AYANEO Officially Reveals Flip DS Handheld Windows PC


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AYANEO have just confirmed the upcoming Nintendo DS inspired Flip DS on a livestream focused on retro remake products.

AYANEO’s CEO, Arthur Zhang, walked us through both AYANEO’s history and their love of classic video game and home computer devices.

The livestream was focused on their new initiative “AYANEO Remake”, which is their product line that interprets classic retro technology and re-imagines it in the AYANEO style.

And, of course, a reinterpreted device we were most excited to hear about was the elusive Flip DS.

Flip DS Confirmed

Image Source: AYANEO

The reason why we would need further confirmation of the existence of the AYANEO Flip DS is because, until today, we only had a few mysterious “leaks” announcing it.

That and a direct message to us from AYANEO’s owner, Arthur Zhang.

You might think a direct message from the company was all the proof you would need. But it is more often than you would think that we are fed inaccurate information directly from the companies responsible for the products we are reporting on.

Of course – we understand that plans change, schedules adjust, delays happen. And we are in the business of reporting exciting rumors that do not always become a reality.

So in this particular case, we are very happy to see that the Flip DS is a device confirmed by AYANEO themselves.

And it might be coming sooner than you’d think!

Details About The Flip DS

Image Source: AYANEO

So what exactly did we learn about the AYANEO Flip DS today? Well, to be honest, not a whole lot.

This presentation was mostly intended to introduce the Remake initiative and tease upcoming products. We should anticipate additional livestreams in the future with more specific details about each product shared today.

As we previously reported, we are expecting the internal configuration of the Flip DS to be identical to the Flip KB.

So that should be a 7 inch display, an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U CPU, Radeon 780M integrated graphics, and Windows as its operating system.

That secondary screen appears to be approximately a 3 inch screen. Which is less than 50% the size of the primary 7 inch screen.

As we know – the second screen is primarily intended to play Nintendo games that utilized a dual-screen setup, like the Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U.

Making this screen so small and so far away from the primary screen does take away from the DS effect in a lot of ways. But we’re interested to see how AYANEO addresses this in software.

There is also the small possibility they change the design a bit to correct this drastic gap between the screens.

Release Information

Image source: AYANEO

We were most surprised to hear that AYANEO believes that the Flip DS will be ready to sell in the next couple of months, and possibly ship in early 2024.

But we’ve always known them to keep a very ambitious schedule, and they usually deliver on their promises.

So we’re eager to see more information about that second screen, and of course – to get our hands on the Flip DS to test for ourselves.

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