Ranking The 25 Best PSP Games For Sony’s Portable Powerhouse

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If you’re looking to get the most out of Sony’s famous portable handheld, then you’ll need a list of the best PSP games from people that have put this console through its paces.

And luckily for you, the Retro Dodo team has had this thing glued to our hands for as long as we can remember.

And while it might not get as much widespread love as the Game Boy, it’s still the 11th best selling console of all time!

Come on, people, we need to show this thing the respect it deserves!

But which are the best PlayStation Portable games to try? And how many are there out there in the first place?

Well, there are 2,456 titles for the PSP to choose from, which makes whittling that number down to just 65 a real challenge!

And, while we haven’t played all of them, we can certainly recommend some of our favourites and get you started with the very best that the PSP has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our top picks below!

1. God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta (2010)

god of war ghosts of sparta

It was a tough call, but the number one spot in this list goes to God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta. 

This game has some of the best post-apocalyptic feels of any game we’ve ever played on a handheld and perfectly incorporates elements of Greek mythology into the mix. 

Control Kratos and the Blades of Athena in this combo combat action-adventure game, battling minotaurs, gorgons, harpies and more. I’ve got chills just thinking about it!

This hack and slash title also features some pretty tricky puzzles that you need to overcome if you are to progress through the levels. 

The bosses are big, the worlds are fantastic, and the gameplay is second to none. Will you unlock the Arms of Sparta and Thera’s Bane, or will the God Of Death overcome Kratos and stop him in his quest? 

If you like your history with a mix of blood-thirsty battles and button-mashing fun, then Ghost Of Sparta should be in your PSP disc collection! 

2. Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker (2010)

metal gear solid peace walker

The top two titles on our list were tough to place, but we had to make a well-rounded decision, and Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker came in a very respectable second. 

Every console has it’s key players; Link for Nintendo, Sonic for Sega, and in my opinion, Solid Snake and his papa Big Boss have always been the PlayStation’s signature characters. 

Sure, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot made their mark, but did they tie a band around their heads and snoop around shooting bad guys like a super smooth mo-fo’s? No, they did not. 

This action-adventure stealth shooter grips you from the very first cut scene and features many of the same features that made MGS4 such an incredible game. 

Search held up soldiers, ‘shoot over shoulder’ camera view, and the ‘crouch walk’ all make a comeback, along with new features and customisable uniforms such as ‘Jungle Fatigue’ and ‘Sneaking Suit’. 

If you ever played Mission Impossible on the N64 but wished it could be more like Goldeneye, then you’ll be all over Peace Walker like a Chuck Norris style rash. The only question is whether you’ll ever be able to put it down once you start playing!

3. Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep (2010)

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep game case cover art

Any game that features manga-style fighting characters and Mickey Mouse is going to rank highly because of its sheer absurdity, which is why Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep takes the Number 3 spot! 

This action RPG differs from other titles of the same ilk due to its hack and slash qualities, making it a great title if you just want to let off a little bit of steam at the end of the day (or when you’re still trying to pretend that your article deadline doesn’t exist – how am I supposed to get anything done if I keep playing all of these games!). 

This game has so many Disney references and locations inside it that you might be forgiven for thinking that you were playing Castle Of Illusion (one of rhe SEGA Game Gear games you definitely need in your collection), and is a great title for anyone who might be new to gaming or a general RPG all-rounder. 

Mickey stars as the ruler of Disney castle and a Keyblade apprentice to the sorcerer Yen Sid. 

Donald and Goofy can be found in this game too, but the main stars are the other three people on the game case above;  Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. 

The story is far too complicated for me to explain in just a short paragraph, but you can expect a mysterious and colourful world made up from your favourite Disney locations such as the 100 Acre Wood, Neverland, and the Mysterious Tower from Fantasia (that place gave me nightmares). 

