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Ultimate List Of 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Remembers

The 1990s might have had some terrible fashion crazes and music, but we certainly had some incredible games, gadgets, and toys. Collectables were the key to playground success; we were obsessed with hoarding the best 90’s toys and trying to protect our stash from other players in tense-games of chance. There’s no wonder so many of these things are worth thousands now! From foil-packed wonders picked up from newsagents to some of the most popular Christmas toys our little minds went crazy for, this list of the Top 90’s Toys will take you for a trip down memory lane, and then over to eBay where you can buy, collect, and trade them all over again!

1. Tamagotchi 

White tamagotchi - 90'S TOYS

First up on our list of 90’s toys is the Tamagotchi. If you were a kid in the late nineties and didn’t have a Tamagotchi, then it’s safe to say that you really missed out. These miniature digital pets were completely addictive and were the first thing on my mind as I rushed through the door from school. Keeping my little, black and white, pixelated character alive seemed like a matter of life or death and, in a way, I suppose it was for the digital dude or dudette inside. You would think that with the introduction of smartphonesones that Tamagotchi’s would be redundant, but you can still buy one of these tiny eggs today, and they don’t look like they’ve strayed too far from the original 90’s design! 

2. Beanie Babies 

Beanie babies - Monkey - 90's toys

Next up on our list of 90’s toys is the Beanie Baby. Ever a classic, the Beanie Baby craze took the entire world by storm, and it’s no surprise as these cuddly toys are super cute and loved by everyone from knitting-loving-grannies to high-flying-business-types. The beads that the Beanie Babies are stuffed with make them heavier than regular teddies and are the perfect comforting buddy. They are also slightly under stuffed which makes them floppy and more realistic then usual teddy bears. Beanie Babies aren’t just a toy for kids, however; these toys are considered collectables and can go for thousands of dollars. ‘Brownie’, one of the original Beanie Bears released by TY, can easily fetch $20,000 at auction, while a limited edition Princess Bear made in memoriam of Princess Dianna has been listed at $500,000. However, if you’re looking to sell a Beanie Baby today, be sure that the iconic tag is intact, or else they won’t even be worth $10.

3. Nintendo 64 

N64 with controller - BEST 90'S TOYS

Next up on our list of 90’s toys, we have our first games console and one of the best on the planet; the Nintendo 64. If you were lucky enough to have a Nintendo 64 as a kid then you were probably the coolest kid in the classroom, if not the county. The N64 was Nintendos fifth generation of gaming console and has gone on to produce some of the most loved characters in gaming history. This retro gaming system was released with three cartridge games: Super Mario 64, Pilot Wings 64, and Saikyō Habu Shōgi (exclusive to Japan). Other classic Nintendo 64 games include Golden Eye, Mario Party, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong 64. You can check out our list of the Best N64 Games for more classic titles! 

4. Stretch Armstrong 

Stretch Armstrong - BEST 90'S TOYS

Next on our list is Stretch Armstrong, one of the most iconic 90’s toys there is. Released in 1976, this stretch toy remained popular until production ceased in 1997, 21 years isn’t a bad run! The classic American toy featured a gel-filled action figure who could be stretched, pulled, twisted, and tied into any position up to a whopping 5ft! Good news: in 2016 nostalgic demand for Stretch Armstrong caused Hasbro to announce its re-release, with the exact same design as the model sold in the 90’s, so grab one for your kids and see if they enjoy it as much as you did! 

5. Polly Pocket 

Polly pocket original worlds
Photo by GoodHouseKeeping

Any big girls out there that used to be little girls will know that Polly Pocket was one of the best 90’s toys- a doll that could fit in your pocket, what more could you want! This miniature creation featured ‘Polly’, a tiny figurine that stood under one inch tall. Polly came enclosed inside a small case that opened up to reveal a small dolls house or ‘world’. The worlds always looked pretty magical- a fairy tree or a ship on the ocean in beautiful, pastel colours. The best thing about Polly Pocket was that she was small enough to go with you wherever you went; she was the essential accessory for any 10-year-old in the 90’s and remains loved by adults worldwide.

