theo litston

Theo Litston

I’m Theo Litston and I’m a Content Writer here at Retro Dodo.

I have always celebrated the positive effects of gaming, from developing co-ordination and puzzle solving skills in Tomb Raider, to bringing friends together online during a global pandemic in Mario Kart.

Gaming has offered me escapism and sanctuary when I needed it, told me grand stories and offered me countless hours of fun and enjoyment throughout my life.

Games are good for you, and I want to share that message with the world.


I first fell in love with gaming back in 1991 after speeding through Green Hill Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time. After enjoying the Mega Drive for a number of years, PlayStation cemented my obsession with gaming with games like Crash Bandicoot, Tekken and Metal Gear Solid.

As time’s arrow marched forward, I found myself playing more games across as many systems I could get my hands on.

While other children were frolicking during their summer holidays I would be working in the local pub, picking up skittles for £10 a week so I could afford the next issue of Official PlayStation Magazine or saving up to purchase a used, heavily scratched, Game Boy Advance SP so I could play Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

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I have worked as a freelance Gaming Content Writer & Creator since 2016 when I started creating gaming videos for YouTube. I have written reviews, covered news and produced video content for The Games Cabin and Pure Play TV.

I dabbled in streaming games on Twitch and YouTube before founding JHT, a gaming and entertainment channel in 2022.

My work at JHT included producing and hosting a regular games and movies podcast called ‘Popcorn & Joysticks’, along with creating videos and Let’s Plays with an emphasis on fun and positivity.

I’m now spreading the excitement and love of older games to the Retro Dodo community, writing honest reviews, digging out the latest retro gaming news, curating guides and creating features that demonstrate our passion for games of yesteryear.