How To Drain The Sewer In Super Mario RPG (The Easy Way)

A short way through your adventure you’ll be asked to drain the sewer In Super Mario RPG. The sewer is a maze of stone walls and pipework that will baffle most players, so here’s the easiest way to do it.

Croco and Claymorton are both tough bosses to overcome, but the Kero Sewer level can be frustrating and impassible if you don’t know where to go.

You see, the sewer is a confusing labyrinth of rooms connected by pipes, doors and waterways that can leave some players going around in circles if they don’t know the correct route to follow.

Fortunately, we’ve plumbed the depths and done the aimless wandering for you so we can bring you the easiest and most efficient way to drain the sewer in Super Mario RPG and let you get back to enjoying Mario’s grand adventure.

Super Mario RPG gameplay - Kero sewers level

Starting Out In The Sewer

Upon entering Kero Sewers from the World Map, Mallow will speak to you about how to descend into the underground network of grimy gutters. Jump onto the pipe in the clearing and press ‘A’ to head on in.

Don’t forget to hold your nose!

Super Mario RPG gameplay - Mario standing on a pipe

After travelling down the pipe and emerging in the sewer you can make a quick save using the save block or jump into the water to progress deeper down the tunnel.

Super Mario RPG gameplay - S cube with blue star on it

Head to the right side of the first area and you’ll find another pipe. Jump onto the pipe and press ‘A’ to travel to the next area.

Super Mario RPG gameplay on a green pipe near a yellow note

You’ll appear in the second room, surrounded by more stone walls. To continue onwards you must run to the left of this chamber and take the next pipe out of the room, as shown in the screenshot below.

Super Mario RPG on a pipe st the end of the corridor

The Important Bit

The next step towards your goal of trying to drain the sewer is crucial to get right. Taking a wrong turn at this moment will send you on a bewildering odyssey around the sewers. This maze of stone and pipework is enough to make some players want to quit altogether!

Super Mario RPG gameplay with two mice

When you arrive in the third room, you’ll be quite high up in a flooded chamber. From your starting point jump to your right and land on the thin slab next to the archway. A rat enemy will be patrolling back and forth on the next slab down. Either touch the rat to enter combat or jump over the rodent to arrive at the green pipe, as shown below.

Super Mario RPG gameplay - two mice patrolling while mario stands on one of two pipes

Drain The Sewer

Taking this route is the fastest, most efficient way to drain the sewer in Super Mario RPG. You can now climb the stairs in this new room to find the switch guarded by a bunch of Boos.

Super Mario RPG gameplay - Mario by the stairs

You can choose to throw down against the Boos but we recommend jumping on that switch first! Congratulations! You’ve now successfully learned how to drain the sewer in Super Mario RPG and can continue your adventures towards finding the next Star Piece!

Super Mario RPG gameplay - the water has been drained from the sewer with boos

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