30 Nostalgic 80s Toys That Sold Like Crazy

Brandon holding a Game Boy (left) and Theo holding Transformers (right)

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Being a 90s kid, I have a lot of fond memories of playing with some of the most iconic 80s toys.

Sure, the toys I played with in the 90s were great, and I had a lot of awesome Nintendo 64 games to kick back with towards the end of my first decade, but there is, and always will be, something special about those early games, figures, and gadgets.

With exciting, iconic characters lighting up television sets and cinema screens, and advertising companies making ’the coolest adverts’ known to humankind, the 80s was a time where nerds could really shine.

But it doesn’t matter whether you were born in the 1980s or just a twinkle in your mother’s eye; everything you need to understand this exciting era can be found here in our greatest 80s toys list.

What are you waiting for; scroll down to check out Number 1 already!

1. Game Boy

Brandon holding a grey Game Boy DMG

This first gadget needs no real introduction. If there was one reason why we started Retro Dodo, then the Game Boy would undoubtedly be it.

It’s what started our love for gaming and our obsession for collecting as many handhelds as humanly possible, and it remains one of the most influential consoles of all time to this very day.

The classic Game Boy just made it into our list with its 1989 release date, a year that saw it being the most sought-after Christmas gift the world over.

If you haven’t got one in your collection, then click below and sort it out!

2. Transformers

Theo holding 3 transformers toys in his hand

How do you make robots cooler? By making them disguise themselves as vehicles or planes, that’s how!

The next entry on our list should be well-known to most people by now thanks to Shia Lebouf and Megan Fox bringing the franchise to the big screen back in 2007.

But the Transformers 80s phenomenon was popular in comic and figurine form way before that, with our favourite Autobots and their leader Optimus Prime starring in their own cartoon series and taking their place in toy boxes all over the globe.

Which was your favourite, and would you be an Autobot or a Decepticon?

3. Micro Machines

micro machines stunt city

Micro Machines covered every inch of kids bedrooms back in the 80s. These miniature vehicles are a collectors dream, with so many different models and playsets to choose from.

As the name suggests, these toys resemble scaled-down versions of everyday machines. We’re talking cars, trucks, automobiles, boats; basically every mode of transport.

Invented in 1987 by a company called Galoob, these miniature marvels formed the basis of imaginary high-speed chases in every house across the globe.

Hasbro own Galoob, but the franchise lives on today and is just as popular. Bitmap Books even brought out a collector’s book called Micro But Many jam-packed with info on each and every machine.

And remember, if it doesn’t say Micro Machines, it’s not the real thing!

4. Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System, or the NES to its friends, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and influential toys of all time. This is the console that started things off for Nintendo, the machine that brought Samus, Link, and many more into the limelight.

Yeah, it more than deserves to be in this list!

With over 61.9 million sales, it’s safe to say that the NES wiped the floor with the competition back in the 80s. Compared to the Intellivision’s 3 million sales, there really wasn’t any competition.

Many games rekindled their love of the NES through the NES Classic Edition console released by Nintendo back in 2016. Still, you need the actual NES carts themselves to look get the full nostalgic look!

5. Sega Mega Drive

Boxed Sega Mega Drive

Without the Sega Genesis, we’d never have some of the greatest and most influential Sega Mega Drive games that went on to shape the gaming industry!

Think of a world without Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or Toejam and Earl. How dull!

The Sega Genesis, or Sega Mega Drive in PAL regions, has one of the greatest controls of any home console. I recently bought the Sega Mega Drive Mini with pre-loaded classic games and relived some of my favourite titles!

It’s hard to believe that this console dropped in 1988. And while Sega aren’t making new consoles today, the Genesis/Mega Drive lives on as being one of the most successful consoles of all time.

6. View Master

Red View Master toy with a white reel underneath
Credit: View Master/Amazon

They might have been around since the 1950s, but the View Master was one of the most popular toys ever, bringing our favourite movie scenes to life or transporting you to some of the best scenic landmarks in the world with the push of a button.

