10 Rare Pokemon Topps Cards To Collect In 2024

rare pokemon topps cards

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If you’re a 90’s kid who loves collecting the best 90s toys or a budding Pokemon Trainer determined to catch ’em all, then you need to add these rare Pokemon Topps cards into your life.

I can still remember the excitement of opening up these packets. I can even feel the tension as I wondered whether I would get yet another Diglett or if there would finally be a foil Charizard inside.

Those were the days!

If like me, you did end up getting 1000 Digletts too many, then you might be interested in adding these 10 Rare Pokemon Topps Cards to your collection.

They will certainly cost a lot more than a pack of Topps cards did back in the 90s, but I’m guessing most of the people reading this article will now have ‘grown up jobs’.

And when you compare the cost ratio from pocket money against the cost of the cards and a full-time wage against our rare ones, it’s all pretty relative!

1. PSA 10 GEM MINT Moltres 2000 Chrome Series 2 #146 SPECTRA – $999.99

Rare Pokemon Topps Cards - Moltres

First up on our list of the best Rare Pokemon Topps cards is the legendary Fire Bird, Moltres.

I can still remember my first encounter with Moltres on Pokemon Red back on my Yellow DMG, but I certainly never get hold of one in a Pokemon Topps packet!

Rated at 10, this GEM MT card has been graded as being in the best possible condition known to card-collecting-kind. It’s sealed in a clear case and ready for you to show off to your friends and family.

If you’ve got a spare $1,000 lying around, then it could well be yours. If you already have one and have been sitting on it for years hoping that it might be worth something, then I suggest you go and get it graded IMMEDIATELY.

What a piece to add to your collection, and what a great way to kick off this list!

2. MINT Charizard Clear Card PC3 2000 – $599.00

Rare Pokemon Topps Cards - Charizard

Leon didn’t choose Charizard as his Pokemon because he’s a champion fighter. He chose him because he’s the second rarest Pokemon on our list of rare Pokemon Topps cards…

… obviously!

Charizard is one bad-ass dragon and a fan favourite amongst Pokemaniacs everywhere.

This PSA 10 GEM MT rated card is one of the best preserved Topps cards out there, with a classification that proves it’s as fresh as the day it was made.

Just look at Charizard shooting out that fire, and there isn’t a crease or a crinkle in sight!

3. 2001 Lugia # 249 Super Rare Foil Holo Card – $399.99

Rare Pokemon Topps Cards - Lugia

When the Johto gang started appearing on the Topps scene, we started seeing new characters creeping into the ranks of rare Pokemon Topps cards doing the rounds.

Any you can’t get much rarer (is that a phrase?) than the legendary Lugia!

Trio master of the legendary birds and guardian of the seas, Lugia is the perfect sealed companion to watch over any gaming adventure… from a safe place on a shelf… far away from any physical action.

This card has been graded at NM 7, which means it’s near mint but not as well kept as the first two cards in our rare Pokemon Topps cards list.

But then again, I imagine they are all like this now. Which kid or collector didn’t pull a Lugia out of their pack and instantly jump for joy at their luck!

4. 2000 TV Animation Clear Card Mew #PC7 PSA 10 Mint – $200.00

Rare Pokemon Topps Cards - Mew

The elusive Mew has been a mysterious and legendary Pokemon ever since the days of doing that ‘Caterpie old man’ cheat and hoping one would appear along the coast of Cinnabar Island.

Thankfully, adding one into your collection of rare Pokemon Topps cards isn’t as long winded, and you don’t have to talk to anyone about bug catching.

A few collectors out there have managed to catch Mew and seal it in a clear case for all to see. This particular offering has been giving a PSA rating of GEM MT10.

You can’t get any better than that!

5. 2000 Squirtle #PC4 PSA 10 – $169.00

Rare Pokemon Topps Cards - Squirtle

I don’t know whether Squirtle is hiding from the rain in this picture or hiding from the Paparazzi now that he knows how much he is worth.

Either way, this GEN MT 10 card is the real deal, with no grubby finger prints, tears, or creases to spoil everyone’s favourite water start up Pokemon.

(I realise that’s quite a specific accolade to give, but stick with me).

Squirtle was always one of my favourite Pokemon to start off the original Pokemon game with, and who didn’t love having a Blastoise in their team?

The guy’s a legend, and this card would look great in your collection.

6. 2000 Mewtwo Clear Card GEM MT 10 – $155.00

Mewtwo Collectors Card

Few people have managed to tame the mighty Mewtwo, but now you can add both Mew and Mewtwo into your collection of rare Pokemon Topps cards without spending too much money.

That’s the great thing about being an adult/big kid with expendable income; you can spend your money on stuff that you never would have been allowed to as a kid!

The king of Psychic Pokemon doesn’t often crop up in GEN MT 10 condition, and this card looks absolutely spectacular. The colours are vibrant, the card is perfectly intact, and there are no greasy prints or scratches to be found.

A great character and the perfect card to add to your trophy shelf.

7. 2000 TV Animation Scyther Clear Card #PC9 PSA 10 GEM – $110.00

Scyther Collectors Card

I wouldn’t want to meet Scyther down a dark alley at night, but I definitely would want to put him in my rare Pokemon Topps cards collection.

Come to think of it, he might be good at cutting the lawn…

We’ve got another GEN MT 10 card on our hands here, and it looks as perfect as the day it first rolled off the production line.

Scyther might be known for slashing and cutting his way through forests, but this card doesn’t even have a mark on it!

8. 1999 Wartortle #8 Movie Edition – $110.00

Wartortle Collectors Card

Next up on our list of rare Pokemon Topps cards is Squirtle’s second evolution and future self, Wartortle.

Don’t worry, he’s not trying to break out of the protective casing and go on a ‘crease and fold’ bender. He’s just showing off a headbutt because he’s one tough dude.

Like the Squirtle card above, this Wartortle Topps card is in GEM MT 10 condition, a.k.a the best of the best.

This would make a great gift for a Pokemon fan or the perfect present to cheer yourself up after a pretty crummy 2020.

9. Pokemon PSA 9 FOIL Venusaur #3 MINT Movie Edition – $76.58

Venusaur Collectors Card

Next up is Venusaur, the gnarly final evolution of Bulbasaur.

Who am I kidding; if you’ve made it this far down our list of rare Pokemon Topps cards, then you already knew that!

Pulling off some Solar Beam action, this MINT 9 rated card is in as close to perfect condition as you can possibly get.

It must be hard not to stain stuff when you’re a massive dinosaur, so we can probably forgive ‘ol Venu’ for having a minor printing imperfection or a tiny wax mark on it.

10. PSA 6 EX-MINT Blastoise #9 1999 T.V. (Black Label) – $59.99

Blastoise Collectors Card

Last, but by no means least, is Blastoise, the perfect card to complete your original water starter collection of rare Pokemon Topps cards.

Despite Blastoise being a Hydro Pump master, there’s no water damage to be found on this little beauty.

This EX-MINT 6 card has been rated as being ‘Excellent Mint’. There might be a little bit of surface wear, but the card is still in great condition and a fine item to add to your horde.

Don’t forget that some of these cards will have been handled by excited kids, and while most will have been lovingly looked after, there will be some that have been passed around the playground from time to time as their owners made some important memories.

It’s a great buy and one that could easily take pride of place up on your wall of gaming fame! if you like Topps cards be sure to check out the most valuable Topps Star Wars cards of all time from our sister site Card Gamer!

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