How To Reach Ares Island’s Fishing Spot In Sonic Frontiers

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I don’t know about you, but I love being able to fish in Sonic Frontiers. It’s just so soothing. If you haven’t figured out how to fish just yet, now’s the time to use our how to fish in Sonic Frontiers article.

Still, as fun as it is, there’s a slight catch: not every fishing spot is easy to reach.

We know that isn’t as big a deal as being trapped in Cyber Space, but it can cause issues for you completionists out there.

Even if you’re not about that 100% label, seeing an area you seemingly can’t reach is going to grab your attention. And infuriate you if you’re anything like me. Right, let’s solve this caper!

Just a little FYI before we begin – if you haven’t learnt how to unlock the map in Sonic Frontiers now is the time to learn. Make sure to use our guide for help if you’re stuck. Trust me, when it comes to this particular puzzle, an unlocked map will save you time.

Funnily enough, the map is going to play a big role, even bigger than we’ve talked about before. If you’re curious, and want to learn all the secrets of Ares Island, then let’s tackle this once and for all.

How To Reach Ares Island’s Fishing Spot In Sonic Frontiers

To reach Ares Island’s fishing spot you need to find an underground tunnel, with its entrances located at map challenges M-042 and M-041. Complete these challenges to unlock the ancient rails, which will then allow you to travel to the Ares fishing spot.

I bet you weren’t expecting it to be that easy! But it really is.

So why is it a stumbling block for some players, myself included? That’s because M-042 and M-041 are tucked away on the other side of mountains – if you never explore every inch of the island you won’t find them. 

Another issue is that people only complete one of these map challenges instead of both. That’s a big no-no. Without completing both challenges they won’t connect, and if they don’t connect the ancient rail won’t appear. 

You can ignore all the other map challenges if you want, just make sure to tick these two off your list. 

Of course, if you solve every challenge on Ares Island you’ll be able to fast travel instantly to portals. No ancient rails necessary. You see, I wasn’t just being obsessive about the map for no reason.

And that’s it, folks.

You’ve found Big Cat once more, and only had to part with a handful of purple coins. Not bad at all. 

Still, there’s plenty more secrets to unlock in Sonic Frontiers, not to mention enemies to defeat, and companions to save. If you’re on Ares Island for the first time, you might want to help Knuckles out of a jam – use our how to free Knuckles article to give you some pointers. 

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