Images were housed on a white circular disc and viewed through the View-Master unit, a red plastic set of binoculars that were kind of like the VR headsets of the day.

I can remember checking out the Jungle Book on my set when I was a kid, and you can still pick these up from Amazon!

The 1980s also saw a portable projector version springing onto toy-store shelves, but the original will always be the best. 

7. Atari 2600

Atari console

You knew it was going to be in this list somewhere, and here it is.

Considered by many to be the console that started it all, the Atari 2600 was one of the best-selling toys of the decade and is still popular among retro gaming enthusiasts today considering the Atari 2600+ launched in November 2023.

Gaming might not seem like that big of a deal in a world where anyone can get online and join in a massive multiplayer event with ease, but the Atari changed the way that games were played forever.

It brought everyone’s favourite titles out of the arcade and into their living rooms to be enjoyed whenever the feeling took them.

Pac Man, Space Invaders, E.T; they were all there, including the six other launch games that you could play on this super console.

The Atari 2600 has sold well over 30 million units in its lifetime, and it’s popularity isn’t about to decrease any time soon. Pick up an Atari Flashback unit below!

This console had a cost of US$199 when it first came out, which is equivalent to $839.69 today. That’s one expensive toy!

8. Star Wars Figurines

Star Wars figurines against a carboard backdrop

Nothing says ‘the 80s’ like a plastic Chewbacca. It’s more than 40 years since George Lucas first brought Luke Skywalker to our screens, and the franchise is still going strong to this very day (depending on your view of the new movies).

Apart from being incredibly collectible as I write this in 2020, the Star Wars Figurines from the original series were incredibly fun to play with (I was never one of these people that kept toys in the boxes).

Toys are for playing with, a line which I may have quoted from Toy Story.

You can still get your hands on some of the original characters from films 4, 5, and 6, as well as modern-day figurines of Rey and Kylo Ren. C

Click the link below to add Bossk to your vintage collection!

9. Lite-Brite

Lite Brite box art
Credit: Hasbro

Hasbro knows how to make items that kids will go crazy for, and this next toy was no exception.

Lite-Brite was born in 1967, but it was the 80s when this light-up marvel really shined (that was terrible, even for me).

The premise was pretty simple; users would slot plastic pegs into a lightbox and make illuminated pictures using either pre-cut templates or their own imaginations.

It was one of the most exciting bits of kit that I can remember playing with in the earlier years of my life and a gadget that my mum and I spent hours making brilliant (terrible) pictures on.

You could even get hold of ‘colour by letter’ templates to make some of the other characters mentioned in this list.

Not bad for a few bulbs and some plastic, right?

10. Waterful Ring Toss

Waterful Ring Toss
Credit: Nostalgiamama/etsy

Ok, so the Atari Lynx might have been the first one with a screen and actual electronic components, but nothing keeps you coming back for more like the thought of getting all of those rings onto a set of plastic spikes.

Push a button, create a gust of air, and send plastic rings hurtling through the water in a bid to become the ring toss champion.

It might not be Space Invaders, but it’s just as addictive!

Click below to get an updated version with 6-interchangeable arcade games!

11. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Rock Em Sock Em Robots
Credit: Mattel

This next entry on our list has featured in so many films and TV shows over the years that it could be feasibly used to describe the entire decade.

By pressing two buttons with more speed than a racing Cheetah, players could control the fists on their chosen Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots in a bid to knock the other player’s head off their plastic droid’s body.

Think of it as a budget version of Mortal Kombat meets Pacific Rim, with a hint of WWE thrown in for good measure.

When I have a tough day at the office or tensions are running high, I usually try to sort out my differences (usually with Brandon) in the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em ring – the rule of the robot is law!

12. Lazer Tag

Lazer Tag kit with helmet, vest, and gun
Credit: Infinite Godaikin/YouTube

We’ve all played Laser Tag in some form, and we all know that it’s one of the coolest ‘real life’ multiplayer games of all time.

