70 Ultimate 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Remembers

90s toys in the Retro Dodo Studio

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The 1990s might have had some terrible fashion crazes and music, but we certainly had some incredible games, gadgets, and iconic 90s toys. Collectibles were the key to playground success; we were obsessed with hoarding and trying to protect our stash from other players in tense games of chance.

There’s no wonder so many of these things are worth thousands now!

From foil-packed wonders picked up from newsagents to some of the most popular Christmas toys our little minds went crazy for, this list will take you for a trip down memory lane, and then over to eBay where you can buy, collect, and trade them all over again!

1. Tamagotchi 

Tamagotchi held in Brandon's hand

First up on our list is the Tamagotchi. If you were a kid in the late nineties and didn’t have a Tamagotchi, then it’s safe to say that you really missed out. These miniature digital pets were completely addictive and were the first thing on my mind as I rushed through the door from school.

Keeping my little, black and white, pixelated character alive seemed like a matter of life or death. In a way, I suppose it was for the digital dude or dudette inside.

You would think that with the introduction of smartphones,Tamagotchi’s would be redundant. But you can still buy one of these tiny eggs today, and they don’t look like they’ve strayed too far from the original 90s design! 

2. Nintendo 64 

Nintendo 64 on a black shelf

This was my first games console and one of the best toys on the planet; the Nintendo 64. If you were lucky enough to have a Nintendo 64 as a kid then you were probably the coolest kid in the classroom, if not the county.

The N64 was Nintendo’s fifth generation of gaming console and has gone on to produce some of the most loved characters in gaming history.

This retro gaming system was released with three cartridge games: Super Mario 64, Pilot Wings 64, and Saikyō Habu Shōgi (exclusive to Japan). Other classic Nintendo 64 games include Golden Eye, Mario Party, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong 64.

You can check out our list of N64 Games for more classic titles! 

3. Pokemon Cards 

90s pokemon cards - Charizard, Blastoise, and Mewtwo shiny cards

The Pokemon Trading Card Game was first published in 1996 and was the best trading card game amongst the ranks of other popular playground toys. Pokemon was already popular thanks to the Game Boy and Game Boy Color and, by introducing Pokemon Cards, Pokemon could be enjoyed in the school playground.

Whoever won the game got to keep the cards, making it highly competitive. Even if you didn’t play the game, trading cards with friends was popular with some special or rare cards having a higher trading value than others. 

People still buy, collect, and trade these amazing cards today, with new artwork and a whole host of other Pokemon doing the rounds.

4. Power Rangers

Power Rangers Toys - Red Ranger, Black Ranger, MegaZord

Power Rangers first aired on television in 1993 and features a group of teenagers who transform into superheroes, ready to take on any villain that Rita Repulsa sends their way.

The popularity of the show led to Power Rangers figurines arriving in every home. There were a total of 12 Power Ranger dolls released- the five Power Rangers themselves and seven villains.

The Power Rangers came in red, pink, black, yellow, and blue, and who can forget the swords, Zords and costume accessories too!

5. Buzz Lightyear 

Buzz Lightyear held by Theo. The toy is in its original box based on the Toy Story movie

Buzz Lightyear first featured in the 1995 original Toy Story Film and is one of the most loved characters of all time.

The Buzz Lightyear doll was almost identical to the characters in the movie and said some of his most loved phrases such as “To Infinity, And Beyond!”. A classic and a must-have 90s toy. 

6. Furby

Boxed Furby (orange and black)

The Furby is one of the most iconic toys of all time and was extremely popular after its release in 1998.

These robotic furry toys were so popular that the suppliers couldn’t keep up with the demand and, over the 1998 Christmas period, the Furby resale market skyrocketed. While the Furby retailed at $35 in stores, the resale value was over $100 and cases of fraudulent Furby sales, where the Furby was never delivered, were common.

We can see why these furry creatures were so popular!

The creatures appeared to learn English over time as they were programmed to speak less and less Furby language as they ‘grew’. They could also move their eyes and mouth and lift themselves off the ground, all groundbreaking features for a 90s toy.

7. PlayStation

Sony PlayStation console

The PlayStation kickstarted Sony’s gaming career and made them an insanely popular household name. I remember the choice between PS1 or N64 back when I was a kid, and while I was always a Nintendoid, the PS1 trounced it in sales.

Selling over 102 million consoles in its lifetime, the PS1 and some of the console’s greatest games still sum up the 90s perfectly. Spyro the Dragon, Tekken, Tomb Raider; they all send me hurtling back in an instant.

Some of you reading this might not even remember having a controller on a wire or the hushed whispers when someone announced that they had just got their PlayStation chipped at the local second-hand games store. Those were the days!

8. Walkers Tazos

Walkers Tazo collector's pack

Remember the days when you could get freebies from packs of crisps? Walkers Tazos were epic collectibles that resembled Pogs, boasting popular faces from the Looney Tunes back catalogue.

