Ranking The Best SEGA Mega Drive Games Of All Time

best sega mega drive games

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I can still remember taking my pocket money down to the second-hand games store and buying a boxed Mega Drive and a bunch of the best Sega Mega Drive games.

My friends all had Mega Drives in their houses (Sega Genesis if you’re reading in the US), but I came to the game a little later.

It worked better for me as all of the games were much cheaper!

Growing up with the best SNES games and the best N64 games, the Mega Drive controller was always the best part of the console.

Like a crescent moon (just exercising my skills as a writer there), it felt so different to anything that I had used before.

It didn’t matter whether I was dispersing my own kind of button-mashing-rage while travelling through the streets in Number 6 on our list or saving helpless penguins in the third-best title for the console, the control pad sure took a beating and never failed me once.

1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2

sonic the hedgehog 2 sega mega drive

You knew it was going to be Sonic up in the top spot, and there’s no denying that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the best of the best Sega Mega Drive games ever made.

Sonic, Mario, Link, Crash Bandicoot, the Master Chief; they represent more to the world of gaming than any of the other characters out there put together.

Can you believe that the Sonic 30th Anniversary celebrations happened back in 2021? It doesn’t seem two minutes ago since I was leaving my Mega Drive on all night so I could carry on with my progress when I woke up in the morning.

sonic the hedgehog 2 menu
image credit: sega

From the Emerald Hill Zone to the showdown with Robotnik on the all-mighty Death Egg, Sonic must once again retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, watch out for spikes, and collect as many rings as hedgehog-ly possible as he speeds through the game.

Can you remember that special zone with the 3D halfpipe too? What a level!

sonic the hedgehog 2 gamepaly sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Getting to play as Tails for the first time was also a great touch, and finding out that you could play as Knuckles with the slot-in cartridge set-up blew my mind!

I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that Sonic deserves to take the top spot in our list of the best Sega Mega Drive games of all time.

And who knows, we may well see that new Sonic adventure dropping on the eagerly awaited SG-1000 Mini or the Dreamcast Mini!

Here’s hoping!

2. Rocket Knight Adventures

rocket knight adventures sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Next up on our list of the Best Sega Mega Drive Games is Rocket Knight Adventures, a title that I came across by chance when I picked up my Mega Drive from a second hand store.

It’s been one of my favourite titles ever since; what a great accident!

Sonic might be Sega’s go-to-guy (or hedgehog) when it comes to side-scrolling action, but Rocket Knight Adventures more than held its own in the impressive collection of games for the console.

The main protagonist, Sparkster, is a fearless opossum clad in armour who wields a sword and can fly through the air with his jet pack.

If that doesn’t ‘spark’ any interest in you, then maybe you should quit while you’re ahead!

rocket knight adventures sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Rocket Knight Adventures is made by the same people behind Probotector, though the gameplay is much friendlier and less about destroying giant zombie pythons.

Sparkster mostly has to contend with pig and robot enemies, so nothing that will give you too many nightmares.

The graphics are also pretty darn nice for the time too, with our intrepid Knight making his way through lots of well-designed areas that wouldn’t look out of place in a Sonic title.

We all know that Sega’s main animal mascot is Sonic, but I think that Sparkster is definitely their second most popular furry main character.

I realise that is quite a specific accolade to acquire, but I stand by my decision to put it into print.

3. Combat Cars

image credit: accolade

Combat Cars was everything that players who were sick of only using shells and bananas needed in their lives.

It’s one thing using a Chain Chomp or Bullet Bill to get the upper hand against your opponents, but being able to wield landmines, shotguns, glue spots, and more really ups the stakes!

This is another one of the Best Sega Mega Drive Games for fast-paced, seat-of-your-pants multiplayer action, and you’ll enjoy wiping the smiles off your cocky mate’s faces as you beat them time and time again.

combat cars gameplay sega mega drive
image credit: accolade

Win money as you race, aim for a high score, and then use the money that you’ve earned to upgrade your chosen car for the next race.

Combat Cars plays and feels just like a classic arcade game. There’s no going back once the clock reaches zero; input your name, be proud or ashamed of your score, and start all over again!

People forget how hard computer games used to be before automatic save functions and invulnerability cheats!

They forget what it felt like to be almost out of time, the seconds ticking ever faster as you just managed to scrape into level 21 by the skin of your teeth and avoided having to redo the previous 20 levels.

