Retro Gamers Talk – More PSP Rumours Circulate About New Handheld With PS4 Title Lineup

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You know the Retro Dodo team well enough by now; if there’s a whisper of a new handheld, our nerd senses start tingling and we get incredibly excited. Rumours are what keep the gaming scene alive, after all, but sometimes, like the myths that Graham Hancock delves into in Netflix’s awesome show Ancient Apocalypse, some of them end up having some truth to them.

We already know that rumours have been surfacing and doing the rounds about a new PSP handheld for a while now. Remember when I wrote about Moore’s Law Is Dead claiming that a new AMD APU would be powering the new handheld for playing PS4 games while out and about? The rumour was taken pretty seriously by Wccftech (that first bit stands for ‘where consumers come first’), and the internet began to sit up and take notice.

Now another rumour has dropped from a leaker who has previously successfully mined correct information about Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding. The Metro describes Anton Logvinov as a Russian insider for the gaming world, which I imagine is an accolade he’s incredibly excited about. According to a post made by Logvinov in Russian on ResetEra, ‘there are only PS4 games in the launch lineup, which are generally available on PC, and therefore on SteamDeck.’

Dreaming Of Non-Streaming

Playstation Portal
Image Source: Sony

Our main gripe with the PS Portal is that it only works with streaming, and when it does work, it’s pretty laggy. It’s the same view that so many of you have, which is why I see tonnes of them in the window of my local CEX when I walk past on the way home.

Logvinov’s post claims that we’re now going to have a device that can play games like the Steam Deck, downloadable content that we don’t need to be online to play. This notion could be further backed up by a job listing for Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan. The company is looking for someone to work on a ‘large number of game titles developed for PlayStation to run on a new architecture system’. Does that refer to a new handheld, perhaps, or could it be in relation to the PS2 emulator we think is heading to the PS5, or the upcoming PS6?

Obviously, all of this is conjecture and we don’t have any information about a release date or images of a new handheld. But you’ve got to admit, it’s all pretty exciting stuff! If Logvinov is correct, as he has been before, then we could be in for a real treat very soon. As always, keep heading back to Retro Dodo for the latest news, rumours, and our personal wishlists for all things Sony handheld-related over the coming months!

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