You were a serious collector if you had the book that they went into, which I did. I even collected the Star Wars Tazos too (as you can see from the photo above!)

9. Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color Boxed

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the Game Boy Color.

The Game Boy Color was brought out at the tail end of the 90s, landing in late 1998 and following its predecessor, the Game Boy. The release of the Game Boy Color was very exciting as it meant that you could finally play handheld games on a coloured screen!

Pokemon in colour; what more could you possibly want?

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color sold a whopping 118.69 million units combined, making it the third best-selling system of all time, and these consoles are still sought after among retro game players today!

Check out our top game picks for the Game Boy here! here!

10. Transformers Micromasters

Transformers Micromasters held in Theo's hand

Tiny toys with all the power of the transformers, the Transformers Micromasters took the world by storm in the 1990s.

These micro warriors packed a punch but were much smaller than the traditional Transformers models. You couldn’t stick Optimus Prime in your pocket before heading around to your mates house, but these little guys were seriously portable!

Little bots to complement the main force – it’s all about the supporting fighters when you go into battle!

11. Beanie Babies 

Beanie Babies - Red monkey
Credit: TY/Amazon

Next up is the Beanie Baby. Ever a classic, the Beanie Babies craze took the entire world by storm, and it’s no surprise as these cuddly toys are super cute and loved by everyone from knitting-loving-grannies to high-flying-business-types.

The beads that the Beanie Babies are stuffed with make them heavier than regular teddies and are the perfect comforting buddy. They are also slightly under stuffed which makes them floppy and more realistic than usual teddy bears.

Beanie Babies aren’t just toys for kids, however; these toys are considered collectibles and can go for thousands of dollars.

‘Brownie’, one of the original Beanie Bears released by TY, can easily fetch $20,000 at auction, while a limited edition Princess Bear made in memoriam of Princess Dianna has been listed at $500,000.

However, if you’re looking to sell a Beanie Baby today, be sure that the iconic tag is intact, or else they won’t even be worth $10.

12. Stretch Armstrong 

Stretch Armstrong in black vest and shorts
Credit: Reddit/Jesse D. Horowitz/Hasbro

Next on our list is Stretch Armstrong, one of the most iconic toys around. Released in 1976, this stretch toy remained popular until production ceased in 1997, 21 years isn’t a bad run!

The classic American toy featured a gel-filled action figure who could be stretched, pulled, twisted, and tied into any position up to a whopping 5ft!

Good news: in 2016 nostalgic demand for Stretch Armstrong caused Hasbro to announce its re-release, with the exact same design as the model sold in the 90s, so grab one for your kids and see if they enjoy it as much as you did! 

13. Polly Pocket 

Polly Pocket pink clam shell. The clam is open and we can see a house inside.
Credit: Bluebird Toys/Mattel

Any big girls out there who used to be little girls will know that Polly Pocket was one of the best toys from the 1990s- a doll that could fit in your pocket, what more could you want!

This miniature creation featured ‘Polly’, a tiny figurine that stood under one inch tall. Polly came enclosed inside a small case that opened up to reveal a small doll’s house or ‘world’. The worlds always looked pretty magical- a fairy tree or a ship on the ocean in beautiful, pastel colours.

The best thing about Polly Pocket was that she was small enough to go with you wherever you went. She was the essential accessory for any 10-year-old in the 90s and remains loved by adults worldwide.

14. Pogs

Pogs (Pog on a red and yellow swirly background
Credit: Coca Cola/Blossom Galbiso

While the game played with the iconic Pogs has been around since the 1920s, if not earlier, Pogs soared in popularity when released in 1955. These small circles of cardboard became highly precious and collectible in the ‘swap-shop’ playground culture.

A quick game of Pogs during recess could lead to joyful moments or furious arguments as your collection of the discs grew or diminished. To play, each competitor stacks their Pogs and then takes turns to knock down one pile, keeping any Pogs that land face up.

Pretty simple gameplay, but the addiction to having the most and the best Pogs was real! 

15. Bop It 

Bop It toy

Bop It was a handheld electronic toy that first came out in 1996, but is so popular that new and improved versions are still on the shelves today. The original game came with just three instructions: bop it, twist it, and pull it, and you could compete against yourself, or others for the highest score.

Fail at bop it, twist it or pull it on command and it’s game over for you!

16. Betty Spaghetty

Betty Spaghetty (two figurines with accessories)
Credit: Elonne Dantzer/Ohio Art Company/Adam Ellis via X

Betty Spaghetty was a weird and wonderful doll with flexible limbs and spaghetti-like, often colourful hair. It certainly falls under the category of iconic 90s toys and was loved by both girls and boys the world over.

She was unlike other dolls as she wasn’t made to look super realistic; her limbs were often bright colours and her hair was rubbery, not soft, making it easy to plait and style in different ways. The dolls came with interchangeable beads that would be threaded onto Betty’s arms and legs, so her look could be quickly changed.

