We built a book for retro gamers.

a handheld history

A Handheld History


A large, premium coffee table book designed to last, wrapped in a beautifully illustrated hardback shell.

270+ pages

Luxury 130 gsm paper filled with insightful stories, opinions and deep dives, written by journalists, YouTubers and celebrities.

Expert Contributros

Not only the Retro Dodo team have written in this book, but also well known names within the industry that you may have heard of.

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The Contributors

We teamed up with the retro gaming industries biggest names.

jason bradbury

Jason Bradbury


Jason Bradbury is well known for previously hosting the popular UK TV show known as “Gadget Show” alongside a multitude of other features across the gaming industry.



YouTube creator

Ashens is one of the biggest retro gaming YouTubers with over 1,600,000 subscribers and enjoys contributing to a wide number of gaming books and websites.

Janet Garcia

gaming journalist

Janet is one of the industries best gaming journalists, her words being featured on many well known publications, and she is well known for her streams and video content too.

Kevin Kenson

Youtube creator

Kevin Kenson is one of the most well known Nintendo Gaming Video Creators with over 840,000 subscribers that watch his content on a weekly basis.

Take A Look Inside

Jam packed with stunning photos, unique illustrations and personal insights.

A Handheld History is an explorative jaunt through the systems and games that defined the legacy of portable systems.

Less of a historical account and more of a poignant, introspective adventure across decades of gaming memories, this book will reconnect you to that long car trip full of Tetriminos, Mewtwos, and discarded AA batteries before speeding ahead to our contemporary days of OLED screens and blockbusters in your backpack.

Handheld gaming is a cornerstone tenet of the industry, one that has spawned communities who exchange Miis on the subway and Pokemon on the playground.

Friendships were made in this pocket of the medium, and it ought to be celebrated loudly, proudly, and across hundreds of beautifully-assembled pages of art and essays.

Featuring words from Jason Bradbury, Janet Garcia, Jeff Grubb, Mike Diver, Larry Bundy Jr., Ashens and many more incredible voices, this is an unmissable ode to the gaming device that you keep close to your heart—right in your jacket pocket.

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