4. Tekken 6 (2009)

Tekken 6 game case cover art

Every console needs a fighting franchise, but none will ever be as gnarly or as famous as Tekken. 

Bigger stages with hidden areas that you can carry on fighting in are a new feature to Tekken 6, as well as customisable characters and the exciting new Rage system which causes more damage per hit. Just when you thought Tekken couldn’t get any better eh!

All of your favourite characters make a return for Tekken 6, including Yoshimitsu, Bryan Fury, Nina Williams and Raven. 

Tekken will always be one of the best games for the PlayStation Portable for its playability and the fact that it’s so easy to pick up and play. 

Yes, it helps if you know how to do some of the special moves, but I’ve won plenty of battles by mashing any button insight while screaming a victory chant and chewing a sandwich all at the same time. If you’re gonna have a fighting game on a portable console, then make sure its Tekken.

5. Final Fantasy 7 – Crisis Core (2007)

FF7 Crisis Core cover art

Yes, Final Fantasy 7 – Crisis Core for the PSP is one of the greatest titles that we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing, and having such a well-known name and the accompanying rich and exciting fantasy realm that goes with it in the palm of your hands is something else entirely!

Crisis Core married role-playing features that we know and love from previous FF titles with real-time combat in open-world areas, usually kicking monster butt and generally being a boss with big weapons and magical abilities. What’s not to love. 

Join SOLDIER’s very own Zack Fair as he makes his way through the Final Fantasy universe in search of fellow missing SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos while helping the Shinra war effort. 

It’s a lot for one guy to take on, but you can gain help from other characters throughout the game and obtain Materia to upgrade abilities as you progress. 

This game is set seven years before FF7 and ends just before the start of said game. It sold well over 3 million copies and has secured itself as one of the most sought-after titles for the PSP. I can’t describe how amazing this title is; just buy a copy, because you have to play it for yourself to believe it!

6. Castlevania – The Dracula X Chronicles (2007)

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

I was hooked on Castlevania when I bought it for my classic GameBoy, but having a colour version with kick-ass monsters and far richer environments to wander through trumps my old two-tone version every time! 

Castlevania is one of those gaming titles that have and always will withstand the test of time, and Castlevania – The Dracula X Chronicles provides gamers with a solid adventure title in a world where nothing is as it seems. 

The Dracula X Chronicles is a 2.5D remake of the classic title ‘Rondo of Blood’, where the player moves the one-and-only Richter Belmont through dungeons and grimy castle scenes in search of his beloved Annette. 

Extra games can be unlocked as you progress through the story, but will you succeed in fulfiling the job that the Belmont Clan have set out to accomplish – killing the eternally powerful Dracula, who has a habit of resurrecting every time there’s a new Castlevania game. 

It’s a gripping title from start to finish and one that definitely needs to be in every PSP owner’s arsenal.

7. Secret Agent Clank (2008)

Secret Agent Clank psp

James Bond meets inspector gadget in the next title on our list, and it’s another game that features a member of a famous duo going solo! If you’re into games like Banjo Kazooie and, of course, Ratchet and Clank, then you’ll be right at home with Secret Agent Clank.

This game combines all of the features and gameplay that you loved from the R&C universe. It might be a spin-off, but it’s jam-packed full of familiar faces that you will encounter as the game goes on.

Whereas before when Ratchet was the main playable character and Clank was used to solve puzzles, our robotic secret agent friend now has the limelight and can be moved freely in an adventure of his own.

His tuxedo has a number of secret gadgets (just like our very own Mr Bond), that Clank can use on his quest, and rhythmic sections where the player has to press a series of buttons to sneak past enemies will test even the most advanced gamers skills.

You can also play as Ratchet and Captain Qwark, and the Gadgebots also make an appearance – looks like the whole gang is back together!

8. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories (2006)

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories psp

What is better than stealing cars, shooting bad guys, and generally being a bad-ass gangster while sitting on your sofa at home? 

