How To Beat Belome In Super Mario RPG (The Easy Way)

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You’ve made it to the end of the sewers but now you have to beat Belome In Super Mario RPG! We’re here to show you the easy way to beat this gross devil dog!

By this point in the story, you would have caught up with Croco and retrieved Mallow’s coin, defeated Claymorton and conquered how to drain the sewer in Kero Sewer. Those are some great achievements for any adventurer but your next challenge in Super Mario RPG is no pushover.

Once the water level has been dropped in the sewer you’ll need to find and defeat the next boss, Belome, before progressing further into Mario’s epic quest.

Follow our guide for how to beat Belome In Super Mario RPG the easy way and escape the sewers as Mario and Mallow.

How To Find Belome

With the sewer drained, jump back into the green pipe that you used to arrive in the room with the drain switch.

Super Mario RPG - Mario on a pipe

You’ll reappear next to the Funk Rat enemies you fought/avoided earlier and will need to either battle them again or jump over them to reach the floor in the now waterless chamber. Head towards the bottom left corner of the chamber to discover a newly accessible green pipe.

Super Mario RPG - Mario going down a pipe

Riding this pipe will deposit you in new area with a few Boo enemies, a save block and, most importantly, the pipe to Belome. Grab the mushroom from the chest, make a save if you want to and jump into the pipe at the right hand side of the chamber and get ready to beat Belome In Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG - Mario fighting boos

How To Beat Belome

Super Mario RPG - meeting Belome

To start with, take a second to enjoy Belome’s incredible Boss Theme – it’s a banger!

Musical advice out of the way, Belome is probably the toughest opponent you will have faced at this point in the campaign, but fret not as we’re here to tell you how to beat Belome and send him off to lick his wounds with his fire hose of a tongue!

Super Mario RPG - fighting Belome, lightening on the level

Just like Claymorton, Belome is vulnerable to lightning so prioritise Mallow’s Thunderbolt attacks to deal heavy damage to Belome from the start of the fight. Mario’s Fireball ability, even when executed perfectly isn’t as effective as his standard attack in this fight so save your FP for another time.

Belome will retaliate with a lick attack, coming at you like Gene Simmons eating an ice cream on a hot summer day. Use your action command to negate the attack if you can but don’t sweat it if you miss the timing this time.

Super Mario RPG - Belome licking Mallow

Belome may also spit out some unblockable ‘Sleep Sauce’. This nasty pink goo will incapacity one of your party members until they take a hit or they wake up naturally. This is probably the move that will hamper you the most when you try to beat Belome In Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG - Belome attacking

Scarecrow Surprise

Another tricky move from Belome may turn Mario into a scarecrow. Don’t panic if this happens as you’ll still be able to use abilities or take a defensive stance. Breathe a sigh of relief if Belome targets Mallow with this attack as the little, fluffy one is immune to being turned into straw.

Super Mario RPG - Belome turning Mario into a scarecrow

As if licking you wasn’t bad enough, Belome can swallow any of your party members whole! You’ll need to continue the fight solo until Belome coughs up your missing comrade but this will usually only take a round or two.

Super Mario RPG - Belome about to swallow Mallow

Just keep up the tempo with Mallow’s Thunderbolt attacks while using mushrooms to heal when necessary. Be sure to keep Mallow topped up with FP so he can continue hitting Belome with lightning bolts too.

Down Boy!

Before long, Belome will concede defeat but warn our heroes that he was the only one preventing a flood of water in the sewers.

Super Mario RPG - Belome with its tongue out

Belome will vanish, leaving Mario and Mallow to discover if the big, yellow pup was telling the truth or not! Whatever the outcome, you can celebrate knowing you’ve been able to beat Belome in Super Mario RPG!

Super Mario RPG - Mario and Mallow looking at a switch

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