Where To Find Purple Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been exploring every inch of Paldea to find all its secrets. From rare Pokemon to hidden evolution stones, we want to discover it all. 

You might have also spotted some Purple Stakes at various locations. Those are important. Like, seriously important. 

These Ominous Stakes act as keys that keep Legendary Pokemon locked away – if you find and break them all you’ll unlock its Shrine. 

There are four different coloured stakes, with eight stakes to each colour, meaning there’s 32 Ominous Stakes in total. 

Ready to find every purple stake on the map? Then let’s go!

Where To Find The Purple Stakes In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Purple Stake Location 1

You’ll find this stake on the edge of a cliff between South Province (Area Three) and East Province (Area One). 

Purple Stake Location 2

This stake can be found on a cliff just east of Mesagoza. Your Koraidon/Miraidon will need to be able to climb to reach it. 

Purple Stake Location 3

You’ll discover this stake south of Los Platos in South Province (Area One).

Purple Stake Location 4

This stake is close to Los Platos too, this time to the northeast on a cliff. 

Purple Stake Location 5

The fifth stake can be found just above the Glasswither Shrine in South Province (Area One).

Purple Stake Location 6

Exit the Mesagoza East Entrance and you’ll see a large structure, cross the water to find the stake on the cliff edge. 

Purple Stake Location 7

We return to Los Platos again to find the seventh stake, located northeast of the town. 

Purple Stake Location 8

Travel to Artazon and climb the cliff right by the Pokemon Center, at the top you’ll find the last stake. 

It doesn’t matter what order you find the stakes as long as you unlock all eight of them. 

Once you achieve this, a loud roar will sounds in the distance to inform you that a Legendary Pokemon can now be reached.

What Are The Purple Stakes For?

These Purple Stakes keep the door to the Glasswither Shrine locked tight. Inside the Shrine is Wo-Chien, one of four Legendary Pokemon of Paldea (not including Koraidon/Miraidon).

Who’s that Pokemon?!

To locate Glasswither Shrine with ease, make sure to sign up for the Academy History Lessons – doing so will add the Shrine locations to your map, which will allow you to fast travel to them.

I hope this guide has proven useful and helped you find all the Purple Stakes.

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