6. Pogs

Assortment of colourful Pogs - BEST 90'S TOYS

While the game played with the iconic Pogs has been around since the 1920s if not earlier, Pogs soared to popularity to become one of the best 90’s toys when released in 1955. These small circles of cardboard became highly precious and collectable in the ‘swap-shop’ playground culture. A quick game of Pogs during recess could lead to joyful moments or furious arguments as your collection of the discs grew or diminished. To play, each competitor stacks their Pogs and then takes turns to knock down one pile, keeping any Pogs that land face up. Pretty simple gameplay, but the addiction to having the most and the best Pogs was real! 

7. Bop It 

Bop It original game

Next up on our list of 90’s toys, we have another highly competitive game: Bop It. Bop It was a handheld electronic toy that first came out in 1996, but is so popular that new and improved versions are still on the shelves today. The original game came with just three instructions: bop it, twist it and pull it and you could compete against yourself, or others for the highest score. Fail at bop it, twist it or pull it on command and it’s game over for you!

8. Betty Spaghetty

Betty spaghetty - BEST 90'S TOYS

Betty Spaghetty was a weird and wonderful doll with flexible limbs and spaghetti-like, often colourful hair. It certainly falls under the category of iconic 90’s toys and was loved by both girls and bots the world over. She was unlike other dolls as she wasn’t made to look super realistic; her limbs were often bright colours and her hair was rubbery, not soft, making it easy to plait and style in different ways. The dolls came with interchangeable beads that would be threaded onto Betty’s arms and legs, so her look could be quickly changed. They might not be as collectable as TY Beanies, but I bet parents across the globe are thankful that Betty kept their kids occupied while Coronation Street was on.

9. Game Boy Colour

Gameboy colour - BEST 90'S TOYS

Of course, this list of the best 90’s toys wouldn’t be complete without the Game Boy Color. The Game Boy Color was brought out at the tail end of the 90’s, landing in late 1998 and following its predecessor, the Game Boy. The release of the Game Boy Color was very exciting as it meant that you could finally play handheld games on a coloured screen! Pokemon in colour; what more could you possibly want! The Game Boy and Game Boy Color sold a whopping 118.69million units combined, making it the third best selling system of all time, and these consoles are still sought after among retro game players today! Check out our Best GameBoy Games here!

10. Etch-a-Sketch 

Classi red Etch a Sketch

The Etch a Sketch was actually first produced in 1960 but has continued its popularity right up to the present day, establishing itself as one of the most well known 90’s toys. Woody from Toy Story used the Etch-a-Sketch to write messages and draw, bringing the Etch-a-Sketch into the public eye and causing every kid to want one and write their own secret messages. Turn the knobs on this clever toy to draw your very own masterpiece, or to leave a message for the next person to use it. Shake, and the words or image are gone forever and the Etch-a-Sketch is left blank for your next creation.  

11. Marble Run

Colourful and tall marble run set up

Marble run was an amazing 90’s game; there was nothing better than turning the entire house into one giant marble run course and annoying your parents in the process. The more pieces you had, the better the run was! Hours of fun could be spent building the perfect track for your marbles to run down, the wackier the better. Marble run was great as it could be a solitary activity for those times that you had to ‘entertain yourself’ or even more fun when you had friends round. Apparently marble run is still a thing and there are some epic courses on YouTube if you’re having a slow day at work and want to pass the time.

12. Trolls 

Trolls with multiple hair colours - BEST 90'S TOYS
Photo by Six Things

Another range of 90’s toys that were first released in the 1960s and had another surge of popularity throughout the 1990s was the Troll Dolls. These funny little dolls are only several inches tall and feature bright hair, combed to stand upright on the troll’s heads. In the 1990s there were several video games and a video series released that further increased the popularity of these toys. In 2016 the DreamWorks movie Trolls was brought out, with another in 2017 and yet another set for release in 2020, making these 90’s toys still popular today.