They might not be as collectible as TY Beanies, but I bet parents across the globe are thankful that Betty kept their kids occupied while Coronation Street was on.

17. Etch-a-Sketch 

Etch A Sketch with an image of the Taj Mahal
Credit: Wikipedia/Ohio Art Company

The Etch a Sketch was actually first produced in 1960 but has continued its popularity right up to the present day. Woody from Toy Story used the Etch-a-Sketch to write messages and draw, bringing the Etch-a-Sketch into the public eye and causing every kid to want one and write their own secret messages.

Turn the knobs on this clever toy to draw your very own masterpiece, or to leave a message for the next person to use it. Shake, and the words or image are gone forever and the Etch-a-Sketch is left blank for your next creation.  

18. Marbleworks

Marbleworks set made up of coloured blocks
Credit: Pinterest/Discovery Toys

Marbleworks, or Marble Run as I know it, was an amazing 90s game; there was nothing better than turning the entire house into one giant marble run course and annoying your parents in the process.

The more pieces you had, the better the run was! Hours of fun could be spent building the perfect track for your marbles to run down, the wackier the better.

Marble run was great as it could be a solitary activity for those times that you had to ‘entertain yourself’ or even more fun when you had friends around. Apparently marble run is still a thing and there are some epic courses on YouTube if you’re having a slow day at work and want to pass the time.

19. Trolls 

Troll figure with multi-coloured rainbow hair

Trolls were first released in the 1960s and had another surge of popularity throughout the 1990s. These funny little dolls are only several inches tall and feature bright hair, combed to stand upright on the troll’s heads.

In the 1990s there were several video games and a video series released that further increased the popularity of these toys. In 2016 the DreamWorks movie Trolls was brought out, with another in 2017 and yet another set for release in 2020, making these little critters still popular today.

20. Mouse Trap 

Mouse Trap board game box
Credit: nothing but nostalgia/MB Games

Mouse Trap was a great 90s game for those rainy days. This competitive board game saw players working together at first to complete the mouse trap course and then turn on each other to try and trap their mouse-shaped playing pieces.

The competitive nature of Mouse Trap could cause some arguments between siblings, but is even a board game worth playing if it doesn’t? This game was super fun to build and play and never got old, not for the kids at least… 

21. Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head with a green hat, yellow glasses, blue shoes, and facial features
Credit: Hasbro/Pinterest

Mr Potato Head was certainly less advanced than the Furby, but was nonetheless one of the most popular toys of the decade.

Everyone’s favourite moustachioed potato actually originated in the 1950s where it was sold as pronged body parts that were used in conjunction with a real potato. However, the plastic body was supplied several years later and the Mr Potato Head that we know and love today was born.

Mr Potato Head had a surge of popularity in the 1990s thanks to Mr and Mrs Potato Head in the Toy Story franchise.

22. GoGo’s Crazy Bones 

Gogo's Crazy Bones - 15 toys with different face designs in varying colours

GoGo’s Crazy Bones were another collectible toy fad throughout the 1990s and, with 31.5 million packages sold between 1998 and 2000, they more deserve a spot on our list.

The Crazy Bones are tiny plastic figurines, each with different faces and characters. They were bought sealed within a foil wrapper so you didn’t know which GoGo you would receive. This made them highly tradable and collectable items.

Like Pokemon cards, if you won the game, then you got to keep the GoGos. 

23. Talkboy and Talkgirl 

Talkboy (grey, left) & Talkgirl (pink, right)
Credit: Tiger Electronics/Etsy

The Talk Boy and Talk Girl were two of the more cutting-edge toys on the market back in the 1990s and first appeared as a non-working prop in the very first Home Alone film.

A working version of the TalkBoy which featured a handheld cassette player and recorder with microphone was released on November 20 1992, the same day the second Home Alone Film debuted. Later, a pink version was released to appeal to the female market. 

24. Perfection

Perfection game box
Credit: MB Games/ Board Gaming FTW

If you’ve ever played Perfection, then you will know how frustratingly addictive it is and the fear of failure that comes with hearing that little wind-up timer coming to the end of its journey.

You had to be a master of patience and a JEDI in the subtle art of perfection when it came to this game. A cool head and nimble fingers were what you needed to win, but with little fiddly pieces and triangles that all looked the same under pressure, the chances of taking home the trophy were always slim.

25. White Ranger’s ‘Saba’ Sabre

White Rangers Saba Sabre toy
Credit: Bandai

If you were a true 90s kid and a true Power Rangers fan, then you would have had the White Ranger’s ‘Saba’ Sabre.

With a jaw that opened, battle-like slash noises, and the tune that called the Tiger Zord, this plastic sword really felt like the real deal. This was one of my most prized possessions and I wouldn’t watch an episode without it. I can still remember opening it up on Christmas Day and running around the house as though I was about to fight Rita Rapunzel one-on-one.

I even had the White Ranger’s costume too (I’ve always been an uber-nerd).

