Ranking The Best Turok Games Ever Developed

Best Turok Games

It’s time to head into the jungle and find out which dinosaur hunting games should be resurrected and which should remain extinct. Though Turok has been around since the 1950s – when he first appeared in comic books by Western Publishing/Dell Comics – it was the 1997 Nintendo 64 first person shooter that brought the […]

AOKZOE A1 Is The World’s First AMD 6800U Handheld PC Launching This Year

AOKZOE A1 Console

A new challenger to the Steam Deck’s throne is apparently arriving in 2022 – and it’s an absolute beast, being powered by an impressive AMD 6000 series processor! What’s this about a new 6000 series processor-powered console? The AOKZOE A1 has recently been announced – and is powered by an AMD 6800U processor. The 6800U […]

The Best Xbox One Emulators Of The Year

xbox one emulators

Looking for Xbox One emulators? Let’s see if we here at Retro Dodo have been able to find any! Though the Xbox One wasn’t an immediate success – with its disastrous reveal focusing on TV services and functions that were inconsistently useful outside the US, not to mention the forced inclusion of Kinect – it […]