Analogue Pocket: Classic Limited Edition Announced

Analogue Pocket: Classic

Analogue has unveiled yet another special edition series for their insanely popular FPGA device – the new Analogue Pocket: Classic. And I guess I only have one question for the people over at Analogue: ” ‘chu doin’? “ Analogue broke the news over on Twitter with an image showing a spectrum of the device in […]

Final Production Models of the AYN Loki Finally Revealed

AYN Loki

After several delays and buyers nearly giving up all hope, we have finally gotten our first official look at the AYN Loki production models. Seeing these handhelds in their final physical form was a long time coming after an eventful journey. To better understand how the Loki got to where it is today, we need […]

Pimax Portal Review – A Handheld With VR?

Pimax Portal

The Pimax Portal is a new Android based gaming handheld console that has a lot of really unique features that make it stand out from other Android devices available on the market today. I wrote the early impressions article here on Retro Dodo and I said that it was a device we just had to […]

Playdate Update Includes New Online Store And Price Increase

Playdate Update

Panic, the makers of the Playdate handheld console (yeah, the one with the crank), held an interesting update presentation today. This presentation covered a wide range of Playdate topics, but had a big focus on new games. Which is obviously the most exciting news that any Playdate owner can look forward to. Well, if you […]

Samsung Flex Handheld Concept Hopes To Compete With Razer

samsung flex gaming handheld

A new Android gaming device prototype was present at the CES 2023 event last month, and we are just now learning about it! It would seem that Samsung is looking to get into the handheld Android gaming market with Samsung Flex Gaming. The Samsung handheld was revealed in a Youtube Short from user Fechu from […]

10 Best Android Gaming Handhelds Of 2024 [All Reviewed]

best android handhelds

As you may have noticed, the crew here at Retro Dodo are quite the fans of retro gaming consoles. It’s kind of our bread and butter. It’s a big part of our brand. And generally speaking, most of the best retro handheld game consoles in the last two or three years have been Linux based […]

ODROID GO Advance Review – Great Performance, Terrible UX


If you’re the kind of person that likes to know their retro handhelds inside out, then the ODROID GO Advance should be at the very top of your wish list. For many players, gaming simply just isn’t enough. The thrill of putting a console together and working out which wires go where might be daunting […]

Ranking The 25 Best PSP Games For Sony’s Portable Powerhouse

Best PSP Games Of All Time Retro Dodo Featured Image

If you’re looking to get the most out of Sony’s famous portable handheld, then you’ll need a list of the best PSP games from people that have put this console through its paces. And luckily for you, the Retro Dodo team has had this thing glued to our hands for as long as we can […]