20 Best Multiplayer GameCube Games Of All Time

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Grab some AA batteries for those WaveBirds; it’s time to check out the best multiplayer GameCube games of all time!

As all Nintendoids know, the gaming giant’s old consoles promote multiplayer fun, specifically couch multiplayer action all in the same room.

Yes, if your foray into gaming thus far only includes next-gen consoles, then you might not believe that people used to sit in the same room while playing games, sharing snacks and hanging out in person.

Those were the days… though as a writer that specialises in retro gaming, I guess I would say that.

So which titles have we picked for this epic compendium of the best multiplayer Gamecube games? Which games defined my childhood while I should have been revising, and which ones are so damn good that they made my friends and I pretty much inseparable.

I guess we’re about to find out!

1. Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001)

Super Smash Bros Game Case Gamecube

Of course, Super Smash Bros Melee has to take the title in our best multiplayer GameCube games list. Not only is it the best selling GameCube game of all time, but it’s also the most exciting.

And in my controversial opinion, it’s also the best game in the entire series. Stuff started getting too complicated after this; Melee keeps it simple!

Super Smash Bros Melee gameplay
Credit: Nintendo

Play as Ganondorf, Link, Mario, Peach, Nes, the Ice Climbers, and many more classic characters from Nintendo history.

Whether thrashing the C-stick or pulling off epic combos, this game provides fast-paced fighting action for all ages.

Even my granny had a bash back in the day!

Pick up items from K.O hammers to light swords, throwing Pokemon to assist you and smashing your mates into next week.

Let’s be honest; have you ever truly been alive if you haven’t had to defend yourself while bearing 250% damage?

2. WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! (2003)

Wario Ware Inc Game Case Gamecube

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! takes the silver medal in our best multiplayer GameCube games list!

If you thought that Mario Smash Football was crazy, then get ready for the weirdest game that you’ve ever played in your life.

Balancing turtles, blasting asteroids, playing mini games such as picking a nose and sawing wood… it’s a WarioWare title alright, and it’s the most insane game I’ve ever played.

Wario Ware Inc Gameplay
Credit: Nintendo

Instead of revising between exams during our final year at school, me and my friends would come back to my house to play this game.

Luckily we all got good grades… maybe all the Mega Party Games gave us some sort of increased brain power or something, who knows?

I’m also still unsure why there’s an alien with a ‘member’ on its head…

3. Super Mario Strikers (2005)

Super Mario Strikers Game Case Gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

Super Mario Strikers takes the 3rd spot in our list of the best multiplayer GameCube games of all time, and boy is it a beauty.

PAL players might know this game as Mario Smash Football (which I think is a much better name).

Friday nights were never the same once this game came out; picking a space on the floor that the controller wire could reach to and setting up camp while playing hour after hour of this game… those were the days.

Plus, there really is no feeling better than coming back from 3-0 down against an army of Robots, performing a Super Strike and tearing the back of the net.

Super Mario Strikers gameplay
Credit: Nintendo

Ok, so it might not be as realistic as Fifa (or realistic at all, for that matter), but it’s 100% silly and and never gets old.

The unlockable character feature will keep you coming back for more in the solo mode, and the power items available through the game keep every match fresh and exciting.

No two games are alike, that’s for sure!

4. Mario Party 4 (2002)

Mario Party 4 Game Case Gamecube

Mario Party 4 is the best of the best Mario Party games of all time; it’s official.

Scrap that: it’s the best party game of all time on any console.

Of all the MP titles, number 4 had the best shop and the epic cut-scene with the genie in the magic lantern. The formula just worked perfectly; it wasn’t too complicated and still retained those board game nuances.

Plus; 20 coins for a Star is still an absolute bargain.

Mario Party 4 gameplay
Credit: Nintendo

Pick up coins by competing in mini games, either playing against other team members or teaming up with a partner to thwart your other friends.

With character themed courses and a nightmarish venture around Bowser’s Castle to look forward to, there’s plenty of Mushroom Kingdom-inspired madness to look forward to.

Once again, I’m super lucky that I have an incredibly cool mum. We used to play Mario Party together most nights, playing as Yoshi and DK against the two computers to try and determine who was the real party star.

Mario Party 4 is fantastic from start to finish, no matter whether you’re playing solo or taking part I a 50-turn game with friends (this takes an age!). Plus, it’s rated E for everyone!

5. Mario Kart Double Dash (2003)

Mario Kart Double Dash Game Case Gamecube

Mario Kart Double Dash really doesn’t need an introduction, so let’s just jump straight in.