26. Mr Bucket

Mr Bucket toy with coloured plastic balls and spades
Credit: MB Games/Reddit

To say that the next game on our list was just a glorified bucket and spade that shot out balls, it was absolutely brilliant!

Pick up your coloured balls and get them back in the bucket before Mr Bucket spits them out; that was the whole premise of the game, and it kept us entertained for hours! The race against time felt like the most thrilling thing in the world as a small child and gave me that much-needed relief from the terror of Pop-up Pirate (that game still gives me the willies!).

27. GAK

Gak splat from Nickelodeon
Credit: Nickelodeon/Reddit

If you had Gak as a kid, then you probably won’t have realised how annoyed your parents were every time you wanted to get it out and play with it.

Considered by many as the father of the modern slime movement (that’s me trying to make this weird stuff sound a little more cultured), Nickelodeon Gak Splat could be moulded and stretched into any shape imaginable, and you could use it to make a farting sound.

What more could a kid want? It made a hell of a mess and had a funny smell to it too – even more plus points!

28. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos board with white balls in the middle of a red arena and four coloured hippos

I’ve never known hippos hungrier than these guys.

Hungry Hungry Hippos was one of the best ‘real-life multiplayer’ games of the 90s and was super addictive. Players had to move their hippo’s head forward in order to eat as many of the plastic balls as possible. The person with the most balls at the end of the game was the hippo champion, or the ‘fullest hippo’ – something along those lines.

You can still pick up retro copies of this game today or buy a new, shiny version from places like Amazon.

29. Sonic Mountain Quest

Sonic Mountain Quest interactive game
Credit: Tomy/Amazon

If you ever played Kong Man (an 80s toy that you need in your life), then you’ll love Sonic Mountain.

Sonic Mountain Quest was HARD! Players had to get a magnetic ball bearing from the bottom of the mountain to the very top, scoring points along the way. Battery-power brought certain pieces to life like the steps that went up and down and the revolving Sonic magnet at the very top of the game.

Hitting that yellow swing and getting into the hot-air balloon was one of the hardest parts of my childhood, but I like to think that it set me up for adult life pretty well.

30. Dream Phone

Dream Phone box with two girls speaking into a pink phone
Credit: MB Games/Twitter

Back before mobile phones could be found in every pocket, teenage girls could buy a pink Dream Phone and listen to stalky guys say things like ‘I know where you live’ and try to guess who liked them or not.

It’s a little bit like a creepy version of Guess Who, but this thing sold like crazy!

You can still get a version of this game today and I have it on good authority that it’s actually good fun to play. The whole thing just reminds me a little bit of Double Switch for the SEGA CD though. Speaking of which…


Sega CD console underneath the Sega Genesis
Credit: Sega/Old School Gamer Magazine

I recently made a list of the SEGA CD games that make the add-on worth buying, and we soon discovered that I had forgotten so much weird and wonderful world of FMV video games.

Games like Sewer Shark just seem so odd these days which could be why the SEGA CD never took off. Still, it’s a definite 90s toy and one that certainly deserves a place in our list (if not for Sonic CD at least!)

32. Giga Pets

Giga Pets purple with a digital dog on the screen
Credit: REHCO LLC/TigeR Electronics

If you didn’t have a Tamagotchi but remember playing with virtual pets, then the chances are you had Giga Pets instead.

Giga Pets were Tiger’s answer to the ever-popular Tamagotchi, which was produced by Bandai. They were essentially the same thing, albeit a little cheaper and with a different design. The devices themselves came in different shapes and colours, and the pets inside had to be played with and cleaned up after to keep them alive.

Leave them for a period of 10 days or longer, and you’ll have to deal with a deceased pet by resetting your device. Giga Pets had features that Tamagotchi devices didn’t, and you could usually find one under every classroom desk, including the teachers!

It’s probably safe to say that virtual pets were more addictive than real ones back in the 90s!

33. SnakeBoard

Snakeboard on a pavement
Credit: Skatex International (Pty) Ltd/Reddit

One of the 90s toys that I always wanted but never got was a SnakeBoard. My parents always said it was too dangerous. Looking back now, I would probably agree!

Three guys in South Africa came up with the concept, and soon the SnakeBoard was being produced all over the world. Instead of one platform that you stood on like a skateboard, the SnakeBoard had two separate footplates that could pivot independently.

The idea was that you could move in any direction. I reckon with my feet strapped in, the only way I would have been moving was towards the ground, face first. Still, I’ll always remember wanting one of these things – the toy that got away.

34. Street Sharks

Street Sharks toy - blue shark with grey jeans and black shoes
Credit: Mattel

Street Sharks was one of my favourite cartoons, and I had these figurines long before Vin Diesel made them cool by advertising them on TV.

For those of you who don’t know, the Street Sharks were crime-fighting half-men/half-shark heroes. They walked about on legs, rode motorbikes, and skated, all while kicking ass. Mattel produced the action figures that went with the TV series, and they were awesome!

