How To Win In Mario Strikers Battle League

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If you’re mad for Mushroom Kingdom football mayhem, then you’ll definitely want to know how to win in Mario Strikers Battle League!

I was first in the queue this morning to pick up my copy and have spent all day playing the game to bring you some of the best tips and tricks.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

From trialling out different team rosters to determine through to tactical manoeuvres that will get you ahead of the competition, I’ve listed 6 of the best tips on how to win in Mario Strikers Battle League.

I mean, none of us are here just to draw or lose, are we?

So, without further ado, here’s some tips that will help you beat the other team 10-2 just like yours truly here!

1. Curve Those Charged Shots

How to win in Mario strikers battle league - charged shots

One of the best tips I can give you on how to win at Mario Strikers Battle League is to charge those shots up. By holding the A button down until the circular meter around the players feet is full and sparks appear around them, gamers can send. charged shot hurtling into the back of the net.

The secret to getting it past the goalkeeper – tilting your control stick.

It seems like a simple touch, but trust me, it works every time.

Characters with better technique stats like Waluigi and Luigi have a much higher chance of curling the ball past the goalie too.

But where’s the best place to pull off one of these charged curl shots?

Well, I find it has the best results when not head on. Try just over the centre line to the side of the goal if you feel like channeling your inner Andrea Pirlo. Get closer by all means, but try to keep diagonal to the goal.

2. Tackle On Kick Off

There’s a reason I always pick Waluigi as my captain; the guy’s got speed and power when it comes to making an early tackle to get possession of the ball.

9 times out of 10 I make an early tackle with Cap’n Wazla and knock the ball clean out of the opposition’s reach.

From there, it’s either a case of going it alone with a charged shot or lob passing to a team mate and trying my luck with a charged shot or hyper strike.

Open our guide on how to do a hyper strike in Mario Strikers Battle League in another tab before going any further!

3. Pass, Space, Hyper Strike!

My next piece of advice on how to win in Mario Strikers Battle League requires a clear head and a quick eye.

As long as you stop your power bar in the right places, then the chances are your hyper strike is going to smash into the back of the net. Still, don’t count your Yoshi Eggs before they’ve cracked (or something like that).

Opposing players can tackle you before you have a chance to pull off your hyper strike, and they’re pretty good at quashing your plans in a matter of seconds.

The best thing to do here is to pass the ball between your team until you find space for one of your players to pull the hyper strike off. Use passing the ball to lure the opposition to one side of the pitch, then kick it into space for your chosen striker, giving them time to complete both power bar presses.

If all went to plan, you can sit back and have a swig of coffee while your character does their stuff!

4. Lob Pass Into Space

Lob passing into space is one of the advanced items on the in-game training menu, but it’s certainly one that’s worth practicing.

Essentially, by holding ZL and pressing Y to lob pass, you can move a cursor and pass the ball into space, not to a nearby player.

This move is perfect for covering space quickly, especially if you as the highlighted player can dash out of the way of tackles and get into prime position for letting off a charged shot.

5. Time Those Items

How to win in Mario strikers battle league - time those items

Items are super useful in Mario Strikers, but don’t just fire them off willy-nilly. Items like red shells can be set off at the optimum time to knock back multiple opponents in your path, clearing an even bigger space for you to charge up a hyper strike.

They can also be good to slow the pace of play down too, especially if there’s a lot of passing going on… it can get real confusing real quick!

6. Charge Tackle All Day Long!

Having Bowser in a defensive position (check out my article on how to pick the best team in Mario Strikers Battle League) is always a clever move. He’s strong and surprisingly fast, with his charged tackle covering a lot of ground and knocking every character into the dirt.

Or, if you’re lucky, the electrified ringside.

Hold onto the tackle button and release when the arrows are full to pull off the perfect charged tackle.

Remember – When charging, aim your tackle into the place where the opponent is going to be and not where they currently are.

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for checking out this article on how to win in Mario Strikers Battle League. Hopefully these tips will help you get ahead of the competition and onto the winners table!

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