Analogue Pocket: Classic Limited Edition Announced

Analogue Pocket: Classic

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Analogue has unveiled yet another special edition series for their insanely popular FPGA device – the new Analogue Pocket: Classic.

And I guess I only have one question for the people over at Analogue: ” ‘chu doin’?

Analogue broke the news over on Twitter with an image showing a spectrum of the device in eight new colors.

Obviously, we’re excited. But we’re also starting to notice a trend with the limited edition drops and capitalizing on the fear of missing out.

Let’s reluctantly take a look at the new drop and see where our hard earned money will be going soon…

Analogue Pocket: Classic Limited Edition

Image Source: Analogue

Pure eye bleeding color.

– Analogue

The new Analogue Pocket: Classic Limited Editions will come in red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, indigo and silver.

Each more beautiful than the last; something we have no concern with from Analogue, as their products are at the pinnacle of quality.

They are modeled specifically after classic Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Advance colorways, which is something I know a little bit about.

These new colors are coming in hot on the heels of the glow in the dark Pocket at the end of August and the transparent color Pockets which dropped at the end of September.

If you’re keeping score, that’s three Limited Edition drops in three consecutive months.

The manufacturer has confirmed that the new handhelds will be in ‘highly limited quantities‘, which kind of goes without saying for Analogue.

Analogue Pocket: Classic
Image Source: Analogue

Inside those gorgeous new shells are the same hardware that we’ve seen since the original Pocket model.

That’s a stunning 3.5 inch LCD panel at 1600×1440 resolution in a perfect 10×9 format best suited for Game Boy.

It plays original game cartridges for Game Boy and Game Boy Advance (more with adapters). And it also can emulate using ROMs thanks to the second FPGA chip and the micro SD card slot.

It’s one of the most beautiful handheld devices you’ll ever get your hands on, no doubt about it.

We absolutely love the Analogue Pocket. We are just quite frustrated at the current rate of limited drops. But surely we do not have to elaborate on that.

Release Information

Analogue Pocket: Classic
Image Source: Analogue

Fans eager to get their hands on these beautiful looking machines won’t have too wait long.

Pre-orders are set to go live November 17th at 8am PST, with fulfillment expected three days later on the November 20th.

Each new colorway will retail for $249.99usd each and limited to 2 per order.

From recent experience, we do know that Analogue has been able to keep up with their orders and deliver on time. Which is nice.

We just wish we weren’t playing this cruel game of limited numbers, fear of missing out, oops they are gone, etc.

This is the third time we’ve done this, so you guys know the deal – we absolutely love the Pocket. We absolutely hate limited quantities. But no matter how many times we say we won’t bite, here we are again… credit card in hand.

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