The 25 Best Games For The SNES Ranked

Donkey Kong Country (left) F-Zero X (Right)

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Asking me to pick the best SNES Games of all time is like asking me what my favourite type of pasta is. The answer normally takes a long time and most people end up drifting off to sleep, but fortunately for you, you can skip out my thinking process.

Some of my best gaming memories are playing on Duck Hunt on the NES using a massive bazooka controller that my Uncle had in his collection. I think that’s where my love of Nintendo consoles first started, and since then I’ve owned every single one that they’ve produced. GameBoys, N64, Wii’s; you name it and I’ve got it.

Seeing Zelda up on the big screen for the first time and trying your hand at Mario Kart all in glorious colour; those memories just don’t go away!

I found it incredibly hard to pick the the greatest SNES games of all time from the vast list of titles in my collection and out there in the world, I’ve tried to whittle it down to 50 for you to look through and reminisce.

1. Donkey Kong Country (1994)

Donkey Kong Country Game Case Cover Art

Shigeru Miyamoto might not have liked the pre-rendered graphics on this game, but Donkey Kong Country will forever be one of the Best SNES Games of all time in my humble opinion. I used to play this game with my cousin all the time, taking it in turns whenever one of us died or lost a life.

Riding Rambi the Rhino and shooting around levels using the barrel cannons was so amazing, and there’s something about a kick-ass fighting squad of apes defeating walking crocodiles that will never stop being awesome.

King K. Rool might not be as well known as Bowser or Ganondorf, but he’s still a tough cookie to crack

I still don’t know why King K. Rool stole all of Donkey Kong’s bananas, but he was messing with the wrong ape when he took those sweet yellow snacks away from Kong’s jungle house.

Players must take the duo through the different levels and collect as many bananas as they can while trying to avoid and/or defeat the minions along the way.

It’s a fast-thinking fast-paced adventure game that I still love playing today, and when I think of the SNES, I always think about Donkey Kong Country and those blasted blasting barrels first.

2. The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past (1991)

The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past Game box

Zelda games are my childhood (and my adulthood if I’m being perfectly honest). Link is one of the greatest characters of all time and just as influential as Mario when it comes to pushing new Nintendo consoles (there’s a reason why the Switch launched with BOTW!).

A Link To The Past sees our green-garbed crusader trying to stop his arch-nemesis Ganon from being released by an evil wizard.

It follows the alternate reality in which the Hero of Time did not succeed, which for all you non-nerds out there means that Ganondorf is trapped in the Sacred Realm with the triforce pieces, but in his beast form, named Ganon.

The Sacred Realm is now the Dark realm and Link is the only one that can save the descendants of the Seven Sages (the ones from Ocarina of time that you don’t technically know about yet) and defeat the wizard, thus saving Hyrule and cleansing the Sacred Realm.

Whether you understood that top bit or not doesn’t matter; the fact is that this is a stellar game and one that everyone needs to play at least once in their lifetime.

It’s the first title where we come into contact with the Master Sword too, and critics believe that this game and Ocarina of Time go hand in hand as two of the most-loved Zelda games in the series.

You can play it on the SNES or try it out on the Nintendo Switch through the online membership. What have you got to lose?

3. Super Metroid (1994)

Super Metroid Game Case Cover Art

Samus Aran couldn’t be more kick-ass if she tried. A space soldier in a robotic suit that uses a plasma cannon to defeat alien monsters; it doesn’t get much better than that!

Samus travels to Zebes to take an infant Metroid creature from the hands of a notorious space pirate named Ridley. If you were still wondering whether this is a good game before the last sentence, then hopefully that will have convinced you that Super Metroid is another one of the greatest Super Nintendo games of all time.

You can fire your plasma cannon in eight different directions as you travel through the different levels, using your grappling hook to swing over canyons and pull objects towards you.

The Morph Ball has always been one of my favourite functions linked to Samus’ suit, especially because you can plant bombs while you’re rolling!

And don’t get me started on the massive enemies and bosses that you come up against; those guys just don’t know how to die! Samus is a space-age heroine of epic proportion, and her games are all highly rated by the global gaming world.

One small leap for space soldiers, one giant leap for Nintendo-kind!