The ‘Lazer Tag’ set must have been incredible for kids in the 1980s; to watch films like Star Wars with space-age blasters and then be able to use your own would have blown anyone’s mind.

Lazer Tag used infrared beams to trigger receivers in a futuristic star vest and could be played anywhere.

Users needed two sets and it was pretty pricey, so the number of kids that actually had one in your area might have been pretty low.

Still, there’s nothing that says you and your adult mates can’t grab a set, buy a few beers, and head out onto the moors for a Star Trek battle of epic proportions.

Set infrared rays to blink, guys!

13. Kong Man

Kong Man mountain-scaling toy
Credit: Tomy

Some of you might have played Sonic Mountain as a child, but Kong Man was where the high-intensity, mountain climb game format first came to light.

This battery-operated game was seriously tough, and more than once I had to choose between stepping away from it or throwing it through the window.

Players had to move a magnetic ball through a serious of obstacles while climbing to the top of Kong Man’s kingdom.

Magnetic swings, moving steps, chutes, slides; this thing had it all, and to top it all off, the whole thing would stop moving if you didn’t get to the top within the time limit.

Talk about a stressful situation!

14. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube showing white, green and orange completed sides
Credit: Spin Master

Christmas 1980 was a memorable time for kids all over the world.

It was the first day they would come to know the feeling of defeat brought on by a small plastic cube with a difficulty level higher than life itself.

From that last sentence, you’ve probably realised that I have never finished a Rubik’s Cube. I just don’t have the patience to see it through.

Many people have done it over the years, and this colourful cube was the best-selling toy at the start of the 1980s.

The only people I know who have finished them have followed an internet guide on how to do it!

The Rubik’s Cube has seen a boost in sales recently thanks to kids flipping them around on TikTok and making me angry with their skills.

One day you’ll do it Seb…one day.

15. Koosh Ball

Koosh balls in various colours
Credit: Scott H. Stillinger

2000 natural rubber filaments fused together to make a seemingly indestructible Koosh Ball…

… What’s not to love!

These three-inch balls were originally designed to be thrown around in indoor spaces and to get some energy out of hyperactive kids.

Since the 80s, people have been using these fuzzy throwers as stress balls, sport, and for children with special needs.

The Koosh Ball is said to encourage fine motor development and strength, improve focus and creativity, promote tactile exploration, and combat stress.

Who would have thought that a toy for messing around would go on to have so many uses?

I reckon I could do with a few of these the next time the team sits down for a meeting!

16. Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball in box
Credit: Mattel

Will I pass my exam? Does she fancy me? Will I write for a retro gaming magazine when I’m older?

Two of those three were things that I know I asked a Magic 8 Ball back in the day (I’ll leave you to guess which ones).

Ask any question, and the Magic 8 Ball will give you an answer. It’s basically an oracle from Greek Mythology crammed into a tiny plastic ball.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to ask a deep thought or a light-hearted query; the ball never judges.

Shake it, turn it upside down, and get your own personal fortune. It’s like all the fun of a fortune cookie without having to eat the cookie.


17. Speak and Spell

Speak and Spell computer
Credit: Texas Instruments

The Speak and Spell was invented in 1978, but it was immortalised in the 1995 movie Toy Story

Kids went crazy for this early word-learning game all the way through the 80s, however. And the best bit was that they didn’t even realise that they were learning!

Speak and Spell revolutionised reading and word memory. It featured a built-in word list of 150+ words to help kids get over the tough areas surrounding spelling development.

You could even expand the lists with extra plug in cartridges!

18. He-Man And The
Masters Of The Universe – Castle Grayskull

He-Man And The 
Masters Of The Universe - Castle Grayskull boxed
Credit: Mattel/Ebay

Is there a better 80s phrase than ‘I HAVE THE POWEEEERRRR’?

