Samsung Flex Handheld Concept Hopes To Compete With Razer

samsung flex gaming handheld

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A new Android gaming device prototype was present at the CES 2023 event last month, and we are just now learning about it!

It would seem that Samsung is looking to get into the handheld Android gaming market with Samsung Flex Gaming.

The Samsung handheld was revealed in a Youtube Short from user Fechu from Argentina, who reviews tech and games.

He was present at the CES event in Las Vegas, and captured the prototype device to share with his followers.

This is the first we are seeing of the new Samsung gaming handheld prototype. We are surprised nobody else shared this in January!

In the 20 second clip, we see a female staff member demonstrating the folding screen of the tablet-like device and a fitted controller peripheral.

The screen looped a video of a racing game, but it was not actually being played.

Also, the person holding the device had a heck of a time pretending to play it, am I right?

Samsung Flex

This Android gaming handheld does appear to be a tablet-like device in a custom controller peripheral, much like the new Razer Edge.

However, the controller does seem to be much more attached, especially when you see the screen folded down. So it’s possible that this is a single unit.

But I kind of doubt they would create a device like this that was 100% dedicated to gaming without the option to remove the controller. Tough to say from what we see.

Samsung Flex Gaming
Image Source: Youtube User Fechu

When I saw “Flex Gaming” on the kiosk, I checked to see if Samsung had a cell phone or tablet called the “Flex”.

Samsung does not have an existing cell phone or tablet by that name, but they do have the “Flip” and “Fold” phones. And these folding displays seem to be a big focus for them right now.

They have recently shown off another new device, the “Samsung Flex Hybrid”, which is a large folding tablet with some unique moving parts.

It is clear that Samsung loves their folding screen devices and want to expand that family. Android gaming seems to be their next endeavor.

Early Impressions

With the popularity of Android gaming, and companies like Razer throwing their hat in the handheld gaming market, it’s no surprise to see other phone makers giving it a try.

And really, we can’t be too mad at the attempt. Samsung has been pushing the boundaries with cell phones and tablets, especially with these folding screens.

It is kind of fun to see the possibilities in our niche using that kind of technology.

That being said; I don’t love what I’m seeing.

It’s not the best looking device in 2023. In fact, it looks a bit dated.

And those buttons look horrific, if we’re being brutally honest.

The one and only interesting part about the device is the tablet/screen.

But again, we know it’s a prototype. A bad prototype. But very early.

If there were some interest in pursuing this as a product to bring to market, it will surely see massive changes in the design before that ever happens.

This handheld is in very very early stages of its possible life, so it’s not even fair to judge it too much yet.

But it’s safe to say that in 2023 we will probably be seeing many more cell phone companies trying to get a piece of the gaming market. And Samsung might be next in line.

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