Where To Find Green Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Have you been enjoying finding Legendary Pokemon? I know I have!

If you’re up for another round of find the obscure items, this time we’re on the hunt for Green Stakes. 

These mystical locks can be discovered around Casseroya Lake and Socarrat Trail, however, there’s also some found further afield in the West Provinces. 

As always, these locations aren’t order specific – you can choose where to search first.

My aim is to provide handy visuals to prevent you aimlessly running around for hours, like I did, trying to find them all (it’s a painful memory we won’t speak about again). 

Where To Find The Green Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Green Stake Location 1:

Travel to the biggest of the Casseroya Lake islands to find the first stake on top of a small hill. 

Green Stake Location 2:

Now head over to the smallest of Casseroya Lake islands to discover a stake tucked away on a ledge. 

Green Stake Location 3:

Head to West Province (Area Two) to Colonnade Hollow. Go inside the cavernous space and climb one of the smaller central pillars. 

Green Stake Location 4:

Just outside Colonnade Hollow is a river – go to the riverside to find another Green Stake. If you cross the bridge you’ve gone too far. 

Green Stake Location 5:

Travel back to Casseroya Lake and find the region’s southwestern tip; there you’ll find a stake on a hillside. 

Green Stake Location 6:

Now you want to head northwest at Casseroya Lake to some ruins. There’s a hill beside those ruins, climb it and drop down onto a ledge to find the sixth Green Stake. 

Green Stake Location 7:

Surf and Glide over to the border between Socarrat Trail and Glasseado Mountain to find a stake partially buried in snow. 

Green Stake Location 8:

Finally, Fly to Medali (East) and search just outside the city limits for a waterfall. Climb to the top to find the final Green Stake.

You’ll know if you’ve located all eight of the Green Stakes because you’ll hear that familiar Legendary Pokemon roar. If you’ve already used my where to find Purple Stakes article you’ll know what roar I mean. 

Now you know it’s awake, it’s time to head to Groundblight Shrine.

What Are The Green Stakes For?

All eight Green Stakes unlock Groundblight Shrine, located on Socarrat Trail atop a mountain. Unlocking the Groundblight Shrine will awaken Ting-Lu.

This is one of the easier to find Shrines, though having its location marked on your map will help even more. 

If you don’t know how to unlock this map feature, check out the where to find Yellow Stakes guide for further details. I’ll give you a hint – it involves studying History back at the Academy. 

Be prepared to face a Level 60 Pokemon, and make sure to pack lots of Ultra Balls! 

If this has whet your appetite for discovering unique Pokemon, you might want to learn how to get Spiritomb. Also, be sure to read Retro Dodo’s mystery gift codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet list for full details on current exclusives. 

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