Some of the sharks had special moves like roundhouse punches and firing parts of their bodies. They were seriously cool figurines, and mine could usually be found fighting against my collection of…

35. Batman Figurines

3 Batman Figurines with different suits and accessories
Credit: DC/The Dragon Fortress

My toy collection in the 90s was crammed full of different Batman Figurines. There were so many it’s hard to remember all of them! Each one had a different design from a different cartoon series or comic book story, and some of them had incredible weapons that shot across the room in ‘The Street Shark Wars’ held in my living room.

There were Batman figurines with additional armour, ones that could sit inside Bat-mobiles and Bat-bikes, and others that had flip-down heads when you wanted them to return to looking like Bruce Wayne.

Each one had a different part to play, and I reckon they were my second biggest toy collection after my Power Rangers horde.

36. Spud Gun

Spud Gun (red and black)
Credit: Marina Flower

Any Mr Potato Heads reading this article might want to look away now…

The Spud Gun was such a great invention. I can never remember being more frantic about finding potatoes in my own house and over at my friend’s places. I think my mum had to give up making chips for at least a couple of months because I always nabbed the spuds from the shopping bag!

Stick your gun into a spud, yank it out, and fire a potato pellet at your mates. They didn’t hurt that much, just left a bit of a slimy mark. I reckon I could have been a junior police officer with my marksmanship skills back in the day.

37. Super Soaker

Super Soaker in classic yellow, green, and orange colour variant
Credit: Super Soaker

Speaking of marksmanship skills, the next item on our list was one that made me feel like a skinny Duke Nukem.

Every back garden in the country had a Super Soaker either on the lawn or sticking out of a plant pot, ready to be used at a moments notice. The colours and the shape take me way back to being a kid, standing under a tap and filling up the green canister while looking over my shoulder for potential enemies.

Some of my mates had huge pressurised shoulder canons, but they were cumbersome and slow to fill. This model was where it was at. Why don’t adults meet up to mess about with water pistols!

38. Tiger Handheld Computers

Tiger Handheld Computer Power Rangers
Credit: Gamestop/Tiger electronics

Tiger Handheld Computers got me into handheld gaming when I was younger. They made tonnes of these stand-alone handheld devices, turning popular films into games and sometimes even porting existing game franchises such as Street Fighter into their arsenal.

These handhelds featured a static image on the back screen and digital characters that would move around in front of them.

Tiger went on to create gaming watches of a similar nature, but the handhelds were the best thing since sliced bread as far as I was concerned. I had Aladdin, Toy Story, Power Rangers, Batman, and loads more. Looking on eBay now, I wish that I had kept them!

39. Pokemon Marbles

Pokemon marbles at Brandon's desk

Pokemon Marbles were highly collectible back in the day, with Series 1 allowing you to collect up to 50 Pokemon in marble form.

From #001 to #050, these things not only felt great to collect but were also a lot of fun to play with. They came packaged in classic 90’s slice-proof packaging that usually involved losing a finger to get inside.

These were popular with trading card fans, and it also came in a collectible pouch that featured a handful of Pokemon. Obviously, you could trade these, but you could also collect carrying cases for your marbles that feature Pokemon on too.

40. Donkey Kong Gaming Wristwatch

Donkey Kong Watch with the Donkey Kong game and character graphics
Credit: Nintendo/Nelsonic/Watch News

People might get super excited about the latest Apple watch these days, but gaming watches were must-have 90s toys back in the day. How many of you had this Donkey Kong Gaming Wristwatch?

From 1989 until the late 90s, a company called Nelsonic Industries had a license from Nintendo to produce gaming watches featuring some of Nintendo’s most famous characters. As well as telling the time, wearers could play Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, or Donkey Kong games while at work or in class.

They weren’t exactly groundbreaking, but they looked cool and killed time between meetings or made coffee breaks more interesting. Critics actually said that they looked pretty stylish too!

41. Atari Jaguar

Atari Jaguar console and controller
Credit: Atari/Wikipedia

The Atari Jaguar was the first self-proclaimed ’64-bit’ console on the market back in the 90s.

If you look up retro toys in the dictionary, then you’ll probably see this thing staring back at you. It’s a classic piece of 90s gaming history, though sadly it couldn’t keep up with the SNES or the back catalogue of epic Sega Genesis games back in the day.

Despite being a commercial flop, the Jaguar does have some great games and still has a cult following of loyal gamers. From Zool 2 to Wolfenstein 3D, Atari brought out some epic titles for the system.

It’s just a shame that they didn’t bring out more!

42. Digimon Adventure Digivice

Digimon Adventure Digivice with Agumon on screen
Credit: Bandai/Reddit

Digimon first came onto our screens back in 1999, and the world went crazy for these little digital monsters. Everyone wanted their very own Agumon to battle with, and the Digimon Adventure Digivice made our nerdy wishes come true.

Pokemon Go started a craze for gamers getting out and adventuring in the outdoors, but the Season 1 Digivice was one of the first pedometer toys available.