4. James Pond II: Codename: Robocod

james pond 2 robocod
image credit: sega

Hailed as one of the Best Sega Mega Drive games on the platform, James Pond II: Codename: Robocod was as brilliant as it was rib-ticklingly funny.

I once stayed awake all night while playing this game, so believe me when I say that I’m kind of an expert on it…

How many games can you play as a special agent fish that’s been given a RoboCop style suit?

Twin the Robo-fish with a plot that involves sneaking into Santa’s grotto to liberate penguin elves and defeat the terrible scoundrel ‘Dr Maybe’, and you’ve got yourself one of the greatest games in history!

james bond 2 gameplay sega mega drive
image credit: sega

I can’t believe I’m going to write these words down, but James Pond is one badass mo-fo-fish.

He might not be as famous as Sonic, but he has still appeared in multiple games on Sega’s different consoles.

Maybe he’ll appear as a fighter in Smash Bros Ultimate one of these days?

FUN FACT – the penguins in the UK version of the game were one of the very first examples of product placement in a video game. There were used to promote the popular biscuit ‘Penguin Biscuits’ from McVitie’s.

Stick that fact on your Tinder profile and thank us later.

5. Quackshot starring Donald Duck

quackshot sega mega drive
image credit: sega

We’re heading back into the realm of ‘unlikely heroes’ in Quackshot starring Donald Duck, the next title on our list of the best Sega Mega Drive games!

Donald Duck is a character that is much more at home feeling angry about everything rather than trying to save the day, but he sure knows how to put up a good fight in his debut Mega Drive title.

Following in his Uncle Scrooge McDuck’s footsteps, Donald heads off to find some hidden treasure with his nephews Huey, Luey, and Duey.

Big Bad Pete is the antagonist in the game and tries to stop Donald at every turn.

Still, he’s no match for Donald’s arsenal of plungers, bubble gum, and popcorn, items that our feathered crusader can wield as he attempts to reach the Maharajah’s treasure.

quackshot gameplay sega mega drive
image credit: sega

I know that this might be hard to believe in a world filled with 4K TVs and next-gen gaming, but these graphics were incredible for the time.

The clouds, the mountains, the brick column on which Donald and Pete are about to do battle on in the picture above; they were all heralded by gamers and critics far and wide as being superb and a fine example of 16-bit gaming.

Sure, the controls are a little bit fiddly, but the storyline itself is fantastic and filled with the kind of capers that make Donald Duck such a funny and energetic character.

Good luck finding the treasure, and don’t forget to give Daisy a call once in a while, ok?

6. Streets Of Rage II

streets of rage 2 sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Streets Of Rage II: same streets, twice as much rage!

Everything you loved about Streets of Rage but bigger, badder, and bolder. The camera is closer to the action, the players all have much better moves, and the game feels like an updated, polished version of the original.

So, calling the police car in to defeat all of the cronies around you was fun on the original version, but working together to pull off special moves is far more exciting than just calling in the boys in blue!

We could have done with Earthworm Jim’s Barn Blaster on some of those levels, come to think of it!

streets of rage 2 sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

As punch em’ ups go, this was one of the Best Sega Mega Drive games ever, if not of all time, for blowing off some steam after a stressful day of doing homework and eating greens…

… things that are totally still comparable to adult problems like a tough boss at work or bills.

It also made you feel as though you were giving something back to your neighbourhood too.

Just look at those denim wearing thugs causing trouble in your town! The neighbourhood watch can’t stop them, so it’s up to you to do something about it!

Blaze and Axel are back again, though this time they have to defeat MR X and save their friend and original fighter Adam from his clutches.

Join Blaze’s brother Skate and a wrestler named Max Thunder as you return to the mean streets and send some douchebag thugs back into the shadows!

7. Comix Zone

comix zone sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Sega certainly knew how to produce an exciting ‘beat ’em up’ game, and while many might consider Number 6 in this list to be the best title in the genre, Comix Zone certainly grabbed my imagination back in the day.

We all know how side-scrolling games work, but Comix Zone had one distinct difference.

The 2D gameplay really worked in this title as it is set out exactly like a comic book. You get everything from the small labels telling you specific city names through to the individual speech bubbles for the various characters.

A little like Viewtiful Joe for the GameCube.

Sega actually went as far as patenting a ‘Videogame system for creating a simulated comic book game’ for Comix Zone.

