How To Play With Friends In Mario Strikers Battle League

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If you’ve got a bustling social life but love games, then you’re probably wondering how to play with friends Mario Strikers Battle League.

The solo-player modes in this game are all well and good, but the best fun is battling both alongside and against your friends.

I’ve never known a game have as much tension in a 4-minute period. I mean, Fifa matches have been stressful over the years, but they’re nowhere near as intense as this.

How many times have you seen Mbappé throw a red shell at Ronaldo?

If you and your mates want to get in on the Mushrom Kingdom mayhem together, then here’s the complete guide on how to play with friends in Mario Strikers Battle League.

Good luck, and watch out for this hyper strikes!

How To Play with Friends In Mario Strikers Battle League On Nintendo Switch

How To Play With Friends In Mario Strikers Battle League - Waluigi celebrating with Peach looking glum
One of many replays of me celebrating against my mate Nathan.

To play with friends in Mario Strikers Battle League, gamers can either head to the Quick Battle Mode, play a Cup Battle with two players (local), or join the Strikers Club as part of team (local and online).

There’s no surprise that Mazza’s new game is a slice of multiplayer madness. The first Super Mario Strikers game (PAL players know it as Mario Smash Football) was one of the best multiplayer GameCube games of all time, and that same integral ingredient that made it so great is still present in the title.

If you want to play with your friends in the old-school couch co-op way, then there are multiple ways to play while sat in the same room.

Players can play a quick battle with up to 8 players on the same console, or a cup battle with up to 4.

In the Strikers Club, 2 people can join in the same room together. That’s two people in the same club in the same room, great for talking tactics.

Players can also do a local wireless game, useful when playing in tabletop mode, with up to 2 people.

Still, the main appeal is being able to just hop on, log in, and play people all over the globe. Let’s check out how to do that and, more importantly, how to be successful.

How To Play With Friends In Strikers Club

When it comes to Strikers Club, Mario Strikers players need to work together. If you don’t then, it’s game over before the match has even begun.

For starters, players will need to make a club team, pick strikers, choose a kit, and get ready to battle other teams.

Here’s an important part – if you only have 2 people signed up to your team, then only two characters will have gear. The others will just be generic players picked by the computer.

If, however, there are 4 people signed up, then no matter whether 1 of you is playing or all 4, all the characters you pick will have gear.

When playing Strikers Club in Mario Strikers Battle League, you and your friends need to pass the ball. There’s no point going for glory in this game. You’ll need to work together and pass into space if you’ve got any chance of winning.

Make sure a couple of your players are souped up with turbo gear too. It’s the main gear-of-choice with online players, so you’ll need to match their stats if you want to sneak those balls into the net.

How To Play On The Same Team As Friends In Mario Strikers Battle League

How To Play With Friends In Mario Strikers Battle League - Multiplayer action

Of course, you can just play friendly’s against other players both online and in the same room. As I said above, if you have 8 people in the same room, then it’s going to be a 4v4 battle to the death,

For this example, however, I’m going to talk about me and another mate on a team together, with two of our players wearing gear each thrown into the mix.

If you want to know which players we chose, check out my article on the how to pick the best team in Mario Strikers Battle League!

Don’t all run blindly after the ball. It’s so easy to put all your characters in the oppositions half and leave your own empty. One boost mushroom with a turbo player and BANG, it’s 1-0 to the other team.

Make space, and when other teams are doing those annoying perfect pass lob volley sessions, just bring all your players back and defend like mad.

Oh, and talk to your friend about when you’re going to use those items. Follow these steps on how to win in Mario Strikers Battle League if you need some guidance!

How To Play Against Friends In Mario Strikers Battle League

To play against friends in Mario Strikers Battle League, head to Quick Battle and either play locally with up to 8 players or head online and go head to head with as many of your mates as you choose.

I mostly play the Quick Battle mode online against my mate Nathan. We each have control over four characters, all with gear, and can switch between them using the L button to choose the player nearest the ball.

Obviously in this mode, the last thing you want to be doing is working alongside your mates. If you tend to spend a lot of time playing with them in Strikers Club, then they might already know some of your sneaky little moves. Still, try to keep items for throwing at kick off to make space for those perfect shots, and dodge out of the way of tackles to give yourself time to strike.

Dodges are a perfect way of giving yourself time to pull off a hyper strike, so keep your eyes on the prize and don’t succumb to the pressure.

Getting Coins While Playing With Friends

One of the best bits about playing with friends in Mario Strikers on the Switch is earning coins from matches. Whether you win or lose, you’ll get coins for meeting certain criteria like ‘x items used’ or ‘x tackles’, as well as coins for participating.

In the Strikers Club, players get coins and silver tokens for taking part in matches. Check out my articles on how to get coins in Mario Strikers Battle League and how to use silver tokens in Mario Strikers Battle League for more information!

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