Where To Find Yellow Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Are you up for another round of treasure hunting? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re in search of the Yellow Ominous Stakes of Paldea. 

Much like their purple counterparts, these Yellow Stakes are scattered across the map. However, when searching for these particular stakes you only need to look in the South and West Province.

Once again, you need to locate eight of them. 

To ensure you can do this as quickly and as easily as possible, it’s wise to fully upgrade Koraidon/Miraidon – you won’t get far otherwise!

Where To Find The Yellow Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Yellow Stake Location 1

Travel to South Province (Area Six) and search for the Leaking Tower of Paldea, northwest of Alfornada. Head there to find a stake on a cliffside.

Yellow Stake Location 2

On a cliffside in West Province (Area One) is where you’ll find another stake – travel to the West Province (Area One) Central Pokemon Center, then head southeast. 

Yellow Stake Location 3

Travel to West Province (Area One) North Pokemon Center, then head east to find a watchtower and some ruins. Climb the watchtower to find the stake on a cliffside in the near distance. 

Yellow Stake Location 4

Look for a crater northwest of West Province (Area One) Central Pokemon Center, in the middle of the crater is an island with another stake. 

Yellow Stake Location 5

Fly to Cascarrafa and look behind the Gym where there’s a small lake; across the lake is a large tree with a yellow stake hidden behind it. 

Yellow Stake Location 6

Travel southeast from Cascarrafa to find a stake wedged between a mountain crevice. 

Yellow Stake Location 7

Head southwest from Cortondo (West) and look for a small cave overlooking a pond. Enter the cave to find the next Yellow Stake. 

Yellow Stake Location 8

Between South Province (Area Four) and South Province (Area Six) there is a tiered waterfall, head down to the second to last tier and look for a ledge with a glowing stake. 

As I mentioned in my where to find purple stakes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guide, you can unlock these stakes in whatever order you want. 

You’ll know if you’ve unlocked all eight because the Legendary Pokemon will roar from the nearby Icerend Shrine

I would like to mention that I encountered a bug that prevented me from initially unlocking the Shrine, despite having all the Yellow Stakes. I had to restart both my game and my Switch to rectify the issue. 

What Are The Yellow Stakes For?

The Yellow Stakes unlock the entrance to Icerend Shrine, located in West Province (Area One). Inside Icerend Shrine you will discover Chien-Pao. 

Who’s that Pokemon?!

To make locating each of these Shrines easier, be sure to complete History Lessons at the Academy – this will add their locations to your map, and allow you to fast travel to them. 

Hurray! You’ve added another Legendary Pokemon to your growing collection. Fancy more rare finds and exclusives? Then be sure to read all about the current Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mystery gift codes

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