Walk to count down the steps of a virtual map. Battle bosses and trainers with your Digimon, and level up to digivolve them into even more impressive creatures.

If you’re waiting patiently for the newest game in the Digimon series to arrive, then this could be a great toy to keep you occupied!

43. Nerf Blaster

Nerf Blaster gun (blue)
Credit: hasbro

The Nerf Blaster is still a toy that we pull out when dealing punishment to members of the Retro Dodo who aren’t pulling their weight.

It’s the ultimate big kid’s toy, and I’ll always remember my mates and I having to call a ceasefire as we scrambled around trying to reload our foam bullets when I was younger.

There have been so many editions over the years, but this 1989 version still reminds me of something that Batman might use. I had it in the 90s though, so it still counts!

44. Poo-Chi Dog

Poo-Chi Dog, grey with blue ears
Credit: Sega Toys/Electronic Toys Wiki

The Poo-Chi Dog was one of the most annoying toys of the century. It was an electronic dog that ran on batteries that would do nothing but give you a migraine.

Every child wanted one, and every parent would buy one because.. well it was either this or a real one…

You could play with it, cuddle it to sleep, and even feed it an electronic bone that you would place in its mouth to make it happy and fed.

Its eyes would light up red with little LEDs and they would change shapes and sizes so you know what emotion your pooch was feeling.

But what drove everyone mad was the constant barking 24/7; many parents would “accidentally” kick it out the door shortly after Christmas telling their kids “Poo-Chi ran away”.

According to Miniature Friends who are experts on dogs, the key selling point of the Poo-Chi was its ‘small dog-like nature that 80% of children liked more than large dogs’.

45. Pokemon Topps Cards

Pokemon Topps Cards - mint graded Charizard card

Pokemon Topps cards were very much like the original trading card game, but some of the rarest Topps cards bearing our favourite Pokemon actually have scenes from the original movies instead of individual Pokemon.

Unlike Wizards of the Coast and Nintendo who developed the TCG, a company called Topps made these collectible cards, and they were a huge success. They featured rares, holo cards, movie scenes and more, making them unique and different to the TCG, but somewhat impossible to “play” with.

The series 1 set included a total of 90 cards, 76 of which were standard as well as 13 character cards. Each card in the set has a normal edition, as well as two different foil editions, both silver and rainbow.

Back in the day, these cards were sold as a pack of 7 sealed in an awesome foil pack, just like the trading cards.

46. Tickle Me Elmo

Tickle Me Elmo in box
Credit: Fisher Price/ebay

Tickle Me Elmo remains one of the most sought-after toys from the 1990s, a fact that you’ll no doubt know if you were a parent back then.

Parents fought for Elmo back in the 90s to prevent any crying children on Christmas day. He’s one of the most loved Sesame Street characters of all time and provided kids with a cuddly companion from bath time to bedtime.

Elmo vibrates, shakes, and giggles when squeezed, making his famous laugh from the TV series. Plus, he looks super cute too.

Parents paid up to $1,500 for a Tickle Me Elmo doll after shops sold out. Talk about a set of muppets!

47. Loopin’ Louie

Loopin' Louie game box
Credit: MB Games/Pinterest

Next up on this list is a personal favourite of mine; Loopin’ Louie.

This motorised family game starred Louie, a plastic pilot that could be flipped over as he flew around the game board. Players had to stop him from knocking their chicken counters off, and a well-timed hit could really rattle your opponent.

This game brought me and my family hours of fun back in the day, and it’s certainly one of the toys that I think back to when reminiscing about this glorious decade.

48. Crocodile Dentist

Crocodile Dentist toy with jaws open and teeth showing
Credit: MB Games/Totally 90s

Crocodile Dentist scared me as a kid. I don’t know whether it was the eyes or the fact that the bloomin’ thing came racing towards you when the wrong tooth was pulled that did it. Either way, I played it reluctantly.

When I grew older, I loved it a lot more. Using the yellow tweezers, players pulled teeth from the cranky croc. Pull the wrong one and game over, ol’ croc features snaps his jaws and comes hurtling towards you on little tiny wheels.

The newer version boasts a croc with a softer expression, which might be better for those of a nervous disposition!

49. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures
Credit: eBay/Playmates Toys

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo ruled the 90s. Whether on lunchboxes or the TV, these heroes in a half shell were some of the most popular characters around.

Of course, watching the TV show wasn’t enough. Fans had to play along with their figurines at the same time, acting out moves and kicking Shredder’s but along with the on-screen turtle team.

I’ve got the theme tune stuck in my head now after writing this. And now you do too, don’t you?


50. K’Nex

Knex - Big Orange Box
Credit: Knex/Reddit

K’Nex was everything back in the 90s. I remember the local toy store had a different Knex model in the window every time I went. The biggest one was a ginormous ferris wheel that spun around, with little baskets for miniature people to sit in.

Like Lego, Knex allowed users to build whatever their hearts desired. Most of the pieces came in sets, but with imagination, users could create absolutely anything.