They don’t do things by halves, do they!

comix zone sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

The game itself is based on an old C-64 demo, so you might have come across something similar if you’ve been working on your collection of the best Commodore 64 games.

You play as an artist named Sketch who finds himself trapped in his own comic by an evil villain. The villain is one of Sketch’s hand-drawn characters that comes to life after a lightning bolt hits one of his sketchbook pages.

The idea of the artist being trapped in his own creation by something he drew is one that I still can’t get enough of.

The characters that Sketch created from his own imagination now think that he’s part of the storyline, and he’ll need all the help that he can get if he wants to make it back to his crummy New York flat alive.

If you’re a bonafide comic book nerd, then you owe it to yourself to add Comix Zone into your best Sega Mega Drive games collection.

8. Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master

shinobi 2 sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Ok, own up; who else found the first two Shinobi Games pretty damn difficult when they first came out? And who else found them way harder than Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master?

I’ve chosen Shinobi III as the next title in our list of the Best Sega Mega Drive Games list because it was more about speed and agility than skill.

Coincidentally, that is how I tackle most of the Retro Dodo requests that Brandon throws at me…

The moves were a lot more sophisticated too (in a Ninja sort-of-way), and the overall gameplay was smoother.

The whole thing was just more enjoyable to play.

Oh, and the weapons were supercharged too!

shinobi 2 sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

Joe Musashi must once again face the evil Neo Zeed (awesome name) in this fast-paced Samurai game.

If you’ve been enjoying Ghosts of Tsushima, then you’ll love this 1993 classic!

Using Ninjitsu techniques to work his way through the different levels, Joe must mentally and physically prepare himself for a showdown with the Shadow Master at the end of the game.

Take a month off work for this one; you’re going to find it seriously hard to put down!


wwf raw sega mega drive
image credit: acclaim

Remember when I said that I used to watch wrestling every Saturday afternoon with my mates? Well, once we’d got tired of playing Mega Bomberman, we’d carry on the wrestling party with our own WWF Raw matches.

WWF Raw was one of the Best SEGA Mega Drive Games for button-mashing, multiplayer madness, and having the ability to control some of my all-time-favourite wrestlers was the icing on the steel-cage cake.

In a similar vein to playing Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, you had to have the brain of a mathematician to remember all of the special moves, signature moves, and move sets for your favourite players.

wwf raw sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: acclaim

Games would often be interrupted every so often as we referred to the manual or begged our mates to teach us the moves we didn’t know.

Seeing a 16-bit character tombstone an opponent into the floor of the ring still makes me feel like the ultimate fighter, and being able to use moves that were new to the franchise like the show-stopping DDT for the first time was something else entirely

It doesn’t matter how much time passes, games like this are always fun to play with your mates (as long as you have the HDMI cable from our best Mega Drive accessories list, that is).

Sure, the Xbox One WWE games might look a lot more realistic, but the SEGA Mega Drive version hails from a time where endangered pandas and Bret Hart both came under the title of WWF…

… and that’s both weird and incredible in equal measure!

10. Probotector

probotector sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Is a Sega console really a Sega console without an iconic ‘Run n Gun’ title? Probotector is up next in our list of the best Sega Mega Drive games, and what a title it is!

You might know it as Contra: Hard Corps in the US, and this spin-off of the Contra series went on to become a classic stand-alone title that is still played by gamers all over the world today.

You play as part of an elite task force called the ‘Hard Corps’, a team of four ‘hard-as-nails ‘soldiers who have temporarily replaced the original Contra heroes that you may have played as in the official timeline.

probotector sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

Your task, should you chose to accept it, is to put an end to Colonel Bahamut and the terrorists in his army, recovering the alien cell he plans to use to improve his weapon arsenal in the process.

If you haven’t played Probotector before, then the concept is one that you won’t have trouble getting your head around.

Shoot stuff, find a boss, and then shoot said boss until it’s very, very dead.

Got it? Good; let’s continue.

If you’re looking for a game that is fast-paced and filled to the brim with firepower, then Probotector will be one of the best Sega Mega Drive games for you.

It’s side-scrolling action at its finest, with multiple in-game choices and the ability to walk on walls. This is some Neo-style action right here!

11. Taz In Escape From Mars

Taz in escape from mars game case cover art

Next up on our list of the best Sega Mega Drive games is a title that sees the most unlikeliest of heroes taking centre stage; Taz in Escape from Mars.

