How To Defeat Giganto In Sonic Frontiers

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Oh boy, it’s time to take down a Titan!

If you’ve been trying to avoid this battle, I’m afraid to say there’s no way to avoid it. You have to face down Giganto and win. It’s a tall order, quite literally, because this Titan is MASSIVE. But don’t let its size fool you into thinking it’s unbeatable – he can and will fall. 

The question is how. Alas, like everything in Sonic Frontiers, it’s never simple. 

Our blue friend is going to have to scale a waterfall before facing Giganto, then he’s got to climb again. We thought Sonic was a hedgehog not a mountain goat! Still, the climb to the top is the least of his worries. 

Before you proceed, a word to the wise: you need to be mentally prepared for this. I rage quit several times because I failed to utilise Sonic’s full repertoire of moves. Learn from my mistakes and practise your parrying. If in doubt, use our how to parry enemies article for help. 

Now, if you’re ready, let’s defeat Giganto once and for all! 

How To Defeat Giganto In Sonic Frontiers

To defeat Giganto Sonic needs to complete three phases. In Phase one you need to climb up one of Giganto’s legs using the blue gates as boosters. At the top, collect the chaos emerald to turn into Super Sonic and start phase two. 

Use Honing Attacks to deplete Giganto’s health, making sure to parry incoming attacks. Once its health hits the halfway mark the the final phase will begin. While continuing to attack, make sure to avoid Giganto’s high damage laser beam and grab and crunch moves. When Giganto’s health bar is empty Sonic will perform his finishing move. 

That’s the shorthand version. For those interested in more detail, keep reading. 

Before you even think of scaling Giganto you need to collect as many rings as possible – in all honesty, reaching your max ring limit is strongly advised. 

Luckily, rings are are located around the “arena”, with them respawning after collection. Just make sure not to get trampled under foot and Giganto shouldn’t bother you while you dash and grab those rings. 

Rings are crucial because they essentially act as your health in this battle. After Sonic goes all Super Saiyan he can’t be harmed, but he will lose rings as he tries to sustain his super form. Even if you never get hit (which I commend if that’s the case), Sonic will still lose rings. 

You also need to be prepared for some serious button mashing – your controller will hate you by the end. And you’ll probably hate Sonic a little as well. Although defeating Giganto is satisfying once complete, it’s a highly frustrating fight. 

This is why a practice run is a good idea. If you read the how to defeat Asura in Sonic Frontiers guide we created, you’ll find a lot of similarities between that Guardian battle and Giganto. Use it as a template to help sharpen your reflexes. 

Phew! That was a tough one, and Sonic Frontiers is only ramping up from here on out. Next stop is Ares Island, with the Wyvern Titan. 

If you really struggled defeating Giganto, it’s worth using Retro Dodo’s how to collect and use seeds guide. These seeds are the key to increasing Sonic’s defence and power, two attributes worthy of improving when battling Titans. 

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