How To Collect And Use Seeds In Sonic Frontiers

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Have you spotted red and blue items glowing in the wilderness of Sonic Frontiers? Even if you’re only just starting out, we’d be surprised if you’ve missed them.

Known as Seeds of Power and Seeds of Defence, these collectibles help Sonic improve his stats – a handy aid to have when you’re a hedgehog thrown into the unknown. 

Arguably, they’re two of the most important collectibles. And while they’re not difficult to spot once you locate them, collecting and using them can prove tricky.

The game does give you information about seeds during the tutorial, but it’s all too easily forgotten when parrying enemies and trying to unlock the map. Both of which we’ve covered in our how to parry enemies in Sonic Frontiers article and how to unlock the map guide, just in case you’re curious.

If you’d like to avoid aimlessly wandering around hoping seeds will magically appear, we suggest you read on. 

What Are Seeds In Sonic Frontiers?

Seeds of Power are spiky red hearts in Sonic Frontiers that increase Sonic’s power abilities, meaning he deals more damage when attacking. Seeds of Defense are spiky blue ovals that enhance Sonic’s defence level, allowing him to better withstand enemy attacks. 

Both types of seeds are vital if Sonic is to survive the trials of all five islands.

You can try to limit how much time you spend searching for seeds, but you might regret your decision when it’s time to face a Guardian or Titan. 

How To Find And Collect Seeds In Sonic Frontiers

To find and collect seeds in Sonic Frontiers you need to complete map challenges to unlock the map; the more of the map you unlock, the easier the seeds are to locate. Seeds are also dropped after defeating enemies and/or by smashing crates. However, the drop rate varies. 

As you can see, collecting seeds isn’t as simple as completing a task and getting a reward, sometimes it’s a case of persevering until dumb luck wins out.

We know what you’re thinking: this sounds like a lot of effort for mixed results. But due to the open world landscapes of Sonic Frontiers, you happen upon seeds quite regularly. Even more so if you enjoy hunting down any and all enemies. 

And if that doesn’t sell you on the worthwhile goal of collecting seeds, maybe the knowledge that you’ll meet a cute hermit will. Yes, collecting seeds is but the first step on your journey – once you’ve got them you need to use them, and for that you need Hermit Koco.

How To Use Seeds In Sonic Frontiers

To use seeds in Sonic Frontiers you need to give them to Hermit Koco, who will then use the seeds to improve Sonic’s defence and power. The more seeds you collect, the more Hermit Koco can increase Sonic’s stats. 

See? Now searching for those seeds doesn’t seem like a hardship when you get to interact with Kronos Island locals! Oh, and it’s great to increase Sonic’s defence and power as well. 

Before you begin celebrating, I’d like to point out that finding Hermit Koco for the first time can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. After all, the map is incomplete. This is why exploring and completing map challenges is so important: to give you a better lay of the land. 

We hope all that talk of seeds and Hermit Koco now makes a lot more sense! And that you’re on your way to improving those all important stats. 

Should you still be in need of help, say with trying to reach a certain Kronos Island portal, you might want to read Retro Dodo’s how to reach Stage 1-7 in Sonic Frontiers guide. Consider it my gift to you (you’re most welcome). 

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