Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Mystery Gift Codes [Full List]

pokemon scarlet violet mystery gift codes

It’s finally time… Pokemon is back and while Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is promising to revitalise the franchise, there’ll still be remnants of the past making an appearance, like mystery gifts. 

Just like the previous games, this gives you the ability to get exclusive items, rare Pokemon and random perks.

If you’re new to the wonders of mystery gifts, The Pokemon Company sometimes holds special events where the use of a unique code (that’s the mystery gift) will award you with an exclusive item. 

So, now you know what mystery gifts are, let’s talk about activating those all important mystery gift codes to get you some freebies!

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Please use the table of contents below to find exactly what you’re looking for, as there are a lot of codes to read through, both new and expired!

How To Activate Mystery Gift Codes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How To Activate Mystery Gift Codes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To activate a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mystery gift open your game and access the in-game menu by pressing X. From there, select “Poke Portal” then press “Mystery Gift” and then “Get Code/Password and connect to the internet”. Now you can input your mystery gift code and unlock your prize.

  • In the Pokémon Scarlet game or the Pokémon Violet game, press X to open the menu. Press A to select Poké Portal → Mystery Gift → Get with Code/Password and connect to the internet. (It takes approximately two hours of play time before you are able to access the Mystery Gift function.)
  • Enter your code.
  • The game will automatically save after the gift arrives. 

Active Codes

Here is a list of active mystery gift codes currently available in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet:

Gold Bottle Cap

If you want to improve one Pokemon’s IVs, gold bottle caps are where it’s at! And luckily for us, we can get a mystery gift of them right now.


Valid Until: 4th June 2023

x10 Rare Candies

Levelling up just became a lot easier, thanks to this Pokemon mystery gift code for x10 Rare Candies.


Valid Until: 2nd October 2023

x5 Max Revives

Max Revives aren’t easy to come by, but with this gift set you’ll receive x5 Max Revives to help you out when the going gets tough.

Code: REV1VE

Valid Until: 2nd October 2023

Item Set Gift (Pokeballs)

If you want to boost the likelihood of catching a rare ‘mon, use the mystery gift code below to get x5 Net Balls, x5 Dive Balls, x5 Dusk Balls, x5 Timer Balls, x5 Quick Balls, and x5 Luxury Balls.


Valid Until: 2nd October 2023

200 Extra Pokeballs

Players who purchase the Double Pack game of Pokemon Scarlett & Violet will be welcome with 200 additional Pokeballs to help you increase your collection.

Code: No code needed, a purchase of the Double Pack will have you covered.

Valid Until: The end of time.

100 Extra Potions

Players who purchase the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet strategy book that release on December 16th 2022 will receive a unique code that allows them to be gifted 100 potions to help them on their journey.

Code: A code will be sent via email to those who order the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet strategy book.

Valid Until: The end of time.

100 Rare Candy S

Players who purchase the upcoming strategy book that launches on February 2nd 2023 will be gifted 100 Rare Candy S items to help them boost the level of their Pokemon.

Code: A code will be sent via email to those who order the strategy book.

Valid Until: The end of time.

Expired Codes

These codes are no longer active, meaning they won’t be recognised by the Poke Portal if you try to use them.

TM116 Stealth Rock and TM132 Baton Pass

Want to change up your battle tactics? Then you might want to check out TM116 and TM132. These moves aren’t devastating, but they keep the pressure consistently on your opponent.


TM082 Thunder Wave And TM087 Taunt

Weaken your opponents using the Electric Type Move TM082, aka Thunder Wave, and the Dark Type Move TM087, aka Taunt.

The TMs are part of the Item Set Gift.


Cavin’s Palafin

Fancy getting your hands on a special Palafin to celebrate the Pokemon Europe International Championships? Just use the code below!


Tera Blast TM

Tera Blast is a high damage Normal Type move with 80 Power. If you’d like to bolster your team by using this TM, you can get a free Tera Blast using the code below.


x10 Carbos

Is your team feeling a little sluggish during battle? Then make sure to grab yourself x10 Carbos to help increase their speed!


x2 Love Balls

If you want to make completing your Pokedex even easier, make sure to use the Love Balls mystery gift code before it runs out.


Destiny Knot

A Destiny Knot is a handy item to have a Pokemon hold, especially when facing an opponent who knows the move Attract; if you become infatuated, they will too.


Ability Capsule

The Ability Capsule code will allow you to unlock a secondary ability in one of your Pokemon – it’s a rare item, even post-game, so be sure to snap it up before the code expires!


Adventure Pack Set

Players who purchase Pokemon Scarlet or Violet before 28th February 2023 will receive a unique Adventure Pack set that includes a wide number of different items to help you get started.

Code: Simply connect to the internet to unlock this adventure pack.

Flying Tera Pikachu

Players who purchase Pokemon Scarlet or Violet before 28th February 2023 will receive a unique flying tera type Pikachu.

Code: No code needed, just the game purchase.

Random Sandwich Ingredients

This gift code will give you a selection of random sandwich ingredients to help you on your adventures. We were lucky enough to get Curry Powder X5, Rice X5, Noodles X5, Cheese X5 and Egg X5!


Sandwich Ingredients

The Sandwich ingredients gift code will allow all gamers to receive a bunch of food items to help with their sandwich making skills.

You will receive peanut butter x10, prosciutto x10, hamburger x10, cream cheese x10, noodles x10 and rice x10.

Code: HAJ1 ME0R 1G1N AL

20,000 League Points

This mystery gift code really does exactly what it says: give you 20,000 LPs.


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