Commonly referred to as the Grandaddy of Spin (by no-one else other than me), Taz the Tasmanian Devil was sending enemies into a whirlwind frenzy long before Crash Bandicoot came onto the scene.

This is another game based on a cartoon character that I grew up with, and the plot was almost as mad as Taz himself!

After a trip to Earth, Marvin the Martian decides he wants our friend the Tasmanian Devil for his new attraction; a Martian Zoo.

Taz isn’t exactly bright, even if he is fearless. After first escaping and then, for some reason, returning, he decides to get his own back on Marvin.

taz in escape from mars sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

Spin, breathe fire, and spit rocks at the various enemies on both Earth and Mars as you make your way through the different levels in search of the final boss or that much-sought-after exit sign.

If you can get to the end without dying, then you deserve a good rest and a pat on the back!

Remember; if you spin into food you’ll destroy it. Don’t do what I do every time I play Crash Bandicoot, especially when you’re running low on energy!

Taz might not be as well equipped as the characters in the Number 10 spot on our list of the best Sega Mega Drive games, but he doesn’t know when to stop and isn’t afraid of anything…

… a bit like me, really… ahem… let’s carry on.

12. Mega Bomberman

mega bomberman sega mega drive


Sorry, I just had a hard case of nostalgia there…

What a game though, and one of the best for kicking back with your mates on a Saturday afternoon after watching WWF on Sky 1.

To this day, Mega Bomberman remains the most addictive multiplayer mode on all of my Best Sega Mega Drive games.

Battling against the residents of Planet Bomber in the Jammin Jungle while riding around on the back of bomb-slinging Kangaroo…

… you can keep Call of Duty and the Best PS5 games; I’ll stick with Bomberman!

Up to 4 players can dive right into the midst of the explosive action (see what I did there), and it’s a genuine classic title that you need to have in your Mega Drive collection.

mega bomberman sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

This was the first time we saw the white-headed Bomberman as the main star of the show, the character that would later be referred to as Bomberman and go onto star in one of the best N64 games of all time, Bomberman 64.

And Sega really knew what they were doing when it came to naming the levels on Mega Bomberman too. Vexin’ Volcano, Crankin’ Castle; they sound like swanky New York nightclubs!

This game does have a single-player mode too, but I’m all about the multiplayer mode.

If you don’t have any friends, then I suggest you pay some actors to sit next to you and feign enjoyment.

13. Sonic The Hedgehog 3

sonic 3 sega mega drive

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 takes the 13th spot in this list of the best Sega Mega Drive games of all time! The sequel to the epic Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was always going to have a lot to live up to, but in true Sonic style, the little blue peril knocked it out of the park!

I’ve already touched on Knuckles’ role in this game, and while he’s out to get Sonic and Tails, it’s still cool seeing him in his first video game role.

In this story, Sonic and Tails are trying to stop Robotnik from powering his Death Egg with Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles doesn’t want them causing havoc on his island and tries to make life hard for them at every turn.


sonic 3 sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

So what’s changed since Sonic the Hedgehog 2? Well, Tails can fly now, and he can also swim underwater, both things that Sonic can’t do. He really comes into his own in this game rather than just being a sidekick.

And, some people say that MJ wrote some music for this game, which would explain why it’s so groovy!

Throw in 3D levels and the epic pinball stages, and this could well be one of the greatest Sega Mega Drive games ever made…

… it wouldn’t have made our list if it wasn’t!

14. Earthworm Jim 2

earthworm jim 2 sega mega drive
image credit: virgin

From the game to the cartoon series, I’ve loved everything about Earthworm Jim 2 from the very first time that I turned on my Sega Mega Drive.

An earthworm in a robotic fighting suit with a mate called ‘snot’ that helps him fight and soar across huge caverns – it’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

How many of our readers can remember firing up the Barn Blaster for the first time and killing every enemy on the screen?

That’s one of those memories that will stick with you forever, especially if you called your child ‘Jim’ in honour of this game.

earthworm jim 2 gameplay
image credit: virgin

Earthworm Jim 2 just felt like a more solid game to me compared to the original, although they are still both two of the best Sega Mega Drive games ever made, without a doubt!

Breaking rocks with that machine gun is still great twenty-four years after it was released.

Do you have what it takes to rescue Princess Whats-Her-Name from the evil Psy-Crow? Time to dust the Barn Blaster off folks; we’ve got an adventure on our hands!

