SEGA and PowerA Team Up For New Sonic Controllers

Sega PowerA Sonic Controllers

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SEGA and PowerA have teamed up to create an awesome new line of Sonic controllers for both the Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

With products like the Switch Joycons from HORI or the mechanical keyboards from Higround, Sonic has been the subject of many brand collaborations in the gaming niche.

But these new controllers from PowerA have my attention because of two very important words: PRO-CONTROLLER.

Yes, I have become quite obsessed with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller lately, as it is the most comfortable controller I have ever used.

But SEGA and PowerA didn’t just stop there. They also created a new controller for the other side of the fence, so to say. Yes, even the Xbox fans get some love with a new Sonic peripheral.


Sega PowerA Sonic Controllers
Source: Sega/PowerA

PowerA has been bringing us great third-party controllers for years now.

Clearly they know what they are doing. So to see SEGA partner with them to bring the latest Sonic themed controllers just makes sense.

And what beautiful controllers these are!

Source: Sega/PowerA

The Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch and Advantage Wired Controller for Xbox Series X/S are both premium quality peripherals that have the feel of the first-party controllers.

But they also offer the added bonus of programmable rear buttons and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Both are focused on wired game play, which is going to offer the best response for fast twitch gaming.

Meaning there should be no input lag for fighting games or games like… well… Sonic!

So both controllers will come with a 10ft (3m) USB cable, and no batteries or charging is ever required for these controllers for that reason.

Sega PowerA Sonic Controllers
Source: Sega/PowerA

And just to add a cherry on top PowerA is also bringing us a pretty awesome Sonic themed case for the Nintendo Switch.

Purchasing Information

Sega PowerA Sonic Controllers
Source: Sega/PowerA

The new Sonic the Hedgehog line from Sega and PowerA just launched today August 8th.

So now is the time to head over to for more information.

The Nintendo Switch Case is currently listed at $19.99USD, and the Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch is listed at $29.99USD.

The Xbox controller has not yet been listed. But safe to bet that will come soon and will also be $29.99USD.

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