Doing all of the above on a bus, in the park, or on a plane; that’s what! Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories takes all of the best bits that we love from the console classic version and enhances them in a way that just shouldn’t be physically possible for such a small and technologically limited console like the PSP. 

That’s not me being unkind; this console shouldn’t be able to do some of the things that it does, and one of them is to make games like Vice City Stories look so damn good and have so many smooth and well mapped out features. 

Playing this game is an absolute joy, and I’m very pleased that the Retro Dodo team all agreed on its inclusion in this list. 

Vice City Stories is the tenth game in the GTA series and one of the last to use famous voices for its main characters. 

This prequel to Vice City sees Gary Busey, Luis Guzmán, Philip Michael Thomas, and Danny Trejo reprise their roles from previous games for the very last time, making it a must-have for any nostalgic gamers who hold onto the past with a vice-like grip (see what I did there?).

Vice City Stories really shows what the PSP is capable of and is a feat of engineering for this tiny portable console.

9. Syphon Filter – Logan’s Shadow (2007)

syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow game case

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow is up next. This is the last title in the Syphon Filter series, and it both plays and looks like a home console title. 

Sony has brought a lot of stealth-shooters to its various consoles over the years, and Syphon Filter was always one of my favourites. Enemies react realistically to gunfire too, providing users with a much more immersive adventure. 

Players control Gabe Logan as they work their way through this third-person title. With new game mechanics such as improved strafing and blind firing around corners, it’s certainly one of the most advanced Syphon Filter games and one to end the series on a high!

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty or Splinter Cell, then Logan’s Shadow is definitely the game for you. Critics loved it back in the day, and we’re confident that you’ll find it hard to put down from the moment that you switch it on!

10. Valkyria Chronicles II (2010)

Valkyria Chronicles 2 game case cover art

Sega rarely disappoints when it comes to games, and Valkyria Chronicles II is no exception. Gamers everywhere felt a sense of panic when the PS3 sequel was announced for the PSP, but they needn’t have worried. 

This game stays true to the series and carries on from where Valkyria Chronicles left off perfectly. Set in 1939 E.C and two years after the second European War, this title revolves around a group of cadets from a military academy and their mission to prevent a bunch of rebels from carrying out a terrible ethnic cleansing plot. 

V.C II is a little like the love child of Time Crisis and Final Fantasy combined. Shooting alone won’t get you to the end of the level; it takes cunning and planning to get through each of the levels unscathed. 

All five classes and the original BLiTZ combat system feature from the original game, as well as new never-before-seen classes and abilities that you can discover as you progress through the game. 

If you like the sound of a turn-based shoot-em-up that requires teamwork and a mind for strategy, then give Valkyria Chronicles II a bash!

11. Call of Duty: Roads to Victory (2007)

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory psp

Based on COD3, Call of Duty: Roads to Victory is basically a watered down version of the console title, with many of the same maps but different objectives and changes to make play on a smaller console easier and smoother.

Still, there’s still plenty of Nazi-hunting, rocket-firing, sniper-rifle action for players to sink their teeth into; it’s still COD game, after all!

Players move through different missions playing as different Allied forces, choosing from Canadian, British, and American troops.

Take over bunkers, find out where secret documents are hidden, and rid France of Nazi forces as you gun back enemies from every direction.

The PSP might be small, but the multiplayer on this game is also incredibly mighty. Play with up to 6 people through different modes including deathmatch and everyone’s favourite multiplayer war game – capture the flag!

12. Resistance: Retribution (2009)

Resistance: Retribution psp

Up next on our list of the best PSP games is Resistance: Retribution, a portable adventure from the Resistance timeline that falls in between ‘Fall of Man’ and Resistance 2.

For starters, let’s talk about that epic online multiplayer! Up to 8 people could battle it out online using some of the best weapons known to gaming-kind, stealthily moving through trenches and battling it out on dark and shady-looking maps.

