How To Reach Ares Island’s Fishing Spot In Sonic Frontiers

I don’t know about you, but I love being able to fish in Sonic Frontiers. It’s just so soothing. If you haven’t figured out how to fish just yet, now’s the time to use our how to fish in Sonic Frontiers article. Still, as fun as it is, there’s a slight catch: not every fishing […]

How To Fish In Sonic Frontiers

Fishing? In Sonic? Can’t be! Well, guess again. Although Sonic Frontiers is being sold as a fast paced adrenaline ride, in between the chaos there’s pockets of calm. Ideal for when you’re on your last nerve after trying to take down a Titan – they’re not for the faint hearted. Maybe try to use Retro Dodo’s […]

How to Defeat The Wyvern In Sonic Frontiers

It’s time for Sonic to defeat another Titan! Sonic may have only just defeated Giganto, but he’s fired up and ready to kick some more butt! This time his challenger is the Wyvern. Found on Ares Island, it’s another formidable opponent. Fortunately for Sonic, you’ve taken down a Titan before. However, while Titans might not […]

How To Free Knuckles In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic’s saved Amy (sort of), beat Giganto, and is now on Ares Island – Tails has got to be the next friend in need of rescuing, right? Right?  Wrong. When you reach Ares Island you’ll discover that Knuckles is also trapped in Cyber Space, a fact he’s reluctant to admit. Not that he’s about to […]

How To Defeat Giganto In Sonic Frontiers

Oh boy, it’s time to take down a Titan! If you’ve been trying to avoid this battle, I’m afraid to say there’s no way to avoid it. You have to face down Giganto and win. It’s a tall order, quite literally, because this Titan is MASSIVE. But don’t let its size fool you into thinking […]

How To Free Amy In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic the Hedgehog gets by with a little help from his friends. Unfortunately, in Sonic Frontiers his friends are in a spot of trouble.  Trapped in Cyber Space, a limbo state between the Starfall Islands and the digital dimension, they are little more than digital copies of themselves. And unless Sonic releases them from their […]

How To Defeat Asura In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic has a whole host of enemies to defeat in Sonic Frontiers. From lowly Soldiers who group attack at random, to mighty Guardians eager for a fight, to the ​​formidable Titans of the Starfall Islands – there’s a lot of destruction awaiting you. As you’d expect, some enemies are much harder to take down than […]

How To Unlock Chaos Emerald Vaults In Sonic Frontiers

Is it really a Sonic game unless there’s chaos emeralds? We think not. But it doesn’t matter what we think, what matters is finding them!  In Sonic Frontiers, chaos emeralds are the gemstone shaped key to defeating Titans. Without the power of the chaos emeralds you’ll experience a smackdown of epic proportions – not even […]

How To Solve A Grave Mystery In Sonic Frontiers

Puzzle solving is a huge part of the Sonic Frontiers experience. While there’s no denying that Sonic is still a hedgehog born to speed, he needs more than his fancy footwork to save the day.  Not only does puzzle solving unlock the map – which our handy how to unlock the map in Sonic Frontiers […]

How To Collect And Use Seeds In Sonic Frontiers

Have you spotted red and blue items glowing in the wilderness of Sonic Frontiers? Even if you’re only just starting out, we’d be surprised if you’ve missed them. Known as Seeds of Power and Seeds of Defence, these collectibles help Sonic improve his stats – a handy aid to have when you’re a hedgehog thrown […]