How To Retrieve Mallow’s Coin And Beat Croco In Super Mario RPG

Early on in Super Mario RPG, you’ll receive a quest to retrieve Mallow’s coin from the thieving Croco. We’re here to guide you through each step on how to retrieve Mallow’s coin and beating this purple nuisance.

Super Mario RPG released this week and for newcomers to the game or veterans with the tendancy to forget things, we’re bringing you a series of guides to help you through the opening hours of Super Mario RPG’s recently revealed remake.

Shortly after your adventure begins, Mario will meet with the Chancellor inside the Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom.

After speaking with the Chancellor, it’s time to head back outside and continue on with the Super Mario RPG storyline.

The next step in this grand adventure is to meet your new party member and start the quest to retrieve Mallow’s coin.

Tailing Croco

Super Mario RPG - Talking to Mallow

After leaving the Castle, you’ll be introduced to the loveable Mallow with a gorgeous cutscene. Unfortunately for the little, fluffy one, he’s just been robbed by the dastardly Croco. Croco has nicked Mallow’s coin, and of course, Mario, being the heroic sort, agrees to help Mallow get it back.

Once Mallow has joined your party, follow the stone path to the right until you bump into a Toad next to a wooden ‘Welcome’ sign’.

Super Mario RPG - Toads and Croco walking away

Mario will mime his way through the conversation with Toad and get him up to speed on Croco’s exploits. After the conversation with Toad ends, exit the Mushroom Kingdom by continuing down the path to your right.

You will now be back at the world map and a new location will be added to the South of the Mushroom Kingdom called ‘Bandit’s Way’. Head to the new area to start the next step on your quest to retrieve Mallow’s coin.

Super Mario RPG - Level select island

Bandit’s Way

A short scene will play out when you arrive in Bandit’s Way with Croco making yet another swift exit. Progress through the level and enter the optional fights if you want to try and level up. It’s a good idea to participate in the combat here and boost your Action Gauge up to 100%.

You’ll bump into Croco again upon entering the next area. To follow him, you’ll need to jump onto the spinning pink flower and wait for Mario to be facing the rocky platform before jumping off.

Super Mario RPG - Mario jumping

You will now need to jump onto the yellow platforms. Standing on the right most platform will cause the left platform to orbit your position. Once the second platform is in front of you, you can jump onto it to progress to the right of the stage before disembarking onto the rocky hill and heading towards the next zone.

Super Mario RPG - Mario jumping on platforms

Head upwards through the next area, enjoying the battles as you go. You will encounter Croco once more before he dashes away.

Take the time here to use the rotating platforms to get a Super Star that grants you temporary invincibility. Use your immunity to run through all the enemies in the area for some easy Exp. and a chance to level up.

Super Mario RPG - Mario levelling up

Sneaking Up On Croco

Super Mario RPG - sneaking up on croco

You’ll have now arrived in the final area with Croco trapped in a dead end. He’ll conveniently tell you about his plan to hide before Mallow suggests sneaking up on him. You’ll need to sneak up on Croco from behind in order to retrieve Mallow’s coin.

Use the small hills to hide from Croco’s eyeline. Be patient and wait for him to turn away from you before quickly running up behind him.

Super Mario RPG - mario chatting to croco

The first time you catch him he will say that it’ll take you ‘100 more years to catch him’. Successfully repeat this step two more times to progress.

Croco will try to make a run for it after you’ve successfully cornered him, but before he can make his escape, Mallow ambushes him from behind and the battle with Croco will commence.

Super Mario RPG

How To Beat Croco The Easy Way

If you’ve already boosted your Action Gauge up to 100% before entering the battle then use it straight away to get an assist item from Toad.

Super Mario RPG

Croco will begin with basic dash attacks or by lobbing bombs towards a single party member and these shouldn’t cause you too much trouble if you’re quick with your action commands. Use any healing items in your inventory if you health drops too low for comfort.

Mallow’s most effective when using magic so try to prioritise their Thunderbolt ability over using physical attacks. Similarly, Mario’s Fireball ability works wonders against Croco as the thieving reptile is weak against fire.

Select Fireball from the menu and hammer the ‘A’ button to inflict the most damage.

Super Mario RPG

Croco will occasionally use a Weird Mushroom to heal and regain some health but continue with your attacks and healing if you need to and you’ll eventually retrieve Mallow’s coin.

Super Mario RPG

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