15. ToeJam and Earl

toe jam and earl sega mega drive
image credit: sega

If a game based on two funky alien rappers that crash land on earth sounds like it’s your kind of title, then ToeJam and Earl could well be one of the Best Sega Mega Drive Games to slide straight into your collection.

This game is funkadelic from start to finish, with a super cool soundtrack and regular boombox action to accompany our two unlikely heroes as they grove their way through the game.

Playing as either ToeJam (the one with all the legs) or Earl (the big dude with the shorts), you have to bust-a-move through the various stages collecting pieces of your crashed ship.

If you can’t picture what it’s like, then think of Silicon Valley but funkier and with no Dan Danger calling the shots.

Toejam and Earl is also the perfect title if you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert on urban culture in the ’80s and ’90s too. There are more sneaky references in here than in Gex: Enter the Gecko!

toe jam and earl gameplay
image credit: sega

It’s a super fun (and bizarre) game from start to finish. Sure, it looked a bit simple, but this was the ’90s, don’t forget.

Critics were a little hesitant about two outer-space rappers at first, but they quickly fell in love with the game and praised the fact that you could play as both characters in multiplayer mode.

The beats, the humour, the plotline, and the funky alien characters themselves cemented ToeJam and Earl as one of the Best Sega Mega Drive games of the 1990s.

They’ve also been back to earth as recently as 2019 thanks to a Kickstarter campaign; I guess we just can’t live without the groove!

16. Columns

columns sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Tetris might always come at the top of the list if you ask someone to name a puzzle-based computer game, but Columns will always reign supreme as one of the best Sega Mega Drive Games of all time.

Candy Crush, Dr Mario, that game Captain Holt’s obsessed with on Brooklyn Nine-Nine; they all take inspiration from the Grandfather of object-aligning puzzle games… a genre I just totally made up.

Columns differs to Tetris in that instead of slotting together coloured blocks, you have to match three or more gems of the same colour.

The gems fall down in individual columns made up of three coloured stones (hence the name) and you can match up gems in any direction.

Controversially, you can even match them up diagonally, but not Nocturne Alley for any fellow Harry Potter-heads out there.

(R.I.P Dobby).

columns sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

If you like games that require a little bit of thought but minimal button mashing, then this is the perfect title.

Let’s be honest; it’s the perfect game to have a few rounds of on the bog in a morning if you have the Super Retro Champ handheld console, or a TV in your bathroom if you’re swanky.

If you spend any amount of time playing these kinds of games on your mobile during your lunch break or during your morning commute, then you’ll have no problem picking up how to play Columns.

The multiplayer is fun too, with players battling against each other to clear their screens first!

17. Altered Beast

sega mega drive altered beast

Ever fancied playing as a resurrected fighter chosen by Zeus to rescue Athena from Hades’ realm? Sounds like you need Altered Beast in your life!

This is one epic title, especially if you wish that Streets of Rage had a more Greek-mythical vibe to it.

And the part that I love the most about this game; players change into animal fighters as the game progresses. It’s a little like Bloody Roar: Primal Fury, except this has more of a storyline compared to just being a straight up opponent fighting game.

altered beast gameplay sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Some of you might even remember playing this on arcades when it first came out. People went crazy for it, and the game still has a loyal following of fans to this day.

I reckon we should get a cabinet for Retro Dodo Towers!

Altered Beast has 5 levels, each one crammed with undead minions and ugly creatures to destroy. Find power-ups to morph into different beings and grow in size to tackle nasty bosses.

Everything is much simpler when the gods have got your back!

18. Sonic & Knuckles

sonic and knuckles sega mega drive
image credit: sega

Sonic & Knuckles takes the 18th spot in this list of the best Sega Mega Drive games of all time. It came at a glorious time when a new Sonic game seemed to drop every year and features my favourite Sonic character of all time.

That’s right; Knuckles joins forces with Sonic and Tails in this game as they race through Angel Island trying to stop Robotnik.

I’m really glad that Knuckles came to his senses after Sonic the Hedgehog 3; I don’t know what he was playing at to be honest, but I’m sure glad everyone’s on the same side now!

sonic and knuckles sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

The real description for this game should be ‘guess what stupid plan Robotnik has come up with this time’.

In this game, he’s doing everything he can to get his Death Egg Space Station back into the skies.

While Sonic and Tails are dealing with Robotnik, Knuckles has to fight EggRobo over and over again.

Come on, Sega; EggRobo is even worse than calling a game hero Nigel!