This epic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Castle Grayskull set has tonnes of hidden tricks and secrets, and it’s the perfect toy for anyone who watched the He-Man series as a child.

Like Power Rangers figurines in the 90s, He-Man characters were incredibly sought after.

If you thought some of the rare NES games were expensive, then you’ll be surprised to know that a Savage He-Man figurine can sell for $1’000.

Not only does he have the power, but he’s also in the money too!

19. Spirograph

Spirograph box art
Credit: Hasbro/Ebay

I remember picking up a Spirograph set from the local charity shop and just going doodle crazy. I don’t think I ever made anything that exciting, but it sure was a lot of fun!

While the Spirograph we all know and love today first came onto the scene in an early form in the ’60s, the idea of drawing curved shapes with circular utensils dates way further back.

We’re talking 1820 here!

Spirograph holds countless ‘Toy of the Year’ awards and is still used by the graphically-minded today. If you like making mandalas and other quirky designs on Procreate, then this is definitely a toy for you.

20. My Little Pony

Four my little pony figures
Credit: Hasbro/Nerdist

I never had a My Little Pony collection, though plenty of girls and boys around the world had these colourful horses roaming around their houses.

The brand has been through various revamps over the years, but the popularity of these ponies endures. It’s probably one of the biggest brands of the 80s amassing billions of dollars in revenue.

Each horse has a different ‘cutie mark’, making them popular collector items for pony lovers and ‘bronies’, the male My Little Pony audience.

With films and animated series under their saddles (weak horse joke), these 80s toys are just as popular in 2021 as they were back then!

21. Chatter Telephone

Chatter telephone with black pull string
Credit: Fisher-Price/Not On The High Street

The Chatter Telephone is one of my favourite toys from the Toy Story series. In fact, that film sent a lot of the best 80s and 90s toys into superstardom.

For those unfamiliar with this unique little toy, it’s a pull-along phone on wheels aimed at toddlers and young children (and big kids like us).

When the wheels move, the telephone makes a chattering noise and its eyes move. The original unit was made of wood, and the rotary dial moves in the same manner as an old fashioned phone.

Kids had hours of fun talking to imaginary people on this simple 80s toy. Promoting speech and number skills, the Chatter Telephone is another defining product of the decade.

22. LEGO Bucket

The iconic red LEGO bucket
Credit: LEGO

Speaking of decade-defining products, nothing says the 80s quite like an old-fashioned LEGO Bucket.

The basic building set remains one of the greatest toys of my childhood. This isn’t a box filled with colourful bricks… well, it is… but it’s actually a red tub brimming with infinite possibilities!

Build a house, or a plane, or a boat, or a crane; whatever you think of, it can be recreated with LEGO.

As of 2015, there are eight Lego Land theme parks, over 600 billion pieces have found their way into homes and shops across the world, and Lego replaced Ferrari as the world’s most powerful brand.

Some sets remain more valuable than gold!

23. Playmobil

Playmobil space scene with a red-suited figure on a walkie talkie and a yellow-suited figure in a space buggy
Credit: Playmobil/Twitter

Playmobil figurines are about the only people who looked happy during 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic. That’s because they are designed with a cheery smile and can go anywhere, with changeable outfits, amazing playsets, and space ships that don’t require a license to fly.

These figurines are designed in a child’s image. Friendly, simple, and colourful, these little people have helped kids all over the world to escape ‘the ordinary’ and live out their wildest imaginations.

Figures can be bought without scenery, though playsets such as the Playmobil Castle with working canons were fantastic fun.

Can I go back to being a kid again now?

24. Bubble Mower

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Credit: Fisher-Price/WorthPoint

Next up on this list of the best 80s toys is the Bubble Mower. It won’t mow a lawn, but it will fill the air with playful bubbles.

And who doesn’t love bubbles!

Simply fill the toy with bubble solution, and watch as bubbles fly out when the motor spins. It kicks into action whenever tiny hands push it along, and it’s light too, so kids as young as 2-years-old can join in the mowing action.

