Rating 10 Best Rumble Pak Games for Game Boy Color

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The Nintendo Game Boy is a sweet little console that has truly won our hearts over.

Brandon gave it the number one spot on his list of the best retro game consoles of all time, and I got into modifying them in early 2021.

Yes, we have had giant leaps in technology since its release, and we have found some ways to cram new tech into the handheld that push it to its limits.

But it is still important to remember that Nintendo designed these gems to do one thing… play simple and fun games on the go.

Of course, even Nintendo (and game developers under publishing license) started to look into new and creative ways to expand on the console.

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But it was features like the “Rumble Pak” that expanded the functionality tied directly to your game play.

The Rumble Pak functionality was a feature built right into the game cartridge, allowing a vibration response to game play.

This feature continued into the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo DS as well.

10. Ready To Rumble Boxing

Ready To Rumble Boxing
image credit: midway

You ever want to know what it feels like to get punched right in the face without having to do it in real life?

Well, we can’t say that the vibration function in Ready To Rumble Boxing will be anything close to that… but it sure is a fun time.

Feel the response of every hit as you battle your way through this Game Boy Color port of the classic game franchise.

Not the best game you will play, not the second best either. But certainly worth a go, especially if you are a fan of vibration.

9. Zebco Fishing

Zebco Fishing
image credit: vatical

Where this game differs from others on our list is that Zebco Fishing actually requires the use of the Rumble Pak to achieve your goal.

Your fishing experience takes place from a top down perspective where you navigate your boat to the desired fishing location and cast your line.

It is the vibration from the Rumble Pak that indicates when you have hooked your target and it is time to reel it in!

It’s a fun time for fans of fishing, and tough to ignore when making a list of the best Rumble Pak games.

8. Vigilante 8

Vigilante 8
image credit: vatical

Take a bunch of different cars and throw them in a demolition derby with guns, and you got yourself a pretty intense experience.

And Vigilante 8 certainly gave us a pretty unique game to experience.

With the inclusion of the Ruble Pak, you can feel every bump, crash, and gun shot like you were there for reals.

For fans of the older Grand Theft Auto games or titles like Twisted Metal.

7. Polaris Snowcross

Polaris Snowcross
image credit: vatical

Polaris Snowcross features some of the smoothest racing mechanics to come to the Game Boy Color.

And with the addition of the Rumble Pak vibration response, the game feels that much more alive.

With some sweet jumps and some annoying obstacles, you have all that much more reason to play it safe.

Or if you enjoy that vibration… go ahead.. crash into everything!

6. The Little Mermaid 2 – Pinball Frenzy

image credit: disney

I don’t know if The Little Mermaid and pinball sound exciting to you…

But let me tell you from experience, this game is a blast.

This one plays out much like you’d expect… all of the vibration response you can handle in a fun pinball package.

But with the additional sixteen mini-games offered, Left Field Productions gave us more than we even asked for.

It is these mini-games that really made the experience totally worth the investment.

And for fans of the Rumble Pak on Game Boy Color, this one is a must-try.

5. Top Gear Pocket

Top Gear Pocket
image credit: kemco

I am a big fan of these kinds of third person racing games.

Top Gear Pocket offers a visually stunning racing experience with all of the road response you would hope for in a game that uses the Rumble Pak.

With a wide variety of tracks, elevation changes, smooth game play mechanics, and some of the most vibrant graphics on the Game Boy Color, this game really has a lot going for it.

As the very first game to feature the Rumble Pak for the Game Boy Color, it also holds an important place in the history of handheld gaming.

An easy addition to our list of the best Rumble Pak games, and one you should check out asap.

4. Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
image credit: lucas films

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer on the Nintendo 64 is a classic. And a lot to live up to for any port.

So when we got a Rumble Pak version on the Game Boy Color, we had high expectations.

What did we expect? Super fast paced racing on a wide variety of tracks with a ton of character.

And while this Game Boy title may be missing that character, it surely got the fast racing action and variety in racing environments we would hope for.

The game play is presented in a unique top down perspective, and is sooooo fast.

Every bump and crash will be felt, and add to the anxiety you will feel at every turn.

So don’t crash. Or like we said before… do. Either way, it’s gonna be fun.

3. Legend of the River King 2

Legend of the River King 2
image credit: natsume

A fishing RPG for the Game Boy?

Now that’s something you probably didn’t expect to hear.

But this Japanese-only release is an absolute classic for hardcore fans.

And we can see why.

With its cute aesthetic and a charming storyline, this game is sure to tug at your heartstrings (or fishing lines!).

Of course, if you want to play the original (with the Rumble Pak) you will need to have some basic Japanese in your skillset.

But with English releases in North American and Europe that came a couple years after the original, you can still enjoy this amazing title… you just wont be able to feel that sweet vibration.

A great game to check out in any case, and especially if you can get your hands on the original Rumble Pak version.

2. Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark
image credit: rare

Besides the fact that this game has some interesting graphics for the Game Boy Color…

It is also pretty cool to actually feel your shots when runnin-n-gunnin your way through this Game Boy port.

I said “interesting” graphics, not “good” graphics. Ha. While they are quite advanced for the time, I don’t think they aged so well.

But in 2000, I wouldn’t say that most game devs were intending their Game Boy ports to be the shining achievement.

That being said.. Rare certainly tried to give us something quite unique, interesting, advanced, and even game us a rumble feature to make it that much more appealing.

With top down game play, sniper mode, puzzles, and even racing sequences, we certainly have a lot to work with here.

A+ for effort. Silver medal for our list.

1. Pokémon Pinball

pokemon pinball

We are huge fans of both Pokémon and pinball games for the Game Boy.

And when you got a Pokémon themed pinball game with a Rumble Pak… now we’re talking!!!

Pokémon Pinball plays out exactly as you might expect…

A super fun pinball experience, a ton of variety in rooms, and vibration response on impact.

It is the additional feature of Pokémon catching that make this pinball game quite unique.

Pokémon Pinball was even one of the best selling Game Boy Color titles of all time.

An obvious pick for Pokémon fans, for fun Game Boy Titles, and absolutely the best experience for games that make use of the Rumble Pak.

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