4. Super Mario Kart (1992)

Super Mario Kart Game Case Cover Art

Mario Kart doesn’t really need an introduction, or any write-up to follow it if I’m going to be perfectly honest. But, I have a word count to hit…so…lets…give…it…a…go.

Accelerate, brake, fire weapons, steer, drift. That’s all you need to know to play Mario Kart, which makes it one of the Best Super Nintendo Games for beginners and the most accessible racing game of all time.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tattooed goth who loves Dark Souls or a princely pup who continuously craves Nintendogs, everyone loves Mario Kart, and the SNES version of Rainbow Road still makes me excited whenever I play on it.

Even though the graphics are a little dated now and the players look a little squashed, the gameplay and the racing format that we have come to know and love is exactly the same.

It’s a timeless classic and one that I’m definitely going to be showing to my future kids to let them know where kart racing began.

This game would go on to influence Mario Kart 64, arguably the best title in the series, and many other racing games across all of the other platforms.

5. Street Fighter II – The World Warrior (1991)

Street fighter II Game Case Cover Art

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior tried to destroy me a number of times, but I desperately wanted to become the World Warrior (which I finally did when I was about 16. No biggy).

Fighting as Blanca, Guile, Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim, E. Honda, and the rest of the Street Fighters was like nothing that I had experienced before on a computer game.

To this day, I still don’t know what Blanca’s deal is, and I can’t think about Yoga without seeing Dhalsim’s massive arms. And how hard was the bullfighter dude at the very end of the game! Capcom sure now how to make good punch ’em ups!

The controls are pretty simple if you want to kick and punch your way to victory, but with a plethora of special moves up our heroes’ sleeves (except for Blanca who doesn’t wear sleeves), you can pull out some insane techniques that will make it impossible for your opponent to gain the upper ground.

Each fight follows a ‘best of three’ system and the person with most health will win if no-one defeats their opponent in the last round.

FUN FACT – I was in a band called ‘Hundred Hand Slap’ for a little while. None of us wore Sumo skirts though; we might have been more popular if we did.

6. Star Fox (1993)

starfox snes Game Case Cover Art
Credit: Nintendo

In a world where side-scrolling 2D games reign supreme, one Fox dares to make a difference.

That should have been the title for the advertising slogan, but unfortunately, I was too young to be employed by Nintendo at the time.

Thanks to the Super FX chip (everything is’ Super’ in the Nintendo-verse), the first-ever Star Fox game was a 3D forward scrolling space-age shooter, which was a very nice surprise for Nintendo fans and a kick in the teeth to their competitors.

Star Fox features the one and only Fox McCloud and his space crew; Falco Lombardi (still the best character name ever), Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad. It’s based in the Lylat System, and their mission is to defeat the evil Andross from taking over the galaxy.

I’m a big fan of space-age fighter games, and Star Fox still retains all of the tension and excitement that it did back in the day. Firing torpedos at robots and enemy craft is something I’ll never be able to do in real life, so at least I can get my fix in a virtual way.

Being able to temporarily speed up and slow down to avoid enemies was a very nice touch and, unlike Rogue Squadron where every altercation with a mountain seems to kill you, Fox’s Arwing has a decent shield around it to stop you from becoming a slice of furry burnt toast every time you crash into the world around you.

It’s tricky and it can be stressful at times, but it’s one of the best games that I’ve ever played, so I’m sticking it in the list!

7. Yoshi’s Island (1995)

yoshis island snes Game Case Cover Art
Credit: Nintendo

Yoshi first debuted in Super Mario World, even though he was born in the minds of developers back in the NES days. Thanks to Super Mario World becoming one of the best games of all time and one of the best platformers on the console to boot, Yoshi managed to snag his own title on the console; Yoshi’s Island.

Game critics and players everywhere loved the graphics, the style, the music; everything about this game was a winner.

It’s no surprise with Shigeru Miyamoto behind the wheel really; everything that man touches turns to video gaming gold!

Yoshi is still loved by Nintendo fans all over the world today; my girlfriend always snaps him up when we play Mario Party before I even have a chance to pick him!

The colouring book style setting and scribble drawings in the background add a new texture never before seen in the SNES game world, one that we would go on to see in Yoshi’s Story and feel traces of in Yoshi’s Wooly World.

This side-scrolling game sees you controlling Yoshi as he jumps, flutters, and eats his way through a multitude of worlds, solving puzzles and grabbing collectibles on the go.