Eagle-eyed readers may have already seen that Sonic and Knuckles can be docked with Sonic 2 and 3, bringing all the characters from each game into the other.

How cool is that! If only Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie worked that well!

19. Castlevania: The New Generation

Castlevania: The New Generation game case cover art
image credit: sega

Our American readers might well know Castlevania: The New Generation as Castlevania: Bloodlines. Why do PAL games always have boring names?

I think a Castlevania game has featured on every one of these ‘best of’ games lists that I’ve written so far. They’re a classic on every console, and I reckon most of us would choose the profession of vampire hunter if it was a viable career.

Dracula might be dead in this game, but his niece is keeping the family business alive. She’s the one that brought World War 1 about, not the Germans, and hopes to kill all the humans in one swoop.

castlevania sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

Cue 2D side-scrolling dungeons, lots of ghouls and demons, and a whole load of whip-cracking action.

As always, players start off wielding the classic Belmont whip, the weapon synonymous with Castlevania games. Other weapons become available as the game progresses, but you’ll always come back to the whip if you die.

This action/RPG series is truly timeless and is another one that we’ve been beasting on the Sega Mega Drive Mini. If you like Dark Souls and other spooky titles, then have a bash as Ms Dracula and see if you can prevent the human race from becoming her next meal.

20. Monster World IV

Monster World IV game case cover art
image credit: sega

Monster World IV is one of the games that the Retro Dodo team played the most while working on our Sega Mega Drive Mini review. It’s one of the best Sega Mega Drive games on there, in our opinion, and remains one of the most perfect endings to an epic franchise.

Asha is one kick-ass protagonist. She’s a little like Shantae in looks and temperament, and she proves that boys aren’t the only ones that can slay monsters.

Asha is basically the most bad-ass feminist of all time. Sorry, Samus, but it’s true!

monsterworld sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

With a genie under her control and a pet Pepelogoo to assist her in sticky situations, Asha must battle back monsters in a series of immersive side-scrolling worlds.

This is one addictive game. Whether upgrading armour, searching for secrets, or just talking to all the NPCs, there’s so much to do that you’ll find it hard to put down.

Oh, and collectors; items vanish forever if you don’t pick them up. Make sure to check everywhere thoroughly before moving on, otherwise you’ll have to start the game all over again!

And keep an eye out for that dodgy millipede priestess boss woman too; she doesn’t take any prisoners!

21. Landstalker

Landstalker game case cover art
image credit: sega

Landstalker might look like an epic hero that could give Keith Courage a run for his money, but the dude on the over is actually and 88-year-old who gets into a bath with a young woman…

I’ll expand on that a little later on; take a moment to digest it first.

Players take an intrepid treasure hunter around a series of levels, fighting fearsome opponents, slaying demons, and saving innocent lives.

And what is this hero called?

… Nigel.

landstalker sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

This is another game that has an early LOZ feel to it. It uses an isometric view like The Story of Thor and is choc-a-bloc with puzzles, dungeon doors that need unlocking, mazes, mysteries, and treasure.

So yeah, the bath thing. Well, the Japanese cartridge features brothels and all sorts of raunchy stuff. Ol’ Nigel celebrates a victory by jumping in a bath with a young lady at one point too.

Looks like Nigel is a bit of a creepy guy on the side!

The PAL version is all above board, however, and the explorative gameplay is fantastic. It’s a game that you can really sink your teeth into, even if it is a little tough to figure out what’s going on at times!

22. Golden Axe II

Golden Axe II Game Case Cover Art
image credit: sega

So, it’s a little known fact that the Barbarian dude on the Golden Axe II game cover was modelled on my actual body… true story.

This game packs more muscle than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muesli. It’s a mythical smackdown title that Gauntlet fans are sure to feel at home with.

Play as a Barbarian (aka me), an Amazon, or a Dwarf while beating back enemy after enemy after enemy.

If you’re looking for a game to de-stress while imagining hitting your boss with a spiky ball on a stick, then you just found it!

golden axe 2 sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

The concept of Golden Axe is so simple that a baby could play it, but we don’t really advise that they should.

There are no sub-plots, no intense storylines, no puzzles; just good old fashioned button-mashing madness and hordes of monsters to deal with.

Use gnarly weapons and magical powers to crush your opponents, clearing battlefields of enemies faster than people leave a table once I tuck into an all-you-can eat buffet!

23. Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes game case cover art
image credit: sega

Gunstar Heroes takes the 23rd spot in this list of the best Sega Mega Drive game ever made.

Fans of the Metal Slug series will be all over this run and gun classic. It’s a side-scrolling bullet-fest with humongous bosses to take down and lots of explosive action.

A real visual feast for the eyes and brain!

Can you name any other titles that feature gymnastic soldiers firing weapons into mecha-warriors? It’s like the Matrix meets Cirque Du Soleil in a home console game!

gunstar heroes sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

Treasure really hit gold when they developed this game (see what I did there?). This was their debut title made everyone sit up and pay attention.

Don’t get me wrong; this game is pure madness. It’s the Mega Drive equivalent of every loud bang in every Transformers movie, but it sure knows how to keep you hooked and forgetting to breathe due to being incredibly tense!

Gunstar Heroes is a funny game too, and the vibrant backgrounds look incredible for a Sega Mega Drive game. It’s the whole package and a game that you definitely need in your collection.

24. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist Game Case Cover Art

American readers are probably wondering why I haven’t written the world ‘Ninja’ in Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist. Well, the PAL version calls them Hero Turtles instead, which is just plain wrong.

No matter what their name is, this 24th entry in our list of the best Sega Mega Drive games sees gamers fighting through Liberty Island in order to save the city from shrinking.

Reporter extraordinaire April O’Neil discovers the island is getting smaller, and the Turtles have to chase after Shredder before he uses the Hyperstone to bend the world to his will.

tmnt the hyperstone heist sega mega drive gameplay

The Hyperstone Heist has 5 stages, all littered with Pizza boxes and Shredder’s minions. Play as Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo in this classic half-shell-hero adventure.

You’ll want to play as each turtle individually anyway as this is a pretty short game. It’s a good job it’s great and keeps you coming back to play over time and time again.

Fans of TMNT (or TMHT, in this case) won’t need any persuading to buy this game. It’s basically a clone of Turtles in Time in terms of gameplay with epic music, brilliant moves, and four of the most famous fighters ever.

25. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Game Case Cover Art
image credit: sega

What would the man in the mirror tell you to play? Probably Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, the only game for smooth criminals who are baaad.

Ok, that’s enough MJ songs for one sentence…

I know what you’re thinking; MJ in a video game? What the heck is that all about! Next thing I’ll be telling you that it’s based on the Shinobi series too…

… erm, yeah it is, actually.

michael jackson sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

In Moonwalker, MJ must groove his way through various levels, puling off magic dance moves to hypnotise enemies. Once they’re in a trance, MJ beats them to a pulp.

There are levels where asteroids turn Micheal into a robot too. Fighting a drug dealer’s minions in space; sounds like the product of a bad trip to me!

On paper, this game really shouldn’t work. But here’s the thing; it’s awesome.

Blasting through all of Jacko’s epic music video settings and clicking your fingers to his classic back catalogue while busting bad guys; what’s not to love!


26. Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle game case cover art
image credit: sega

Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle takes the 26th spot in this list of the best Sega Mega Drive games of all time!

Let’s get one thing clear from the off; this is one of the hardest games ever.

Who has ever lost health when playing Rock, Paper Scissors in real life, and why does that car keep running me over when I least expect it…

… this is the very first level I’m talking about too. I have no idea how I got so far into this game as Kid!

alex kidd sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

That little chap in the red suit is Alex Kidd. Following on from the success of his previous game, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, the Enchanted Castle gives fans eleven fantastic new levels to work through.

Collect coins, gamble with Gorillas (great band name), and kick enemies with your cool yellow boots. Alex even has a pogo stick like our favourite mallard millionaire, Scrooge McDuck.

The main thing that annoys me most about this game is that it’s so easy to die. Contact with that annoying car or any enemy results in instant death and a level restart. It’s so tough it hurts!

27. Shining Force II

shining force 2 game case cover art
image credit: sega

It’s time to talk about Shining Force II, the first RPG quest in our list.

Every console needs an epic quest in its back catalogue, and Shining Force II sees players exploring the legendary world of Guardiana.

Battle dragons, wield magic, wear a cape that is constantly being ruffled by wind, and experience the twin swords of light and darkness.

That’s the bit where you go ‘Ooooo!’

shining force 2 sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

Like every RPG worth its salt, Shining Force II sees players winning battles in order to level up characters.