This 80s toy aimed to increase self-confidence, allowing children to mimic the actions of their parents… and presumably strive to one day own a big lawn.

25. Fisher Price Farm

Fisher Price Farm, There is a red barn with white roof. Animals and a figure on a tractor stand by the doors.
Credit: Fisher-Price/Pinterest

Like the Playmobil Castle, the Fisher-Price Farm was a classic toy that spawned many wild and wacky scenarios.

Ok, so most of those scenarios were farm-based, but just look how happy that horse drinking from the trough is!

With cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep, this plastic barn is a little like Harvest Moon in toy form. Feed animals grain, ferry them around in your tractor, and make sure those pesky chickens aren’t pooping on the front porch! Get down from there!

26. Power Glove

NES Power Glove
Credit: Nintendo

The Power Glove could have revolutionised the world, but instead, it became a bit of a gimmick for the NES that, while expensive, was still pretty fun to use.

Think about it; this was a world where people were imagining that they could Force Choke people like Darth Vader, and now they could use a Power Rangers-style glove to control things on a screen.

Critics absolutely loved the design, and it did make people feel like they were grasping hold of the future every time they put it on.

The two games that work with the Power Globe are Super Glove Ball and Bad Street Brawler. There were another two that never saw the light of day, so it’s slim pickings when it comes to what you can use it with.

It would have been amazing if players could go back and swing Link’s sword in The Legend of Zelda with it. I bet Elon Musk has one rigged up to something and uses it for controlling his factory machines…

27. Fisher Price Tape Recorder

Fisher-Price Tape Recorder
Credit: Fisher-Price

Some of our newer readers might not even know what a tape recorder is, never mind a tape cassette. The Fisher Price Tape Recorder was a great little toy that people could use to play their favourite cassettes and sing or dance along with them.

And the best part is that you could also record your voice over the top too.

I wonder if anyone has recorded any raw demos on this thing?

Being a Fisher Price toy it was admittedly pretty basic, but that didn’t matter. I had one of these as a young kid and hearing my voice back on tapes my mum had made was such a thrill.

I guess I’ve always been easily pleased!

28. Glo Worm

Glo worm
Credit: hasbro

I think the Glo Worm was probably one of the cutest toys from the decade. Anything that glows warmly when cuddled and helps you sleep should be treasured forever, right?

Dropping in 1982, this sweet little worm with its sleepy face and nightcap took the world by storm. It even created a whole series of books, videos, and other merch such as night lights.

That last one makes most sense when you’re dealing with a Glo Worm, I suppose!

29. R.O.B

R.O.B NES box art
Credit: Nintendo/Mattel

Whenever I think of 80s tech, I always see R.O.B straight away in my mind. It looks a bit like a mash-up of E.T. and Flight of the Navigator and came out in a time, like the power glove, when everyone was obsessed with futuristic technology.

This little robot was originally pinned as a marketing gimmick, but it became a heck of a lot more. Gamers loved it, and it could actually play games with you.

That’s right, R.O.B was always there when your friends didn’t want to play.

When the North American Video Games crash happened, it was R.O.B that pulled the gaming industry out of the ashes and kept it going. Everyone wanted to get their hands on the very first interactive robot, and you can’t blame them!

Whether you use R.O.B to play games with or just put him on a shelf to hang out with while you’re gaming, he’s undoubtedly one of the most coveted and recognisable relics of 80s gaming, and we salute him everytime we walk into Retro Dodo Towers!

30. Space Hopper

space hopper

How many of you can remember bouncing around the living room, out of the door, and down the street on a Space Hopper?

As Tigger regularly says, they’re ‘bouncy fun’ for everyone. Looking like a mutant Kangaroo, users grab hold of the horn-like ear handles and bounce wherever their heart desires.

I wonder what it would have been like if people took Space Hoppers to the moon. Once they bounced, would they ever come back down?

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