Hyperkin’s New Switch Hot Dog Controller Really Cuts The Mustard

You read that right, Hyperkin have revealed a Switch controller based on a hot dog, with others based on Kool-Aid and sriracha sauce. Hyperkin has teamed up with Oscar Mayer, Kool-Aid and Huy Fong for the three new limited edition Switch controllers. On the 27th January, Hyperkin teased fans with a Tweet about upcoming brand […]

Original Xbox Controller Returns As ‘The DuchesS’

Hyperkin have revealed The DuchesS, a modern reimagining of the smaller variant of the original Xbox controller, The Duke. The peripheral manufacturer unveiled their latest revival of a classic Xbox controller during this years CES in Las Vegas. The new Xbox DuchesS controller features Hall Effect sticks and triggers, which use magnetics to negate friction […]

Hyperkin Mega 95 Lets You Play Your Favourite Mega Drive Cartridges On The Go

Hyperkin Mega 95

The brand new Hyperkin Mega 95 is a portable Sega Genesis console that plays original game cartridges. It’s a perfect device for the hardcore retro video game fans who enjoy collecting physical game cartridges. You probably know Hyperkin for a similar handheld device that plays original game cartridges which made our list of the best […]

Hyperkin Retron Sq Review – A Game Boy Console For Your HD TV

hyperkin retron sq

Deep down the Hyperkin Retron Sq is quite a simple product. It enables you to play your Gameboy and Gameboy Advance cartridges directly from a TV or monitor using the included HDMI cable and they do this through emulation. Think of it as a Gameboy console, because in reality that’s exactly what it is. It’s […]