to their website and signup for the email list to be notified.

The company behind the T101 is really doing everything they can to tap into any and all handheld hype and trends to get a piece of that growing market.

And we can imagine that they will hook enough prospective buyers to make this monstrous handheld a reality.

Do we like it? Nope. No we don’t. But maybe you will.

The TJD T101 is large enough to use as a cheeseboard or a weapon if its ability to play games doesn’t end up working out.

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