You have to get Baby Mario back across all 48 levels and rescue Baby Luigi from the Koopalings, all without losing our little red-capped friend along the way. It’s a brilliant game and on that firmly deserves a place in our list.

8. Super Mario World (1990)

super mario world snes
Credit: Nintendo

Ask anyone who the character is with the red hat and blue overalls, and 99.89% of people will tell you that it’s Mario. He could well be the most famous game character of all time, if not the most famous plumber, and his franchise spans generations.

You have to be a pretty dark and moody gamer not to enjoy hearing that ‘yahoo’ or ‘let’sa go!’ whenever he jumps or enters a level, and the controls in Super Mario World are also so perfectly simple that anyone could pick them up and have a go.

Super Mario World sold an astonishing 20 million copies, making it the winner of the Best Super Nintendo Games of all time accolade (in terms of sales at any rate). The storyline is classic; save Peach from Bowser, but this time you have to save Dinosaur Island at the same time.

What’s more, you can now play as Luigi and use Yoshi to get around too! Things just don’t get better than this.

If you haven’t played Super Mario World then you really need to wake up and get onto eBay, stat; this is one game that you need to play before you run out of real-life 1-Up mushrooms, so to speak.

9. Super Mario All-Stars (1993)

Super Mario All-Stars SNES Game Case Cover Art

The next entry in our list features four titles for the price of one. Super Mario All-Stars was one of the best titles for the SNES and was loved by gamers and critics alike. It’s a pure work of genius and features all of the best Mario titles in one game pak with some nice extras thrown in for good measure.

I loved this game as it had ‘everything under one roof’, so to speak. I could quickly swap and change through my favourite Mario games as I pleased without getting out of bed.

You could play as Luigi, Toad, and Peach too, which added even more Mushroom Kingdom madness.

Super Mario All-Stars featured remastered renditions of the original games, something that Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to bring to the table after the successful completion of Mario Kart. This game sold over 10.5-million copies, making it one of the most successful SNES games and Super Mario titles of all time.

If you’re a die-hard Mario fan, then the chances are you’ve already played this game. If, however, you’ve joined at Super Mario Odyssey and want to get to know the plumber’s illustrious back catalogue, then this is a great place to start!

10. Chrono Trigger (1995)

Chrono Trigger Game Case Cover Art
Credit: Nintendo

If you haven’t played Chrono Trigger, then I’m afraid you haven’t lived. It has one of the coolest game covers ever and stands tall amongst the likes of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy.

Dare I say it, but it could be my favourite RPG of all time!

Because this game was such a huge hit, it tends to go for a pretty penny on second-hand-resale sites. Still, if you can get hold of a copy, then it’s 100% worth the cost.

Just look at that game still above; how many SNES games look that good? It’s an immersive adventure that gamers of any age can enjoy and a title that separates the fair-weather gamers from the hardcore Nintendoids.

Like any good RPG, Chrono Trigger has tonnes of great characters and side-quests galore. There are multiple endings to uncover too and a storyline that involves time travel and a Grandfather Paradox. Talk about deep!

It’s no surprise that this game was such a success with the brains behind Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and DragonBall Z artist behind it!

No wonder many people consider it to be one of the be greatest games of all time!

11. F-Zero (1990)

F-Zero Game Case Cover Art

Many of you will have battled your way through Super Smash Bros. using the all-powerful ‘FALCOOOON PUUUUNCH’, but Captain Falcon didn’t start his career on the battleground.

Well, not a fighting battleground at any rate.

Captain Falcon starred in F-Zero, a futuristic racing game set in the 26th century. Fans of Mario Kart beware – this is not a game that you can play while relaxing back in an armchair. This is high-speed danger driving at its best.

F-Zero was famous for being a hard and challenging game. Bashing into the sides of the track would result in you losing power to your space racer, while special energy strips would fill your bar back up again.

You could race as different characters, all of whom had ships with different attributes. The courses felt so much different to the friendly worlds in Mario Kart – this was a ‘race or die’ kind of challenge where banana skins were the least of your worries!

12. Super Castlevania IV (1991)

super castlevania 4 snes Game box
Credit: Nintendo

Castlevania IV had some of the best music of any computer game ever made. Add that to Konami’s winning vampire-slaying formula and Simon Belmont slaying ghouls and demons, and you’ve got yourself one of the greatest games of all time.