If I had to compare this game to another title (let’s face it, I’m going to do it anyway), then it feels a little like Fire Emblem. There’s a lot of strategic thinking going on, and each character has a different class system that brings different skills and abilities to the table.

If you find yourself regularly playing D&D and pretending that you’re an actual wizard instead of a Bank Manager from Bromsgrove, then this is the game for you.

28. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

dr robotniks mean bean machine sega mega drive

Fans of pretty much every shape-falling, block-busting game ever released will love Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine.

It’s basically Puyo Puyo, Bubble Bobble, and Columns mixed together with Sonic characters… sounds good to me!

Robotnik has been up to his usual tricks. This time, he’s kidnapped even more innocent people and turned them into Robots to do his bidding.

Maybe he sets them all to work making moustache wax? Dude must go through a lot!

dr robtniks mean bean machine sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

The gameplay is simple; connect different blocks and make beans vanish.

Players need to clear their screen to win and move onto the next round. When playing multiplayer, scoring huge colour combos sends garbage blobs into your opponents screen, making it harder for them to get one over on you.

That’s how Robotnik plays; he’s one sneaky dude!

With 13 levels and a multiplayer that literally never gets old, this is one of the best Sega Mega Drive games in terms of replayability and longevity.

29. ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron

ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron game case cover art
image credit: sega

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron takes the 29th spot in this list of the best Sega Mega Drive games of all time.

Now, this is a game that I love, but I’m aware that it was a bit of a funky elephant in the room back when it came out.

The first ToeJam & Earl game will forever be a classic, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing it further down this list. Still, a lot of fans thought that Panic on Funkotron was just too far from the original formula to be allowed.

It’s like the Arctic Monkeys suddenly bringing out a David Bowie concept album instead of their usual stuff – a real ‘WTF?’ moment.

toejam and earl funkertown  sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

I’m going to go on record and say that I enjoyed the change in artistic direction. There; i’ve said it.

In this ToeJam & Earl adventure, the duo are trying to round up freeloading humans who have sneaked back to their home planet with them. That’s not cool, even for funky cats like TJ!

By checking a funkadelic radar, our alien buddies must safely bring all the humans back to their ship and prevent them from scaring off all the grovoalicious vibes that make Funkotron such a jivin’ place to live!

30. The Story Of Thor

The Story Of Thor game case cover art
image credit: sega

The Story Of Thor is definitely one for the Zelda fans out there. I’m going to go ahead and guess that everyone who’s reading this article is a Zelda fan, and if you’re not, just keep it to yourself, yeah?

Gamers play as Prince Ali… hang on; I thought we just had that game?

This is a different Prince Ali to the one that Robin Williams sings about, and he’s trying to find a mysterious amulet that will prevent another dude who has an amulet from causing havoc.

They should have called it The Story of Amulet or something…

the story of thor sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: sega

With a Hyrule-style map and lots of secret areas to uncover, this adventure classic sees players taking on huge bosses in epic locations through a top-down perspective.

Collect bombs, fight with a knife, and wield elemental spirits in battle to restore peace to your world.

Weapons can break however, so make sure you’re packing something strong when you go into a battle!

Listen, this is basically a repackaged Zelda title for the Mega Drive, which instantly means it’s going to be great. Give it a go and let us know your thoughts.

31. Disney’s Aladdin

Disney's Aladdin game case cover art

Disney’s Aladdin kickstarts this list of the best Sega Mega Drive games of all time! It’s one of those titles that stays true to its roots, which in this case is one of the most famous Disney movies of all time.

From start to finish, Disney’s Aladdin boasts some of the best gameplay in any computer game. Players fight, leap, and run through Arabian-nights inspired levels, wielding Aladdin’s sword along the way.

And, the most famous genie of all time helps him out from time to time too. No, we’re not talking about James Acaster in the Off Menu podcast (look it up), we’re talking about the blue dude with the pony tail!

disney aladdin sega mega drive gameplay
image credit: disney

If you’re wondering why this game looks so damn good, then it’s because actual Disney animators joined the Sega team to make this game. That’s like the FBI walking into your local police station and pitching in.

The attention to detail in this game is fantastic too. Check out the health meter above; the smoke from the genie’s lamp shows how much health Aladdin has left.

It’s like one massive interactive film and a perfect title for Disney fans.

Along with the absolute classic Lion King (one of my favourite SNES games ever), Aladdin brought many gamers to the Mega Drive back in the day. You might think Disney films are for kids, but this is one tough cookie to crack!

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