AYANEO 2 Wants To Be A Steam Deck Alternative With A Better Design

ayaneo 2 geeks

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We’re a little late to the party with the AYANEO 2 news, only because we’re still keeping up with their news about the AYANEO Slide, the AYANEO Flip, and we’ve just finished our full review of the AYANEO Air.

Phew, AYANEO slow down yeah?

This is another one of AYANEO’s upcoming handhelds, named the AYANEO 2, it’s an upgraded, more powerful version of their first handheld, the “AYANEO”.

They’re also releasing a more affordable, lower spec’ed version called the AYANEO 2 Geek to attract more customers into their experience.

ayaneo 2 black

From the images we can tell that they are putting comfortability at the forefront of their campaign, all while designing a sleek, modern looking handheld with signature AYANEO features.

One of the biggest design features is that the whole face of the handheld features a glass display, the only parts that don’t are around the buttons, giving us a premium look that we’ve not seen before.

It has stacked shoulder buttons, a rounded design, lovely ergonomic hold points, RGB lighting behind the analogue sticks, a lot of ventilation to keep the device cool and a large 7″ display.

AYANEO 2 & AYANEO 2 Geek Specs

The image above gives you an idea on how AYANEO are separating the base with the geek model. I do think there are some mistakes within this graph, and maybe even some broken english, but it gives you an idea of what will feature in each device.

The most obvious difference is that the Geek has a “narrow screen”, perhaps this means there are less bezels around the screen?

Perhaps the USB-4 feature opens up the possibilities of adding a eGPU, but none f this information is official, so it’s currently anyones guess.

ayaneo 2 geek white

From the images, specs and information we have received it seems AYANEO are building this to directly compete with the Steam Deck. It’s likely it will be more expensive, but after testing their AIR handheld, the build quality was far better than the Steam Deck in every way.

AYANEO have this ability to create exciting, powerful devices that are visually pleasing and incredibly comfortable to hold.

I am not saying the Steam Deck is a bad looking device, actually, no, that’s exactly what I am saying.

I love my Steam Deck, but it looks like King Kong’s big toe, and to hold it’s not that comfortable, and this is going to be AYANEO’s advantage, even if it’s priced slightly more.

ayaneo 2 vs steam deck

As of now we don’t know prices or release dates, but AYANEO have said that they want o launch the AYANEO 2 this year, so it’s likely they are already preparing it for Christmas pre-orders, maybe even earlier.

But as mentioned in our other AYANEO articles, it’s going to be very impressive if AYANEO can ship all of these orders/products before end of year without coming up to some technical issues, all while keeping on top of their customer support.

As of now, they’re doing a good job keeping customers up to date, and informing them of shipping times, but they’re only dealing with the AYANEO Air, there’s still many more handheld to come this year.

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