How To Free Knuckles In Sonic Frontiers

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Sonic’s saved Amy (sort of), beat Giganto, and is now on Ares Island – Tails has got to be the next friend in need of rescuing, right? Right? 


When you reach Ares Island you’ll discover that Knuckles is also trapped in Cyber Space, a fact he’s reluctant to admit. Not that he’s about to turn down your assistance, but Sonic’s red ally isn’t thrilled about playing the damsel in distress. 

Hopefully, releasing Knuckles from his prison won’t be too taxing for you. If you’ve used Retro Dodo’s how to free Amy in Sonic Frontiers guide, then you’ll know exactly what to do. However, although the process is similar, Knuckles requires more effort. 

We’re talking more exploring, more rail grinding, and more intricate platforming from one side of Ares Island to the other. It’s pretty intense. But then again, what else would you expect from a Sonic game? 

If you’re ready to begin collecting more memory tokens to free Knuckles, let’s dive right in. 

How To Free Knuckles In Sonic Frontiers

To free Knuckles in Sonic Frontiers you need to collect “Knuckles’ memory tokens”. You will need 30 memory tokens to release him. After which, you will need to continue collecting tokens to unlock additional Knuckles quests and progress the main story. Knuckles’ memory tokens appear as medal icons on the Ares Map. 

Just like with Amy, busting Knuckles out of jail is super simple.

If anything, the most difficult part of the mission is reaching all the little nooks and crannies where memory tokens are hiding – some are in awkward spots. By now though, Sonic’s death defying air tricks should be second nature to you… we hope.

If the idea of continuously platforming is too much for you (which begs the question why are you playing Sonic Frontiers?), you can sometimes find memory tokens via treasure caches. 

They look like blue diamond beacons, similar to the map challenge symbols; Cyloop them and you’ll get medals galore. Honestly, it’s my favourite way of collecting them. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s done. 

Where To Find Knuckles’ Memory Tokens

To locate Knuckles’ memory tokens look for the black medal symbols on the Ares Island map. They can be found across the entire Ares region.

We appreciate we might sound like a broken record, but unlocking the map is your first rung on the ladder to success in Sonic Frontiers. If you haven’t made the effort to unlock it or don’t know how, check out our how to unlock the map and fast travel guide

Given how many memory tokens you need, unlocking the fast travel option is a blessing. Though the ancient rails that connect completed map challenges will also suffice in a pinch. Sonic may be fast, but not fast enough. 

Speaking of speed, if you want to give the world’s most famous hedgehog some extra pep in his step, head on over to Retro Dodo’s how to change the speed settings article

Hurray! We’ve saved yet another companion!

We now have reinforcements, and are on our way to facing down the Wyvern Titan. Exciting but scary stuff. To prepare yourself for the battles to come, our how to collect and use seeds in Sonic Frontiers will give you that extra edge; think of seeds like a little pick-me-up for sonic’s abilities. 

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