The multiplayer servers are now sadly offline, but players can still enjoy the epic story mode in this game.

Resistance: Retribution was one of the first titles that I used to connect my PSP up to my PS3 too! With Resistance 2 in the disc tray, gamers could fire up Retribution and play it using the PS3 controller. The DualShock rumble worked perfectly too!

There was also a feature where you could ‘infect your PSP’ and get a brand new storyline to play through. It’s hidden features like this that make Resistance: Retribution an essential title in your collection.

13. Tekken: Dark Resurrection (2006)

tekken dark resurrection psp
image credit: sony

Dark Resurrection is an update to the Tekken 5 home console title and follows the same story. Still, it doesn’t matter that it’s not a new title; playing Tekken on the go is awesome no matter what the storyline is.

Compete to earn the rankings of Dark Lord and Divine Fist by battling against an epic roster of fighters. The Arcade Mode from Tekken 5 has been updated with 12 new rankings to achieve, which is great for killing time on a long train journey or summer days under your favourite tree in the park.

As well as customisable player options, the PSP version also came with a mode called Tekken Dojo. Gamers fight against ghosts of other fighters, a little like a time trial on Mario Kart.

This game even came with a PSP D-pad attachment in some regions, though sadly not in Europe.

14. Daxter (2006)

daxter psp

Every console has an epic duo; Banjo & Kazooie, Sonic & Tails, Yooka & Laylee, and of course, Jak & Daxter. If you’re a fan of the previous Jak & Daxter games, then this title is a must-have for your collection and one that you can’t live another second without!

Some of what follows might be a little confusing if you’ve never stepped into their world before, which means you should probably go back and rethink your life and drag out your PlayStation immediately!

This time Daxter is going solo and working his way through the game as a bug exterminator while searching for his buddy, Jak.

The game also features ‘Gex – Enter The Gecko’ like scenes and levels where you step into a world inspired by a movie.

Enter The Matrix, Fellowship Of The Ring, and Raiders Of The Lost Ark all feature as unlockable levels where Daxter can show off his Hollywood skills before going on to defeat Kaedon and the Krimson Guard.

It’s a great game for players who like a good story to follow and a title that more than deserves to be in this list!

15. Gran Turismo (2009)

gran turismo psp

Throwing bananas and blasting drivers with shells isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes you just need to put the pedal to the metal and burn some rubber around a track with other hardcore drivers, and that’s where Gran Turismo comes in.

I’m not gonna lie; GT is a gaming institution. I’ve spent so many hours flying around these tracks that I could probably do them in my sleep (I’d still be just as bad though!).

The PSP graphics are pretty nice to look at too, and all of the map and speed info is perfectly positioned so it doesn’t impede your view of the road ahead.

If you’re a driver that likes a lot of choices when you step into your garage, then you’ll be very happy with the 800 cars that you can choose from in Gran Turismo PSP.

If you take each car around one of the 35 tracks that are on offer you’ll have 28’000 different racing experiences – if that’s not value for money, then I don’t know what is.

Add customisation, multiplayer modes, and super-slick graphics and gameplay that should belong to a much bigger console, and you’ve suddenly got one of the best PlayStation Portable games of all time in your hands!

16. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (2006)

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops psp

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops brings more portable action to the world of MGS.

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a handheld game rather than a console title. It’s MGS through and through, with all of the sneaking and stealthy action that you’ve come to love from the series.

It follows on from the events of Snake Eater, so much so that close quarters combat also makes an appearance.

Handheld gaming has a strong ‘pick up and play’ ethos about it, and Portable Ops lends itself to that perfectly by having small mission segments that can be completed on the go.

Some will be over super quickly, meaning if you have a spare 5 minutes between meetings or just need to take a break from work, you can complete an area and save, knowing that you can always come back to get more items or search more areas later on.

