New Sega Mini Console Could Be Decided By Their Fans

Everyone wondering about whether the Dreamcast Mini could be the next new Sega mini console might be about to get the shot of their life.

As many readers will no doubt already know, Sega has recently dropped the long-awaited Mega Drive Mini 2. While users all over the globe are settling down with a brand new set of games and reliving Sega’s glory days, it’s a 4-digit code that has everyone jumping for joy.

That’s right; a 4-digit passcode inside the box on the Japanese Mega Drive Mini 2 box grants users access to a digital questionnaire posed by Sega.

And as you might have guessed from the title of this article, one of these questions is which Sega mini console we’d like to see arrive on the scene next!

Possible Sega Mini Consoles On The Horizon

The questionnaire found by Twitter user Gosokkyu shows all of the questions in the Sega questionnaire, but it’s Number 30 that we’re most interested in.

Look at that list above!

Sitting right next to each other are two consoles that we’re dying to see sitting inside our TV cabinets; the Sega Saturn Mini, and the Dreamcast Mini.

We’ve already had the Game Gear Micro offering, and an Astro City Mini can be bought for your dining table or work desk as we speak.

And, with the entire world keeping everything crossed for a Dreamcast Mini, hopefully everyone of our readers in Japan has already clicked that option as well as a few others.

Anyone pressing ‘not particularly interested’ can kindly remove themselves from Retro Dodo immediately.

What Could A Dreamcast Mini Look Like?

Considering Sega has already used the words ‘Dreamcast Mini’ in an interview, this little console might already be in production without any of us knowing.

I mean, why else would they say it and then put it in a questionnaire if it wasn’t something they were seriously considering?

They also said they were considering making an SG-1000 Mini, but they must know we’re all rooting for the Dreamcast!

We’re hoping to see a reworked controller from the Dreamcast Mini if it does drop next, something shaped more like the Retro Fighters Dreamcast controller and possibly with the VMU playing a more prominent role.

Sega; if you’re listening, give Retro Fighters a call!

The other main thing on everyone’s minds is the games that might come with a Dreamcast Mini.

With most mini consoles shipping with around 20 games, which of the best Dreamcast games are there likely to be on there?

Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure are bound to show up. But, if Sega bring online capabilities to the party, then perhaps we might see many more multiplayer titles hitting the console.

Final Thoughts

I know I’ve gone off on a tangent about the Dreamcast Mini here, but all signs are starting to point to this being the next console that Sega drops into our laps.

Sure, the Saturn was always cool, but the Dreamcast was Sega’s swan song. And as such, it holds a certain power over retro gamers.

It remains the console that kids ask ‘what is that?’ whenever they go into second-hand gaming stores, but perhaps for no longer.

Maybe, if the new Sega mini console does turn out to be the Dreamcast Mini, then it might even spark Sega’s revival into the console market once and for all.

Only time will tell, but if you do have a Japanese Mega Drive Mini 2, then get filling in that questionnaire and make the dream a reality!

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