13. Mouse Trap 

Mouse trap game 90's toys original

Mouse Trap was a great 90’s game for those rainy days. This competitive board game saw players working together at first to complete the mouse trap course and then turn on each other to try and trap their mouse-shaped playing pieces. The competitive nature of Mouse Trap could cause some arguments between siblings, but is even a board game worth playing if it doesn’t? This game was super fun to build and play and never got old, not for the kids at least… 

14. Furby

Furby original - 90'S TOYS

The Furby is one of the most iconic 90’s toys of all time and was extremely popular after its release in 1998. These robotic furry toys were so popular that the suppliers couldn’t keep up with the demand and, over the 1998 Christmas period, the Furby resale market skyrocketed. While the Furby retailed at $35 in stores, the resale value was over $100 and cases of fraudulent Furby sales, where the Furby was never delivered, were common. We can see why these furry creatures were so popular! The creatures appeared to learn English over time as they were programmed to speak less and less Furby language as they ‘grew’. They could also move their eyes and mouth and lift themselves off the ground, all groundbreaking features for a 90’s toy.

15. Mr Potato Head

Mr potato head

Mr Potato Head was certainly less advanced than the Furby, but was nonetheless one of the most popular 90’s toys in production. Mr Potato Head actually originated in the 1950s where it was sold as pronged body parts that were used in conjunction with a real potato. However, the plastic body was supplied several years later and the Mr Potato Head that we know and love today was born. Mr Potato Head had a surge of popularity in the 1990s thanks to Mr and Mrs Potato Head in the Toy Story franchise.

16. Pokemon Cards 

Pokemon cards - assortment of classic shines - 90'S TOYS

The Pokemon Trading Card Game was first published in 1996 and was the best trading card game amongst the ranks of other popular 90’s toys. Pokemon was already popular thanks to the Game Boy and Game Boy Color and, by introducing a card game, Pokemon could be enjoyed in the school playground. Whoever won the game got to keep the cards, making it highly competitive. Even if you didn’t play the game, trading cards with friends was popular with some special or rare cards having a higher trading value than others. People still buy, collect, and trade these amazing cards today, with new artwork and a whole host of other pokemon doing the rounds.

17. GoGo’s Crazy Bones 

GoGo Crazy Bones - 90's toys

GoGo’s Crazy Bones were another collectable toy fad throughout the 1990s and, with 31.5million packages sold between 1998 and 2000, they deserve a spot on our list of the best 90’s toys. GoGo’s Crazy Bones are tiny plastic figurines, each with different faces and characters. They were bought sealed within a foil wrapper so you didn’t know which GoGo you would receive. This made them highly tradable and collectible items. Like Pokemon cards, if you won the game, then you got to keep the GoGos. 

18. Power Rangers

The Mighty MegaZord
Photo by Big Bad Toy Store

Power Rangers first aired on television in 1993 and features a group of teenagers who transform into superheroes, ready to take on any villain that Rita Repulsa sends their way. The popularity of the show led to Power Rangers figurines which were some of the best 90’s toys around. There were a total of 12 power ranger dolls released- the five power rangers themselves and seven villains. The Power Rangers came in red, pink, black, yellow and blue, and who can forget the swords, zords, and costume accessories too!

19. Talk Boy and Talk Girl 

Talk boy and talk girl - 90's toys

The TalkBoy was one of the more cutting edge 90’s toys on the market and first appeared as a non-working prop in the very first Home Alone film. A working version of the TalkBoy which featured a handheld cassette player and recorder with microphone was released on November 20 1992, the same day the second Home Alone Film debuted. Later, a pink version was released to appeal to the female market. 

20. Buzz Lightyear 

Original buzz lightyear toy

Last on our list of best 90’s toys is one that simply couldn’t’ be missed – Buzz Lightyear. Buzz Lightyear first featured in the 1995 original Toy Story Film and is one of the most loved characters of all time. The Buzz Lightyear doll was almost identical to the characters in the movie and said some of his most loved phrases such as “To Infinity, And Beyond!”. A classic and a must-have 90’s toy. 

We hope you enjoyed our trip down memory lane while looking at this list of the best 90’s toys. Let us know what your favourite 90’s toy was and what we missed from the list by following along on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.