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    Where: Bristol, UK
    When: 2025

    What's On?

    rdx retro games

    Retro Gaming Products... Everywhere

    We will host a wide selection of the UK’s best retro gaming vendors so you can find the games, accessories and collectibles needed to expand your collection.

    From boxed consoles, to rare video games, to new handhelds, to unique trading cards, we want our attendees to feel overwhelmed with choice and go home feeling satisfied.

    A Museum Of Consoles To Experience For Yourself

    At RDX we want you to experience the full history of retro gaming, with the chance to immerse yourself in old consoles from all eras. We want this event to be a trip down memory lane, allowing you to feel the full force of nostalgia through hands on time with the consoles, games and accessories of the past.

    atari 2600+

    Enter Gaming Tournaments To Win Prizes

    Know how to handle a banana in Mario Kart? Can you easily evade hadoukens? Unbeatable at Super Smash Bros? Then it’s your time to shine with a host of retro gaming tournaments with some awesome prizes up for grabs. Get training while you can!

    Discover The Industries Latest & Greatest Products

    Not only do we want vendors to open up the second hand market at our event but we want to showcase new and upcoming products within the industry with a chance to talk with the makers behind them and to get hands on time with them.

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    rdx auctioning

    Auctioning Of Super Rare Products For You To Bid On

    Our plan is to auction off a handful of extremely rare collectors items so that the UK’s most avid game collectors can come to see the condition of these items in the flesh before bidding, giving our event a unique and high security approach to high ticket purchases compared to online bidding.

    Who's Coming?

    Meet Your Favourite Content Creators

    Not only will the entire Retro Dodo team be at the event but we’ll also be inviting some of the best retro gaming content creators from the UK! Say hello, take pictures and have a chat. We want this to be the ultimate retro gaming gathering, so having our favourite creators under one roof is a top priority for this event.

    elliot coll

    Elliot Coll

    With over a combined 800,000 subscribers Elliot Coll runs some of the UK’s most popular retro gaming channels with a focus on modding, unboxings and finding mysterious retro accessories from Japan.

    Revealed Soon

    Revealed Soon

    Revealed Soon

    Updates & Progression


    7th April 2024

    Unfortunately our expo is postponed until 2025. Retro Dodo is under fire from Google and will have to adapt over the coming months to keep our heads above water. Once we have, we can begin putting on an incredible event for you.

    14th February 2024

    Today was a big day as we have secured our headline sponsorship thanks to the lovely team over at Quarter Arcades wanting to help us out. This is the biggest sponsorship that we are offering, and helps us pay the venue costs alongside physical marketing material at the event. We also met up with Playback Arcade that are open to supply us with arcade cabinets for the event so our attendees can experience them.

    6th February 2024

    Retro Fighters has kindly agreed to purchase the “Silver” sponsorship package for the event which is hugely appreciated and helps cover some of the costs of the venue space. We have used their products for years now so it will be great to see their products and team at the event!

    4th February 2024

    The team visited three venues in Bristol on the weekend, one of them being a perfect location for our first event. It’s big enough for attendees to explore but also small enough for it to become an intimate event. This location is on budget but will require more of a hands-on approach and will likely be available in September. We are talking with the owners to hopefully book it in and get everything locked in. Brandon also attended some events in the UK to chat with vendors, exhibitors and those who can put on a “museum” like section of the event so our attendees can play on retro consoles and learn about the history of retro gaming. We’re also chatting with a handful of potential sponsors too.

    25th January 2024

    We are now in the process of contacting vendors and exhibitors. We are also viewing two potential venues in the heart of Bristol next week which we will hopefully fall in love with. One is a small venue the other larger than we anticipated both in size and costs. Our good friend Elliot Coll has confirmed he will attend, being our first large content creator to confirm, alongside Retro Gear Customs as a vendor who builds impressive modded Game Gears and Epilogue as an exhibitor our first official exhibitor! Our event was also shared on Time Extension which we’re hoping will help with exposure and getting potential attendees registered as “interested”. Right now we have 127 sign-ups as “interested” which is a great start.

    19th January 2024

    Event Manager secured. The Retro Dodo team are happy with the RDX branding which stands for “Retro Dodo Expo”, with inspiration taken from EGX. We are now currently in contact with a few potential venues in Bristol, with viewings scattered over the coming months. We chose Bristol as not only is it close to where we are based but it focuses on an untapped area of the UK that has very little gaming events, with large cities such as Bath, Swindon, Cardiff, Swansea, Exeter and Birmingham in close proximity. Venue costs vary greatly, with some of the locations we chose being out of our budget. Landing page officially launched to start capturing interested visitors. We are also aware that we need to source a sponsor to help with costs.

    Vendor, Retailer or Exhibitor?

    Are you a vendor, retailer or exhibitor that wants to be apart of RDX or an attendee that has some cool ideas? Then get in touch using the contact form below, we’d love to hear from you.