This was the first (and only) Mario Kart game to use two characters per kart. One character races while the other holds and fires weapons. They can swap mid race as many times as you want too…

… and let’s be honest; it’s a pretty pointless feature. But, it’s a Mario Kart game, which means we can pass over it and use concentrate on the racing.

Mario Kart double dash gameplay
Credit: Nintendo

Graphics-wise, this title looks so much more hi-definition and smooth compared to the N64 offering.

To be fair, Double Dash had some big shoes to fill after the first 3D game in the series; that’s probably why they went with the dual driver mechanic.

And despite my comments about this gimmicky feature, it still went on to become the 2nd-best GameCube game of all time behind Super Smash Bros Melee. In fact, Mario has the top 3 spots.

Lucky lad!

6. SoulCalibur II (2003)

Soul Calibur 2 Game Case Gamecube

Soul Calibur II is one of those fighting gams that goes beyond the normal Street Fighter formula and creates an immersive fantasy experience like no other.

Experience a storyline quest with a cracking VoiceOver, epic weapons, and of course, Link as playable character.

Yes while the Xbox got Spawn and the PS2 port got Tekken’s Heihachi Mishima, the GameCube brought Nintendo’s poster boy to the fight, complete with Fairy Bow and bombs!

Soul Calibur 2 gameplay gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

Upgrade weapons, change costumes, and pull off killer combos and special moves. There’s nothing cooler than seeing Link go into battle with Biggoron’s Sword or Nightmare wielding the Soul Edge blade.

I’m obviously biased because I’m a mahoosive Nintendo-nerd, but there are other characters to pick from.

Barge into battle with Astaroth and his mighty axe, or skulk into the fray with Volvo and his strange scissor blades.

With so many exciting fighters and different attack styles, there’s so many different ways to play, making for some epic battles with friends!

7. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords (2004)

best multiplayer GameCube games - The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords game case cover art
Credit: Nintendo

I still maintain that The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords is a wholly underrated Zelda game. It’s also one of the best co-op multiplayer games on the GameCube, and that’s an irrefutable fact.

Players team up controlling one of four Links as they move through this top down adventure, working together to thwart enemies and solve puzzles in true Zelda fashion.

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords gameplay
Credit: Nintendo

Collect gems to heighten the power of the Four Sword, breaking Dark Barriers and doing your bit to defeat Vaati once and for all.

While all players can see the main TV screen, the other three players must connect to the GameCube using the GBA link cable, one of the best GameCube accessories in order to control their Link and see their own individual screen when Link goes indoors.

And, if you really hate your mates, you can always just go into the battle mode and try to defeat them in combat… whatever floats your boat.

8. James Bond 007: Nightfire (2002)

James Bond 007 Nightmare Game Case Gamecube

Get ready for covert sniper battles in the snowy mountains in James Bond 007: Nightfire, sidling around dark corners, and throwing Oddjob’s hat at oncoming foes.

Yes; Oddjob’s hat!

If you loved the GoldenEye multiplayer mode (and let’s face it, who didn’t?) then Nightfire will fill the Golden Gun shaped hole that the classic N64 game left in your life.

007: nightfire gameplay
Credit: Nintendo/EA

There’s nothing like hiding in a cable car while picking off your friends one by one, never revealing your location to them so that you can win again and again…

… I think I might n need to speak to a therapist.

If you can show us footage of you taking someone out from a clifftop with Oddjob’s hat, you win one-million Retro Dodo points, which are redeemable for a bucket of high self esteem and gamer points at the next convention you go to.

9. F-Zero GX (2003)

F-Zero GX Game Case Gamecube

F-Zero GX screeches into the halfway mark in our list of the best multiplayer GameCube games ever made. If you’ve got the need for speed and enjoy supersonic races, then you’re in the right place.

In other words, if you’ve completed Hydro Thunder and Episode 1 Racer a dozen times on the N64, then this is the next logical step.

It certainly makes Number 5 below seem like a gentle jog through the forest!

F-Zero GX gameplay gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

There’s no points for who most of us would immediately choose after his success in the Super Smash Bros series.

Yes, I’m of course talking about Captain Falcon. The man is a legend, but for purposes of remaining unbiased I must stress that there are other racers available who are all (probably) very good too.

With tracks that twist and turn before morphing into winding tubes or vertical slides, gameplay can suddenly take a turn for the worse at a moment’s notice.

This is a white knuckle ride for you and your mates to play through, one that won’t leave your mind in a hurry either.