The Knex rollercoaster is perhaps one of the most famous building sets, though I’m not sure how many people would have space to stick this in their flats!

51. Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets displaying varioius motivational messages
credit: Fun express

If one entry in this list encapsulates 90s playground culture, then it’s Slap Bracelets.

These cheap stocking-filler toys were so popular that playgrounds rang with snapping noises every lunchtime. I think there were probably more in the teacher’s desk drawer than there were on kids at one point due to people messing around with them in classes!

Snap bracelets came in many different designs, with some of the most popular bearing characters from the best Nickelodeon TV Shows. Can you remember slapping these on your mate’s arms back in the day?

52. Velcro Toss and Catch

Velcro Toss and Catch with a pink and green ball and catching pad
Credit: Pinterest

Velcro Toss and Catch should have become an Olympic event by now. This was such an awesome game, and not just for people who had trouble catching!

The fuzzy velcro-catching pads were a firm fixture in many backyards and toy chests in my neighbourhood. It was a great game to play over the fence with the neighbours or in the park.

That sound of pulling the ball off the velcro will never leave me. It’s the perfect game for sunny days and never hurt when catching a sky-high ball hurtling toward your head at 1,000 miles per hour.

53. Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Seb's SNES console

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is no stranger here at Retro Dodo. It’s one of our favourite ever consoles and takes pride of place at R.D Towers along with many of the SNES games that have inspired devs and players the world over.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Mario Paint or Mario Kart, this console had something for everyone.

Like the NES, it received a resurgence in popularity amongst younger gamers thanks to the SNES Classic Edition and the previously Unreleased Star Fox 2 title.

Donkey Kong Country remains one of the greatest games of the 90s for me. I still remember taking turns to play this with my cousin and endlessly replaying the minecart levels. Good times!

54. Mr Frosty

Mr Frosty box
Credit: Flair

I asked my Mum for one of these epic Mr Frosty toys so many times as a kid, but she didn’t agree with colourful ice being ingested by a small child. I can kind of see where she was coming from now, but every time the advert came on I used to go wild for it!

For those of you who have never even heard of Mr Frosty, he’s an ice cream maker in the shape of a snowman. Kids could make their own frozen ice cubes in different shapes and make crushed slushy drinks in bright, garish colours.

Just stick ice under his hat, turn the handle, and pour in juice from the penguin pourer. Now I write it down, it does sound super weird, but this will forever be one of the defining toys of my childhood that I never, ever had!

55. Cadbury Chocolate Money Box

Cadbury Chocolate Money Box in red
Credit: Cadburys

Piggy banks are all well and good, but what if you could get a reward every time you put money in? Putting 10p into the Cadbury Chocolate Money Box sends a little bit of chocolate shooting out, which is kind of like bribery in a way.

And, you’ll probably end up piling on the pounds as you save them!

This toy only really dropped in the UK, but you can still pick up this piece of nostalgic chocolate history for a pretty tasty price. It would look good in your kitchen too!

56. Green Ranger’s Dagger

Green Ranger's Dagger toy from the TV series
Credit: Bandai

I used to watch the TV show with the Green Ranger’s Dagger in hand, playing it whenever Tommy called the Dragonzord to the fray.

I also had the Dragonzord too… It’s safe to say I was a massive fan.

The detail on this thing was awesome. Ok, so it was plastic and couldn’t really thwart armies of Putty Patrollers, but it was still an awesome toy. And the buttons moved too!

57. Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers - Pink character with red hair.
Credit: GalooB

So I know that there was a massive controversy with Sky Dancers bashing into objects and people, breaking china and sometimes teeth. But for the most part, they were one of the most popular 90s toys of the decade.

These characters would spin up off the base and fly into the air, floating down like a sycamore seed, albeit one made of plastic.

I know a few people who used to just fire them at their siblings and had them swiftly removed… not sure that was the recommended use on the box, but kids will be kids.

58. Scalextric

Scalextric box
Credit: Hornby HObbies

One of the most famous racing toys of all time, Scalextric was a must-have toy in pretty much every house through the 1990s.

These pieces of track and the cars that raced on them took over the carpets in most of my friends homes. If it wasn’t LEGO you were standing on, it was a Scalextric car.

Different scaled tracks for different scaled cars, with multiple sets to collect. It’s an expensive business getting into Scalextric, but it’s definitely a key item for 90s collectors to have in their toy box… or trophy shelf.

59. VR Troopers

Two VR Troopers figures, red and white (left) and red, black, and silver (right)
Credit: Hasbro

I absolutely loved the VR Troopers, and I always find it hard to believe that my friends can’t remember this epic Saban series.

Sure, they weren’t as popular as the Power Rangers, but watching the Rangers heading into the VR world parallel to our own and fighting crime was something else!

The characters were so cool, and the toys came complete with light-up segments and incredibly detailed helmets. The 90s really was a great time to be alive!

