How To Beat Claymorton In Super Mario RPG (The Easy Way)

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One of the first bosses you’ll come across in Mario’s remastered adventure is a sentient sword looking to cut you down! Fortunately, we’re here to tell you how to beat Claymorton in Super Mario RPG and blunt his blade before he turns Mario into a shish-kebab!

After your party has travelled through Bandit’s Way to retrieve Mallow’s coin from Croco, you’ll return to the Mushroom Kingdom to find the place swarming with Shymore enemies.

You’ll need to make your way back through the town before climbing the steps to the castle and heading inside. Before you head into the Castle, mosey over to the item shop and stock up on Honey Syrup. You’re gonna need them!

Once you’ve gained entry to the Castle, continue fighting the enemies on your way towards the Throne Room where you previously spoke with the Chancellor Toad.

A cutscene will play out with the Shymore heavies taunting Mario before Claymorton decides to throw down.

Super Mario RPG - Claymorton addressing the shy guys

How To Beat Claymorton The Easy Way

Claymorton brings his henchmen into the fight with him so you’re effectively outnumbered from the start of the battle.

Thankfully, Mallow and his Thunderbolt ability is the key for how to beat Claymorton the easy way, and his cronies won’t pose much of a threat if you follow our guide.

Super Mario RPG - Mario preparing to square up against the Shy guy bodyguards

From the start of the battle, focus all of Mario’s attacks on Claymorton. If you can nab the area of effect damage boost from timing your action commands perfectly you’ll also inflict some damage on the surrounding Shymores although don’t panic if you don’t nail the timing every round.

As previously mentioned, Mallow’s Thunderbolt ability is the key to an easy victory against Claymorton. Unleash Mallow’s special attack when there’s a field of Shymores in your way and you’ll deal enough damage to wipe out all of Claymorton’s bodyguards as well as landing a devasting wallop on Claymorton himself.

Super Mario RPG gameplay - lightening hitting shy guys

Claymorton also happens to be weak against lightning so Thunderbolt should always be your priority during this battle. The lightning effect will also stun Claymorton for a short time, allowing you to get an extra turn in while he recovers.

Keep an eye on Mallow’s Flower Power (FP) and ensure that he’s always juiced up enough to cast Thunderbolt. You may need to delve into your item stash to replenish your FP throughout the fight so make sure you pick up some Honey Syrup from the item shop in the Mushroom Kingdom beforehand.

Super Mario RPG gameplay - Mario choosing honey syrup from his inventory

Claymorton’s Attacks

Claymorton isn’t a complete pushover however and he will occasionally punish you with a variety of his own attacks.

His basic attack sees him pogo across the arena and impale your party members with the end of his sword. This sounds worse than it is and all damage can be negated if you time your action commands correctly.

Super Mario RPG gameplay - Claymorton attacking

Claymorton will occasionally throw a fireball at you. Get ready to time your action command moments before it hits. Be sure to heal if you miss the timing window as the flame can do substantial damage if it hits you.

Super Mario RPG gameplay - Mario preparing to defend against a fireball

With endless ranks of subordinates at his command, Claymorton will summon more bodyguards throughout the fight. Thankfully, continually casting Thunderbolt as Mallow will make short work of his reinforcements.

It’s A Knockout

If you’ve followed our guide on how to beat Claymorton the easy way, then you just need to rinse and repeat the patterns above.

Claymorton’s bodyguards won’t ever have the chance to act as they will be wiped out by Thunderbolt and Mario can consistently wail on Claymorton throughout the battle.

Keep topping up with health and FP items when you need them and Claymorton will be ready for the junk pile!

Super Mario RPG gameplay - Claymorton on the ground

Defeating Claymorton will also reward you with your first Star Piece!

Congratulations, now you know how to beat Claymorton in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG - Mario holding a blue star

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