10 Most Valuable McDonald’s Toys Of All Time

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If you remember the excitement of opening up a Happy Meal and getting the toy inside, then check out this list of the most valuable McDonald’s Toys of all time!

That’s right, you’re about to discover how you should have kept all your old Happy Meal toys instead of throwing them away!

From burger Transformers through to the Disney movie tie-ins, you’re going to discover which McDonald’s toys are worth the most at auction sites while taking a trip down memory lane at the same time!

And if you’re in the mood for more nostalgic toy trips, then check out our best 80s toys and 90s toys of all time!

1. Tarzan 1999 McDonald’s Happy Meal Complete Set – $450

Tarzan 1999 McDonald's Happy Meal Complete Set
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

The most valuable McDonald’s toys of all time are part of the Tarzan 1999 McDonalds Happy Meal Complete Set.

Tarzan was an incredible Disney movie. All of the characters appeared as part of a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy campaign, and now they’re worth some serious dough.

If you have the complete set in great condition, then you could be looking at a price tag of around $450!

That’s crazy considering the price of a Happy Meal back in the late ’90s was just a couple of dollars!

2. Vintage 1986 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets – $210

Vintage 1986 McDonald's Halloween Buckets
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

Yes, you read that right. These Vintage 1986 McDonald’s Halloween Buckets sell for upwards of $210 for the complete set.

I don’t think I’d want to leave these on my doorstep in case somebody stole them!

Each bearing a different spooky face in traditional Halloween ghostly white, witchy green and pumpkin orange, they help to bring ghoulish fun to every Halloween party.

Just don’t let someone walk off with one; they can have the chocolate, but the buckets stay with you!

3. McDonald’s 2001 LEGO Bionicle Set – $209

McDonald's 2001 LEGO Bionicle Set
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

Next up in our most valuable McDonald’s toys list is the super-popular McDonalds 2001 Lego Bionicle Set.

Complete with their own individual disc and bringing a toned-down likeness of the original Bionicle characters, these little figurines are super exciting.

They make me feel like a kid again, although that’s not a hard job considering I spend every day writing about toys and games from my childhood.

4. 101 Dalmatians 1996 Official Happy Meal Collector Set – $200

101 Dalmatians 1996 Official Happy Meal Collector Set
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

If you have a cool $200 burning a hole in your pocket, then why not spend it on this 101 Dalmatians 1996 Official Happy Meal Collector Set.

Complete with a box that’s lined with a kind of velvet material (let’s face it, it’s not real), this collectors box is a lovely keepsake.

With a little box for each Dalmatian character, you can keep your four-legged friends safe and sound no matter where you go.

5. One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – $149

One Piece McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

Gaming fans will have already perked up at this one. If you’re a lover of the best WonderSwan games, then these One Piece McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys will be right up your street!

One Piece characters have since spread from the WonderSwan, but I never guessed that they would end up in McDonald’s stores.

Though, I guess the most valuable McDonald’s Pokémon cards should have told me otherwise!

All the gang are here so grab your favourite fighter or collect the whole team!

6. Astrosniks Happy Meal Toys – $149

Astrosniks Happy Meal Toys
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

There’s something about these Astrosniks Happy Meal Toys that makes me smile every single time.

Looking a little like a cross between the Clangers and the crocodiles from the Nutella jars, these characters are so unique and interesting.

And, more importantly, they all have their own funny little personalities.

7. 1982 McDonald’s Dukes Of Hazzard General Lee – $175

1982 McDonald's Dukes Of Hazzard General Lee
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

One of the most iconic cars of all time also made it’s way into the McDonald’s toy form in the early 80s. This 1982 McDonald’s Dukes of Hazzard General Lee was a huge win for the company and still fetches a pretty penny today.

Seriously, imagine pulling this out of your Happy Meal box! And then imagine selling it on again for $175 in 2024!

This would make a great piece for your desk or workspace, a reminder of one of the greatest TV shows of all time as well as being one of the best cars in the business!

8. 1992 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys McNugget Buddies Halloween – $129

1992 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys McNugget Buddies Halloween
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

Fancy adding a McNugget dressed as a character to your collection? Well, these 1992 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys McNugget Buddies Halloween toys should do the trick!

Nuggets dressed up in Halloween gear… this is everything you never knew you needed and more!

Choose from Ronald McDonald, a dragon, a scientist, and many more in this extensive collection.

A collection that might set you back $129 in great condition. I wish I’d held onto more Happy Meal toys now!

9. 1990’s Furby Keychain Toys – $127

1990's Furby Keychain Toys
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

Next up on our list of the most valuable McDonald’s toys of all time are some very recognisable faces indeed – 1990’s Furby Keychain Toys!

These Tiger Electronics Furby keychains were all the rage back in the 90s, and now you can either buy or sell your collection for upwards of $127!

Or, you could be the ultimate retro warrior and keep one on your keychain at all times.

Just don’t get scared when it randomly goes off in your pocket!

10. McDonald’s Changeables Transformers – $112

McDonald's Changeables Transformers
image credit: mcdonald’s/ebay

Sitting in the tenth spot on our list of the most valuable McDonald’s toys of all time are these dino-licious McDonald’s Changeables Transformers toys!

What at first look like unsuspecting burgers, fries, and cartons, are actually dinosaurs in disguise.

Yep; just unfold each of the food items and voila! Inside each toy is a dinosaur head, arms, and feet just waiting to pop out.

Ok, so they’re not as cool as Optimus Prime and the gang, but they’re still a bit of fun and a cool piece of McDonalds memorabilia!

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