How To Defeat Asura In Sonic Frontiers

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Sonic has a whole host of enemies to defeat in Sonic Frontiers. From lowly Soldiers who group attack at random, to mighty Guardians eager for a fight, to the ​​formidable Titans of the Starfall Islands – there’s a lot of destruction awaiting you.

As you’d expect, some enemies are much harder to take down than others, like Asura. 

One of the first Guardians Sonic meets, Asura is surprisingly challenging. We’ve taught you how to parry enemies in Sonic Frontiers already, but to take down this mini boss you need more than a way to deflect attacks. 

Speed comes in handy, but we wouldn’t suggest using our how to change speed settings article on this occasion. No, the best course of action is timing. A notorious Sonic gameplay feature that’s confounded gamers for generations.

But before you throw in the towel without even trying, why not stick around and see exactly what it takes to bring down Asura. You never know what you might learn…!

How To Defeat Asura In Sonic Frontiers

To defeat Asura you need to destroy its three arms. Scale the Guardian using the blue gates as boosters, while making sure to avoid the red barriers. Once at the top, use the Y button to launch a series of Honing Attacks on the targeted arm. Repeat the process twice more.

Although this sounds incredibly basic for a mini boss fight, Asura has an irritating trick up its sleeve: red barriers. 

They look just like the blue gates, but instead of propelling you forward they repel you. Remember how we talked about timing? This is where it becomes most important. If you don’t time your jumps just right Sonic will keep getting hit by those red barriers. 

Your best bet is to watch how frequently the red barriers spawn, then time your jumps/boost moves accordingly. If you can’t avoid a red barrier, dodge like your life depends on it. 

You will mess it up, and you will have to try again. Fortunately, Asura doesn’t really attack (save for slapping down its arms) so it’s quite easy to keep out of harm’s way. 

Asura has three phases in total. Each with the goal of removing those pesky arms. Once the arms are destroyed Asura will explode and peace will, momentarily, return to the land. Just bear in mind that more Asura live on Kronos Island. 

We know, we know, getting your timing just right is never easy or fun. But if I can do it you most certainly can! 

And once you’ve defeated a Guardian, you’ll feel able to tackle anything Sonic Frontiers throws at you, even A Grave Mystery puzzle! Though, just an FYI, we have a how to solve A Grave Mystery guide available if you need extra help. 

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