Virtua Fighter 3tb Is Getting An Online Mode After 25 Years

Virtua Fighter 3tb Online

A surprising update is coming to Virtua Fighter 3tb from SEGA after over 25 years called “Virtua Fighter 3tb Online”. Virtua Fighter 3 was released way back in 1996 for the Sega Model 3 system board. And needless to say, it was a massive hit in Japan. This fan-favorite 3D fighting game was even ranked […]

SEGA and PowerA Team Up For New Sonic Controllers

Sega PowerA Sonic Controllers

SEGA and PowerA have teamed up to create an awesome new line of Sonic controllers for both the Xbox and Nintendo Switch. With products like the Switch Joycons from HORI or the mechanical keyboards from Higround, Sonic has been the subject of many brand collaborations in the gaming niche. But these new controllers from PowerA […]

5 Brand New Sonic LEGO Sets Revealed By SEGA & LEGO

Big the cat is out of the bag – we’re getting 5 new and amazing Sonic LEGO sets coming to Retro Dodo Towers, and you know that we’re going to hardly leave the building for the next couple of weeks while we build them! We’re still waiting for a Retro Dodo Towers set to be […]

New Jet Set Radio Game Is In Development At Sega

Jet Set Radio 2023

Confirming previous leaks and rumors, new images have emerged of a brand new Jet Set Radio video game in development at SEGA. And needless to say, we are very excited. Video Games Chronicle previously reported that the Jet Set Radio art director Ryuta Ueda rejoined Sega in 2021 to work on something. We had a […]

Sonic Origins Plus Rumored For Release June 2023

Sonic Origins Plus

Thanks to a recent Korean rating submission, we are now anticipating an incoming Sonic Origins Plus remaster collection from Sega. Where the original Origins collection was lacking in content, we can now hope to have a more definitive Sonic experience for the Nintendo Switch. And rumor has it… it’s coming much sooner than you’d think. […]

Modder Brings Portable SEGA Saturn ‘SEGA Uranus’ Concept To Life

Sega Uranus

A crafty modder has worked their magic to make a Sega Saturn portable in a brand new handheld they are calling the Sega Uranus. The Saturn is not exactly the most convenient of consoles to smash into a portable form. Yet, here we are nearly thirty years after the release of the system, someone managed […]

New Sega Mini Console Could Be Decided By Their Fans

Everyone wondering about whether the Dreamcast Mini could be the next new Sega mini console might be about to get the shot of their life. As many readers will no doubt already know, Sega has recently dropped the long-awaited Mega Drive Mini 2. While users all over the globe are settling down with a brand […]