60. Moon Shoes

Moon Shoes and a boy showing them in action
Credit: nickelodeon/Pinterest/Reddit

The idea of your own personal trampolines seems pretty crazy as I write this today, but Moon Shoes were absolutely massive in my neighbourhood back in the day.

Essentially, these shoes were little sandals attached to springs in a plastic tub. That’s it, but they created the feeling of anti-gravity and being able to jump really high.

They look like the kind of thing that would instantly get you bullied, but then again people wear Crocs fashionably these days, so what to I know?

61. Kerplunk

Kerplunk game box
Credit: MB Games

Kerplunk is a tense game where pulling straws can lead to literally losing your marbles.

Pull out a stick and pray to the gods at MB Games that you don’t disrupt the marble pile. Once you touch a straw, there’s no going back either.

I used to love putting this game together as a kid; it kind of looked like the tube that Zordon floats around in on the Power Rangers.

And yes, I probably played this while holding the Green Ranger’s Dagger too.

62. Totally Hair Barbie

Barbie - Totally Hair Barbie in two styles
Credit: Mattel

Totally Hair Barbie remains the most popular Barbie of the decade. Not only that, but it was the Barbie that sold the most out of all the dolls ever.

If that’s not a reason to pick one of these up, then I don’t know what is!

Totally Hair Barbie had the longest hair out of any barbie allowing users to style her to their heart’s content. It came in different styles and even shipped with hair products and accessories. What more could you want?

63. ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee

Turbo bumble bee yoyo in yellow and white. There is a flying bee logo on the front
Credit: Playmaxx

Yo-Yoing had a massive resurgence back in the 90s, and kids in every playground were walking the dog alongside other epic moves that wowed their friends.

The Turbo Bumble Bee was one of the most sought-after Yo-Yo’s out there, and even the ProYo name had been around for a while, it was this particular model that made waves when I was younger.

Did I have one – yes. Was I any good with it – no.

64. Biker Mice From Mars

Biker Mice From Mars character figure
Credit: The Nacelle Company

Humanoid mice riding motorbikes – it has to be time to introduce the Biker Mice From Mars!

Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie were three of the coolest characters around, with cool weapons and kick-ass rides.

The series ran for 65 episodes, and it made me want to go to the gym and bulk up like these dudes.

Plus who wouldn’t want to visit Mars… as long as it’s nothing like Total Recall.

65. Action Man

Action Man Mission Extreme/Mission Polar in box
Credit: Hasbro

I remember throwing this exact Action Man out of the window at my mate’s house on a bungee cord and breaking the window in the room below.

It probably should have said not to do that on the box.

Action man was always super popular when I was kid, and I’d like to think the Mission Extreme version was the reason that I wanted to become an adventurous explorer as an adult.

It comes with pickaxe, ropes, and tonnes of other accessories, especially for when transforming into Mission Polar mode!

66. Baby All Gone

Baby All Gone in box
CrediT: Kenner

This was one of the weirdest toys that I remember seeing on adverts as a kid.

Those little pink berries heading into the Baby All Gone’s mouth always freaked me out, but the rest of the population definitely had a different opinion.

The doll came with a can of baby formula and a feeder, as well as the sweet-smelling cherries. The main selling point is that you can feed it again and again.

I don’t know how the cherries come out the other end. Do you think you have to clean them?

67. Tyco Rebound 4×4

Tyco Rebound 4x4 remote control car
Credit: Tyco

One toy that I couldn’t get enough of after watching the advert again and again was the Tyco Rebound 4×4.

A remote control car that hits a wall and flips over straight away to carry on driving. Hit a rock, flip the car, and carry on driving.

Oh yeah, it’s 4×4 and nothing can stop it. Flip from blue to red and keep the action going!

68. Finger Monsters

Finger Monsters in various colours
Credit: Baker Ross/Tiermaker

I remember picking up these things from the post office and arcades, and being in a situation where I had them in every drawer of the house.

What are these little monsters? They’re basically weird, rubbery little creatures with gangly arms that you stick on your fingers.

They have no other purpose, but that doesn’t matter. They were cool to stick on your fingers, on your marker pens, or just to sit upright on your desk.

69. Barney The Dinosaur

Barney The Dinosaur plush soft toy
Credit: Playskool/Pinterest

How many of you can remember watching Barney The Dinosaur on TV? This lad was one of the friendliest faces on the television, singing and dancing with his pals and keeping us company on mornings while we ate our breakfast.

Barney’s message was always about sharing and caring, and this little toy helped us to remember these lessons all day long.

And let’s be honest, it was super soft to cuddle too!

70. Don’t Wake Daddy

Dont Wake Daddy game box
Credit: MB Games

Don’t Wake Daddy is a game where players have to sneak to the fridge past their dad to get some midnight snacks.

There are tonnes of spaces that might make your papa wake up, so be prepared to move back to the start and try again.

It has that same tense feel as Crocodile Dentist, so maybe don’t have a go if you have a nervous disposition!

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