Meet The Dodo Display

dodo display

Your video game cartridges deserve to be displayed in style. We are building a premium display, crafted with the finest oak wood, featuring a modular peg board that allows you to organise your games anyway you please. It’s then surrounded by a high quality, acrylic dome to protect your collection and make it look as if it has been taken straight from a museum.

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    A Modern Display For A Vintage Collection.

    No longer will your cartridges be left in the dust, hidden in darkness. They should be shown to the world, and rightly deserve to be displayed like the magnificent pieces of nostalgia that they are

    Our goal is to create the perfect display, using high end wood as a base to elevate your collection, wrapped with a transparent dome to keep dust and pesky fingers at bay.

    Minimal and Modular.

    The cartridges will slide onto a modular peg system that allows you to organise and lay out your display as you wish, with the ability to add different types of cartridges, from Nintendo Game Boy to SEGA Game Gear to Nintendo 64.

    These pegs will disappear into the cartridge making your games look as if they are floating in the display. We have partnered with Joseph Tomkins, a talented product designer within the retro gaming industry, to bring this product to life.

    Gotta Store 'Em All.

    Our Dodo Display will be capable of holding a multitude of games, with space for up to 15 Game Boy cartridges to be organised. Because our display is modular you can display them anyway you please, mixing and matching an array of different games from different consoles.

    Coming Soon.