Take four soldiers out into the field at a time (controlling only one) and make use of special abilities that will help you with everything from gathering items to keeping up a stealthy presence while hunting down your main objective.

17. Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters (2007)

Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters psp

Up next is Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, a portable outing for two of Sony’s most-loved characters.

They might claim that size matters, but this portable powerhouse is an absolute belter of a game, proving that handheld titles can be just as exciting as their home console counterparts.

Once again, the PSP provides stunning graphics. And despite being interupted from their holidays, Ratchet and Clank set about rescuing a captured girl and dealing with the Technomites with a smile on their faces.

Ok, maybe not a smile, but they don’t complain while they’re doing it!

Upgrade weapons, acquire armour, and work your way through tonnes of exciting levels alongside lots of memorable characters that never fail to pull you back into the game time and time again.

Size Matters gained the accolade of handheld of the month back in 2007 with critics loving the pint-sized adventure and some of the new features it boasted. I love Ratchet and Clank, and the formula that make this series great has proven successful once again!

18. LittleBigPlanet (2009)

LittleBigPlanet psp

I have still yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like LittleBigPlanet. An immersive adventure featuring a voiceover from Stephen Fry; what’s not to love!

Sackboy is an unlikely video game protagonist, but this brand new adventure made solely for the PSP has lots of great features that make ‘ol Sacklad a front runner for the PSP mascot!

If you’ve played the PS3 version of this game, then the mechanics are very similar. This version is actually a sequel to the original Little Big Planet and sees Sackboy taking a trip around the world on his holidays.

From Persia to Australia, and the Alpine Mountains to China, Sackboy meets different native characters from each of the countries he visits who help him on his many adventures.

There are 23 main levels and 14 exciting mini levels to play through as Sackboy collects prize bubbles containing everything from stickers to new costumes.

One of the best parts of this game was the level creator, where players could make their own levels for Sackboy to traverse through. Gamers could upload these for other users to play all over the globe, but sadly, the Little Big Planet servers closes forever in 2016.

19. Burnout Legends (2005)

Burnout Legends psp

I’ve always loved Burnout games for their huge crashes and great car selection, and Burnout Legends brings all of the best bits of the franchise to Sony’s Portable icon.

Legends is essentially a mash-up of the first three Burnout games. It’s very similar to Burnout 3: Takedown, though everything has obviously been scaled down for the PSP.

All of the modes from the previous games feature in Legends including World Tour, Eliminator, and Face-Off, the latter giving users the chance to win legendary cars.

The best modes, however, have to be Road Rage and Pursuit. Road Rage requires players to drive badly, earning points for causing other cars to crash, while Pursuit sees gamers taking control of a cop car as they take down drivers.

There are 95 cars to unlock and race with in Burnout Legends, all of which are from Burnout 2 and 3.

The PSP does have an exclusive feature where players can ‘bet’ their collector car against another player online in order to try and collect all five unique cars. If you lose, however, then you lose your collector car!

20. Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (2005)

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects psp

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects is up next, bringing classic Marvel heroes and villains up against a horde of new characters.

In many ways, this feels and plays like a Marvel version of Super Smash Bros. mixed with Mortal Kombat, boasting fatality moves and button-mashing attacks galore.

Players can control Venom, Iron Man, Wolverine, and many more famous faces, with action taking inspiration from a mini comic series that came back in 2005.

If you’re a marvel fan that likes the idea of little known characters that are a part of the wider MCU who only appeared in one game, then this is definitely worth a shot.

In all fairness, and considering this game didn’t get a good review back in the day, it’s actually fun to play through. If you like beat-em-ups, then fill ‘yer boots!

21. Wipeout Pure (2005)

wipeout pure psp

Next up is a futuristic racing game that fans of the F-Zero franchise won’t be able to get enough of.

Wipeout Pure isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s high-octane racing that makes Mario Kart look like pushing a stroller through the park.