Many people do consider Castlevania IV to be one of the best games ever made, and once you’ve played it, it’s not hard to see why.

The graphics were cutting-edge for the time, the gameplay makes it impossible to put down, and the expanded play controls made it superior to all of the entries in the series before it.

So what is Castlevania IV? Well, the story follows Simon Belmont on his mission to kill Dracula. It’s 1961, Simon has a whip that can block projectiles and attack enemies, and there are undead people trying to eat him alive. ‘Nuff said; this game kicks ass!

You might recently have played this game on the SNES Classic Mini amongst the other pre-installed titles on the system. If you’re a fan of side-scrollers with attitude, then Castlevania IV should be high up on your list.

13. Mortal Kombat 3 (1993)

Mortal Kombat 3 Game cartridge

Mortal Kombat 3 soaked up so many hours of my childhood life.

Perfecting the special moves for Sub-Zero, Cyrax, Smoke, Nightwolf, Cindrel, Liu Kang; my friends and I played as all of them until we were the best!

The Mortal Kombat series is known for its gruesome fatality scenes and pushing the boundaries of fighting games. Back in the day, Mortal Kombat 3 had a bit of blood and portrayed the ideas of gruesome finishing moves, but they weren’t too harrowing to watch as a kid.

The game itself was absolutely awesome. While other fighting titles proved more popular, none were as weird or as brutal as Mortal Kombat. Robots that fired missiles, a warrior that could freeze you and break you into chunks of ice. These guys and girls weren’t messing around!

I played this game around the time that the cartoon series came out too. I knew all the good guys from the bad guys (watch out, Kano) and always fought as my favourite fighters from the show. If you’re looking for a fighting game with a difference, then check this out!

14. Super Star Wars (1992)

Super Star Wars box for the SNES

Star Wars is one of my favourite film franchises of all time, so it’s no surprise that ‘Super Star Wars’ made it into this list. Not content with simply recreating the 1977 first entry into the series, Nintendo slapped ‘Super’ on there to bring it in line with the SNES branding.

Does that make Luke ‘Super Skywalker’? I kind of like it!

Super Star Wars has everything that a classic ‘run and gun’ title should have. It’s side-scrolling brilliance with perfectly designed backdrops that recreate all of your favourite scenes from the movies.

While most of the action revolves around running through iconic areas from the film, you will also be able to drive a landspeeder and pilot an X-wing just like in the movie. You can also play as multiple characters from the original story too.

The game follows the plot-line closely with a few adjustments to make it work as a game. It’s the perfect title for any space nerds like myself out there and a must-have for any Star Wars fans.

15. Mario Paint (1992)

Mario Paint Game cart

Using a mouse with a Nintendo plastic mousemat might seem like a strange concept on a games console, but Mario Paint had hours of fun hidden away inside it.

You might find it hard to become the next Bob Ross or Leonardo Davinci (I bet that’s the first time those two have been in a sentence together), but it was great for mucking about doodling your own designs or making bizarre drawings.

If you’re a whizz on Microsoft paint like Jim’ll Paint It, then you probably can make anything you want by using this game!

Two of the most memorable parts of this game were the melody maker, in which you use different character faces and emblems as different notes and instruments in a bid to remake classic Nintendo songs, and the fly swatter game which still remains infuriatingly addictive.

It might not be a game that you play on religiously for months, but it’s one of the best games for letting off steam after losing your temper with Zelda or dying for the 100th time on Super Mario World. Test it out and see what you can create!

16. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)

Super Mario RPG Game box for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Credit: Nintendo

What’s this; a Mario RPG on the SNES?! Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is one of those Mario games that tends to get left by the wayside in favour of the traditional titles, but it’s one of the top Mario titles to come out of Ninty HQ and one of the best games on the console!

A lot of our favourite Mazza adventures wouldn’t exist without this one. The Mario & Luigi series on the GBA and the hugely successful Paper Mario canon have their origins in this game, which makes it a worthy entry in this list for that fact alone!

In short, imagine Final Fantasy III with Nintendo characters working together instead of battling each other for a change, and you’ll get the general gist of the game!