10. Super Monkey Ball (2001)

Super Monkey Ball Game Case Gamecube

Like Pikmin 2, might not instantly think of Super Monkey Ball as being a multiplayer title. Still, Monkey Billiards, Monkey Bowling, and all the other VS modes on this game are so awesome that it hurts.

I will say that playing the main mode of the game in multiplayer makes it even more stressful however. Those pipes are hard enough to navigate on a full screen, never mind a quartered one!

Super Monkey Ball gameplay gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

How many of you have almost thrown your WaveBird across the roomie here fury while playing this game?

Getting all of those bananas without falling into the abyss was no easy task, never mind getting a perfect score AND beating your friends at the same time.

Some of my fondest GameCube memories are of playing Monkey target with my mum. when she and GonGon team up together, there’s no stopping them!

11. Kirby Air Ride (2003)

best multiplayer GameCube games - Kirby Air Ride game case cover art
Credit: Nintendo

The pink peril himself is taking a break from inhaling enemies in his exciting title Kirby Air Ride, swapping the battlefield for the race track.

How do you make a racing game more exciting? How about taking away all of the cars and replacing them with Power Stars?

Yeah, that would do it!

Kirby Air Ride Gameplay Gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

This is such an easy game to play too. Kirby accelerates himself, so all that’s left to do is move him from left to right and avoid obstacles.

As with any Nintendo racing game, there’s special powers that you can use against your opponents to give you the edge over them.

Play with up to three mates, all controlling different coloured Kirby’s to keep things simple. This is a good one if you’re trying to coax people who aren’t into gaming into your world of retro goodness.

12. Mario Party 5 (2003)

Mario Party 5 Game Case Gamecube

Mario Party 5 takes the 12th spot in our list of the best multiplayer GameCube games of all time! It might have scored higher if it wasn’t for that annoying capsule system rather then the traditional shop, but I guess I should probably get over that now…

… it has been 18 years, after all!

As this is the first Mario Party game in our list, I’ll give you a little rundown of what the premise is. Move around a board, picking up coins from blue spaces and mini games in order to buy stars.

Mario Party 5 gameplay gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

The mini games are all super addictive (though not nearly as bizarre as Number 2 in our list). Being successful in these rounds usually stands you in good stead for cleaning victory, especially if you have bonus stars turned on at the end of the game.

Play with up to three mates while taking your favourite characters through a selection of Mazza-licioius boards from the Dream Depot to Bowsers Nightmare.

Again, this is a great party for both games nights or lazy Sunday mornings. It’s simple to pick up and provides guaranteed fun for all!

13. Donkey Konga (2003)

Donkey Konga Game Case Gamecube

How many of you thought that Donkey Konga was going to be a bit of a disappointing gimmick, one that barely worked but would provide just a little bit of fun?

Probably most of you right?

Well, how wrong were we, eh? This game is so damn fun that It’s impossible to stop once you get going. Beating those plastic bongos never gets old!

Donkey Kong gameplay gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

Up to four players can slap beats together, so naturally I bought four pairs of bongos.

Picture four teenagers sitting in a row on the floor smacking rubber pads; the weirdest music lesson with the most famous simian teacher ever.

In terms of game mechanics, it’s basically the same as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Get in the groove and hit either the left, right, or both bongos to the beat.

The player with the most points wins… it’s simples!

14. Pikmin 2 (2004)

Pikmin 2 Game Case Gamecube

Pikmin 2 emerges from the undergrowth to take the 14th spot in our best multiplayer GameCube games list!

The original Pikmin game was a revolutionary title, some might even say a fantasy nerds dream. The sequel did away with some of the annoying features like the time-specific countdown gameplay, however, making it much more enjoyable.

And, it added a multiplayer mode.

Pikmin 2 gameplay gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

Now with Captain Olimar and Louie, his eager assistant, players can wield different coloured Pikmin to collect marbles or steal them from each other.

Take an army of red or blue Pikmin and go up against your opponent, pulling out all the dirty plant-based tricks in the book in order to become victorious.

It might not be the most hi-octane multiplayer title on the GameCube, but man is it addictive. Capture the flag gameplay (or marbles, in this case) never looked so good.

15. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (2003)

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour Game Case Gamecube

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour takes the 15th spot in this list of the best multiplayer GameCube games of all time, a simple golfing game with quirky courses that really capture the Mushroom Kingdom spirit.

Pick your favourite character and swing, taking into account windspeed and typical golf course features such as bunkers and the rough…

Oh, and lakes, cliffs, chain chomps, piranha plants… the usual.

Mario Golf Toadstool TourGameplay Gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

Timing yourself for that all-important super shot is the key to getting ahead in this game. If you’re really clever, you can use top spin or backspin to affect your shots too, but that’s some advanced stuff!