If you love racing games but think that the wheels get in the way, then Wipeout Pure should be on your list. Anti-gravity racing in space with courses that make you close your eyes as you go around corners…

… what could possibly go wrong!

The only thing that could make this game any better is adding intense futuristic weapons into the mix.

Good news; there are tonnes of them!

Playing our mates in Retro Dodo Towers via WiFi multiplayer is always a massive laugh. Pure is one of the most unpredictable games going; with speeds like these, the outcome of the race is anyones guess!

And the music; nothing gets you pumped like breakneck acceleration with banging tunes blasting into your headphones!

22. Worms: Open Warfare 2 (2007)

worms 2 open warfare psp

Ok, so if you’ve played the first Worms: Open Warfare game, then you’ll probably already know what to expect here. Destroy the other team just like in every Worms game, but there’s way more maps and weapons than the last title.

And while you can play on your own and have a blast, this game was always way more fun via multiplayer. Destroying Worms is always better when you’re wiping your mates off the map!

The single player mode has a lot to offer, from Puzzle and Time Attack modes through to the iconic strategic gameplay that we know and love from the series.

The customisation options have stepped up a notch too; players can customise flags, edit maps, pick a victory dance, and much much more.

I’m going to say it – I prefer the PSP Version over the DS. It might not have the minigame lab, but I just prefer playing it on that epic screen and using the PSPs controls!

23. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (2011)

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy psp

Let’s take a look at the next RPG on our list of the best PSP games, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy!

Many gamers actually pronounce the 12 as Duodecim, which seems a lot cooler than sticking a 012 in the title.

The number 12 does play a big part in this game however, with the plot focusing on the 12th war between Cosmos and Chaos.

Oh yeah; we’re getting straight into the nerdy goodness straight away here folks!

In pretty much every way, this game is similar to the original Dissidia Final Fantasy. It features map-based combat where two characters battle it out to see who is victorious.

Pull off bravery attacks and steal bravery points from players too chicken to beat you. It’s basically bullying other characters using swords and powers…

The main change from the first game is the single player gameplay. Players now take characters through a game world reminiscent of the other Final Fantasy titles, exploring every inch of the map and taking part in random events along the way.

That’s the best bit about FF games, after all. Losing yourself in a dark and dingy dungeon with your mates at your back is why we live for these games!

24. Lumines (2004)

lumines puzzle fusion

It’s rare that puzzle games make it into lists of the best games for a console, let alone puzzle games that launched with the console itself, but Lumines has passed the test of time and proven its worth with gaming fans across the globe.

If you’re a fan of puzzlers such as Tetris, Zoocube, and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, then this psychedelic brain-teaser will be right up your street.

Lumines is perfect if you like your titles to test your mental wit.

Block matching gameplay twinned with sound and light patterns make for a visual feast for the senses, and with new backgrounds and landscapes to discover as you progress through the game, it constantly evolves and stays fresh for the player.

The chances of you owning this game already if you’re a PSP user are pretty high, but if you haven’t had the pleasure of playing Luminess before, then get a copy and give it a go.

Fifteen years on and it’s still one of the most well thought out and best games for the console!

25. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (2009)

GTA Chinatown wars
Credit: Sony/Rockstar Games

It might surprise some of you that I’ve put Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars so low down in this list. The truth is that while I’m a fan of the series as a whole, I just loved and played the other titles higher up this lit a lot more.

Having said that, this original story in the GTA canon brings all the open-world skulduggery that we love to the PSP with real style.

As always, anything is possible and highly probably in this game. Players take to the streets to survive amongst Triad wars while getting caught up with every type of crime and corruption imaginable.

In a step away from the traditional GTA feel, Chinatown Wars portrays all the action from above instead of behind the character.

The PSP port does away with the cel shaded graphics used on the DS and looks less like an interactive comic book, however, bringing it back in line with other titles from the series.

Set fire to everything, drive every car dangerously, and live like an absolute bawler on the mean streets of Chinatown!

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