How To Get Spiritomb In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

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When the words “forbidden” and “Pokemon” are joined together we get an intriguing creation like Spiritomb. 

Introduced in Generation IV, this Ghost/Dark type has secured itself as a popular choice amongst trainers for its varied movepool, and its three-pronged immunity to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic types. 

But with the Pokedex stating its “Habitat is unknown”, it begs the question can it be caught? Unlike how to get Annihilape, you can’t evolve another Pokemon to get Spiritomb. 

Fortunately, I know a couple of places to find this Pokemon despite what the Pokedex says. 

Where To Catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Spiritomb has no known location in Paldea. However, it can be found roaming Glasseado Mountain in the southeast at some ruins, and on the snowy border between Socarat Trail and Glasseado Mountain.

Typically when you can’t find a Pokemon’s habitat, trainers get a it by evolving, trading and/or breeding. But those options aren’t available for Spiritomb. 

Unfortunately, finding it in the wild isn’t guaranteed for every player; although I found Spiritomb, that doesn’t automatically mean you will too. I’ve played over 40+ hours and only seen it twice, which should rather indicate its rarity.

You can try to improve your chances by picnicking and making a Salty Jambon-Beurre Sandwich to increase your Ghost Encounter Power to Level 2. However, even then you’re more likely to happen across Gastlys and Haunters.

If you fancy braving the cold in search of Spiritomb, make sure to stock up on Dusk Balls and Ultra Balls because it won’t be easy to catch. 

Weakening it will obviously help, but if your Pokemon are a much higher level you could just end up causing it to faint. Choose your moves wisely, and, if possible, use a lower level Lead Pokemon.

To help improve your catch rate you can eat a Pickle or Great Pickle Sandwich to increase your Ghost Catching Power to Level 1. 

I really hope you manage to find Spiritomb, if for nothing other than to say you did it! And if you spot it at any other locations please let us know.

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