I still play this game regularly and the graphics always surprise me.

I know it isn’t the most advanced game in terms of visuals, but Toadstool Tour has really stood the test of time and still looks great, even on modern TVs.

Check out the best GameCube HDMI cables to boost your picture too!

16. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (2001)

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Game Case Gamecube

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle had some of the best multiplayer games and mini games of any GameCube title.

Whether messing around in the Chao Garden or racing friends through the main level courses, it was fast-paced fun that made the hours fly by.

It didn’t matter whether you were pitting Shadow Vs Sonic on death-defying rail tracks, treasure hunting with Knuckles and Rouge, or battling Tails Vs Robotnik in fighting machines, there was something for everyone in this game.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle gameplay Gamecube
Credit: Nintendo

Playing with Chao’s in the Chao garden and competing in races and competitions was also super fun too. It really is the game that keeps on giving.

The single player mode was legendary too, but my friends and I definitely scratched this game to death through the incessant slotting in and out of the disc tray for the multiplayer madness.

And yes, I did buy another copy to carry on the fun…

17. Medal of Honor: European Assault (2005)

best multiplayer GameCube games - Medal of Honour: European Assault game case cover art
Credit: Nintendo

You could always tell when a new Medal of Honor game came out because most of the people at school were absent, and Medal of Honor: European Assault release day was no different.

As the name might suggest, this game takes us to Europe in 1942. It’s all about getting behind enemy lines, killing Nazis, and both collecting and destroying certain pieces of information.

Medal of Honor: European Assault gameplay GameCube
Credit: Nintendo

The storyline is spectacular, but we’re only concerned with one thing today, and that’s the multiplayer.

Go up against your mates with classic weapons that look like relics compared to the stuff we see nowadays (well, I guess they are).

The maps manage to capture a fragment of the tense nature of warfare too, though I’m not sure real war zones use as many blocks and boxes in open spaces as the MOH series.

If you’re in the army, then I’m happy to be proven wrong here!

18. Star Fox Assault (2005)

best multiplayer GameCube games - Star Fox Assault game case cover art
Credit: Nintendo

Star Fox Assault is one of those games that I missed the first time around and came to a little later on in life. But Ive got to admit that I’ve certainly made up for lost time in the last few years.

Still, after the success of LylatWars, it’s no surprise that the game is a corker.

Battling Aparoids through the skies above Dinosaur Planet, taking in stunning overworld scenery and even getting out of your ships to fight on foot.

Credit: Nintendo

In many ways, it’s a cross between Star Fox and Star Fox Adventures, which happen to be two of my favourite games of all time anyway… winner winner.

Just look at those stills above; who cares if Andross’ armies are mustering for attack, I wouldn’t mind just hanging out in that mayan temple style place down there for a while and waiting for everything to blow over.

19. Gauntlet Dark Legacy (2002)

Gauntlet Dark Legacy Game Case Gamecube

The 19th spot in this list of the best multiplayer GameCube games goes to Gauntlet Dark Legacy, the greatest hack and slash title that I’ve ever played, period.

I have so many amazing memories of playing the couch co-op multiplayer with my friends up in my attic, slaying undead demons, skeletons, evil genies, and more.

And yes, I will ALWAYS call food ‘sustenance’ after playing this game.

Gauntlet Dark Legacy gameplay GameCube
Credit: Nintendo

Playing with the same friends was always great as characters would level up and change appearance as you gained experience from playing the game. It added another reason to come back and play time and time… and time again.

With unlockable characters, secrets to collect on every level, and more cretins to beat back than in a Black Friday TV sale, this game is perfect for multiplayer evenings with pizza and beer, the ultimate classic combo!

20. Pokemon Colosseum (2003)

Pokemon Colosseum Game Case Gamecube

Pokemon Colosseum kickstarts our list of the best multiplayer GameCube games of all time, bringing 2v2 Poke battles to the table.

Let’s give a brief intro to Colosseum first before we get too carried away with the battle modes.

Unlike Stadium, this is a fully 3D adventure title for the GameCube; think Sword and Shield but less advanced.

Purify shadow Pokemon and snag them from other evil trainers instead of catching them in forests or valleys.

Pokemon Colosseum gameplay GameCube
Credit: Nintendo

Still, while this game does have an incredible single-player mode, the battle-mode is super fun to play with like-minded Poke-friends, bringing a similar battle feel that we experienced in Stadium to your living room.

Plus, players can transfer captured creatures from Ruby and Sapphire into their team too via the GBA link!

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