Like Zaxxon and other games that are classed as having isometric 3D graphics, Super Mario RPG has a 2.5D, almost diagonal-down viewing angle.

Take it turns to fight bad guys and then wait while they pummel you as you battle it out to see who will come out victorious. Mario can team up with three other characters, and the whole thing feels so familiar to an RPG nerd like me.

Instead of taking itself too seriously, Super Mario RPG boasts a comical element that would later go on to be the main pull in Superstar Saga and the other portable RPG adventures. Critics couldn’t get enough of it, and neither can we!

17. Final Fantasy IV (1991)

Final Fantasy IV Game Case Cover Art
Credit: Nintendo

Why not go with Final Fantasy IV next eh, another cracking RPG for the SNES.

Technically, this is Final Fantasy 2 to us Western gamers, as it was the 2nd game to be released in the West.

Why it couldn’t still have been called Final Fantasy 4 I don’t know; are our brains so puny that we couldn’t deal with the fact that other things go on in other parts of the world?

Active Time Battles made an appearance in the 4th FF title, bringing real time elements to the tried and tested turn-based battles made famous from these games.

FF4 also brought specified classes into the mix too; you can’t customise your characters like in previous games.

Still, I quite like picking one of the existing characters and classes; it helps to feel more a part of a story that’s been written for you to enjoy.

And if you twin your SNES with a HDMI cable, then this game looks fantastic on modern TVs!

18. Final Fantasy III (1990)

Final Fantasy III box for the SNES
Credit: Nintendo

What is there to say about FF3? Well, it’s a classic, a bonafide RPG adventure with more magic and fantasy than Terry Pratchett and Tolkien having a joint elven-themed birthday party.

With 1.4 million sales under its belt before it ever left Japan, the game was always destined to one day end up in this most prestigious of lists.

The game follows four orphans who are given powers by a mysterious crystal of light. The talking crystal (it’s an RPG, of course it can talk) bids the four orphans to save the world, using their new power to bring balance back to the universe.

Leaving their floating continent, the four young warriors must delve into the world below. They’ll chat with warlocks, meet soothsayers, and battle humongous enemies as their quest proceeds.

It’s never a dull day in the world of Final Fantasy…

FF3 remains one of my favourite games to kick back with. The storyline is superb, the graphics are great, and the camaraderie between the four orphan main characters is fantastic.

With updates such as visible hit points and all the same turn-based beatdowns from the first two games, this is one title you’re going to want to get hold of right away!

19. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest (1995)

Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy Kong's Quest game box held by SNES

Double DK! Donkey Kong Country 2 might look familiar to fans of Donkey Kong Land 2, one of the titles in our list of the best Gameboy games.

That’s because the two games are very similar in setting and storyline.

In both titles, Diddy and Dixie Kong take the reigns as the main protaganists on a quest to save Donkey Kong from K.Rool…

… this guy’s as bad as Bowser and Peach. Seriously, K.Rool, don’t kings have more important stuff to be getting on with than stealing simian superstars?

The pre-rendered 3D-esque graphics look brilliant, in my humble opinion. Dixie made a big splash as the newest Kong on the scene, and Diddy proved that he didn’t have to hide in the big man’s shadow anymore.

Let’s talk about facts and figures surrounding this title now. For starters, it’s the best-selling game to have not been part of a game/console bundle. It’s also the sixth best-selling SNES game of all time!

All in all, I’d say that makes it a huge success!

Complete all of the 52 levels on Crocodile Isle and rescue DK King K.Rool’s claws…

… or should that be Klaws? Let’s move on.

20. Super Bomberman (1993)

Super Bomberman Game box held by Seb

Everyone loves Bomberman. The early games with the epic multiplayer action brought some of the fondest memories of my childhood, and that’s even when I lost continually.

Still, these games did also have a normal story-style mode as well as the epic battle arena… though you could play this game and never actually delve into the main storyline quite easily.

Picture the scene; you’re in Diamond City, and Dr Mukk along with Mr. Karat have been causing a right old ruckus.

Clear the board in each level, destroy the enemies, and move onto the next brain-tickling puzzle.

Connect your SNES up with 4 controllers thanks to the Super MultiTap, one of the best SNES accessories, and create the ultimate battle with friends.

Let’s face it, that’s the main reason you’re buying this game, right?

21. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble (1996)

Donkey Kong 3 Game box held in Seb's left hand

Dixie won the hearts of gamers everywhere in Donkey Kong Country 2. So much so, in fact, that she was given a chance to take the limelight along with her cousin, Kiddy Kong.

The game is very similar to the first two adventures as far as looks and gameplay mechanics are concerned. The pre-rendered graphics that Shigeru Miyamoto hated so much make a return, as do King K. Rule and his Kremlins.

Dixie and Kiddy are on a mission to save Donkey and Diddy from ol’ croc Face K.Rool himself. Like the first two games, players can control either Dixie or Kiddy at any point, utilising Dixie’s Ponytail hover move or Kiddy’s water-skipping ability.

Animals play a big part in the game too, with Enguarde the Swordfish returning alongside new animals such as Ellie the Elephant.

Collect Bananas and DK coins, save Donkey and Diddy, and kick as much crocodile ass as possible. Job done.

22. The Lion King (1994)

SNES box for The Lion King Game

The Lion King still makes me angry to this day. Do you know how many times I had to do this giraffe level as a kid? Honestly, it drove me crazy; I’ve taunted myself by including a picture of the scene below!

The Lion King video game looked great, despite my obvious flaws while playing it. Fans of the Disney film will know the storyline and love the tunes that feature through the game too, as well as cameos from other lovable characters.

Players control Simba as both a cub and a fully grown adult as the game progresses. Cub Simba can only roar and jump on stuff, but adult Simba is a bonafide badass.

That guy can maul enemies into submission, a skill he’s going to need for the final showdown with his maniacal uncle, Scar.

Play as everyone’s favourite duo, Timon and Pumba, in bonus stages and immerse yourself in this Disney classic. Along with Disney’s Aladdin, these are two of the best games that Virgin Games produced.

23. Super Tennis (1991)

Super Tennis Game cartridge

Those tunes in Super Tennis were retrolicious, as were the get-ups worn by the different players. Each character represents a famous tennis player of the time, though due to licensing issues their last names don’t feature.

If you know your tennis, then guessing who’s who adds to the excitement!

I used to love playing doubles with a mate while playing this game. We’d team up against the computer and smash them every time.

Players can hone their skills solo in single mode, and there are plenty of tournaments to power through on the way to the top of the rankings.

The characters run, leap, and strike like absolute pros, and the game even has three different surfaces to play on which is a neat feature.

I want to know where Nintendo got those three identical triplets in the background from; must have been tough tracking them down!

41. Earthworm Jim 2 (1995)

Earthworm Jim 2 game cartridge

Earthworm Jim 2 will forever be one of my favourite games on any console. Whether playing on the Mega Drive or on the SNES, everything about Earthworm Jim still makes me smile.

I mean, what’s not to love about an earthworm in a robotic superhero suit that allows him to run around like a human?

Add his mate Snot into the mix, and you’re soon swinging across caverns, fighting massive enemies with insane firepower, and generally having the time of your life!

The first time you decimate everyone on the screen with the barn blaster is one of those moments that will never leave you, either. It’s like the South Park cow launcher on steroids!

The game has a very Taz: Escape from Mars feel to it, with Jim moving through dark worlds and pumping enemies full of lead as he goes.

The main aim of the game is to save Princess Whats-Her-Name from the wretched and dastardly Psy-Crow. If you haven’t guessed already, it helps to be a little unhinged when playing this one.

25. Contra III: The Alien Wars (1992)

Contra III The Alien Wars Super Nintendo Entertainment System game box

Contra III: The Alien Wars recently appeared on our top Gameboy games list under the name ‘Contra: The Alien Wars”. The SNES title goes for gold with the full name and rightful place as the third title in the series.

Contra games will never get boring. I love running into battle with guns blazing or ploughing through streets filled with cretins in a tank.

The main problem I have i s that I tend to die a lot as this game is insane, but you know, you can’t have everything!

Shoot in multiple directions as you let bullets rain down on your enemies. Some of the bosses are ridiculous too. I think I’d just turn the other way and keep on running if this was real life.

One of the cool things about Contra 3 is that it comes with some exciting top-down levels where players ride a motorbike and complete missions instead of just trotting from left to right.

It always pays to mix things up a little, and you’ll need these levels to give your head (and eyes) a rest!

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