AYANEO Announces New Retro Mini PC AM01 Perfect For Emulation

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01

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AYANEO has announced their first mini PC, the Retro Mini PC AM01, as part of their new Remake initiative.

And as the name suggests, the Retro Mini PC is a mini personal computer inspired by classic Macintosh computers.

AYANEO are not trying to hide their inspirations at all in this new device. It even has classic Macintosh graphics right on the unit.

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01
Image Source: AYANEO

The AM01 is absolutely gorgeous and it nails that retro aesthetic that we love.

With the range of internal power available at launch, we can see many unique use cases for entertainment, productivity, and of course – gaming.

Retro Mini PC AM01

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01
Image Source: AYANEO

So what can we expect inside the beautiful retro-inspired shell of the new Retro Mini PC AM01?

AYANEO intends to offer two distinct models on launch – an AMD Ryzen 7 5700U model and an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U model.

That offers a model for a range of use cases, whether you hope to use this as a home PC and need some decent power or if you simply hope to create a retro emulation consolizer.

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01
Image Source: AYANEO

Both models come preloaded with 64-bit Windows 11 Home Edition to get you started.

If your work does not depend on a powerful computer for things like video production or 3d processing, this could absolutely be your home computer for casual use like browsing the web and streaming movies.

And our vision for the AM01 is to install a bunch of the best emulators for PC paired with a bluetooth controller like the 8bitdo Ultimate Controller. This would make the AM01 the perfect home emulation base.

More Details Coming Soon

AYANEO Retro Mini PC AM01
Image Source: AYANEO

Like all of the devices featured in today’s AYANEO REMAKE Concept livestream, we were merely introduced to the Retro Mini PC. Not a lot of in depth specifics yet, but they also revealed other handhelds, and even a handheld inspired by the Game Boy which you can read in our news section.

AYANEO plans on doing another livestream event later this month to give more details about their new mini PC.

This does seem to be a product that has been in development for a while and is nearly ready to launch. We’re anticipating actually seeing the device in hand in a late November livestream.

As per usual, we have no doubts in AYANEO’s ability to launch a new product quickly. And we’re absolutely expecting many more mini pc’s to come to the AYANEO Remake line in the future. This is just the beginning.

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