Original Xbox Controller Returns As ‘The DuchesS’

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Hyperkin have revealed The DuchesS, a modern reimagining of the smaller variant of the original Xbox controller, The Duke.

The peripheral manufacturer unveiled their latest revival of a classic Xbox controller during this years CES in Las Vegas.

The new Xbox DuchesS controller features Hall Effect sticks and triggers, which use magnetics to negate friction and eliminates the possibility of stick drift. This is a huge bonus for anyone looking to purchase one with mammoth Halo multiplayer sessions in mind.

Other new features that bring The DuchesS controller into the modern era include the addition of the Xbox Series X/S share button and a detachable connection cable. The final controller will not work wirelessly but players will have the choice between white and black variants and sport the classic Xbox logo.

Hyperkin haven’t revealed any release or pricing details but we’ve reached out to the team in California for any extra details regarding the launch of the Xbox DuchesS controller.

The Duke & The DuchesS

Xbox The DuchesS controller

The original Xbox controller is the infamous ‘Duke’, a large joypad that shipped with the Xbox when it premiered in 2001.

While the off-set analogue sticks and pressure-sensitive face buttons proved popular, The Duke was polarising due to its hefty size. The oversized pad failed to resonate with gamers and failed to become one of the must have Xbox accessories.

In response to player feedback, Microsoft phased out The Duke in favour of the smaller and ergonomically superior Controller S.

Seamus Blackley, the man behind the design of the Xbox console and The Duke, petitioned current head of Xbox Phil Spencer for the rights to his original controller around 2016. After securing the rights to The Duke, Blackley collaborated with the team at Hyperkin to bring a modern version to market in 2018.

Hyperkin would also go on to release controllers based on the popular Xbox 360 pads.

The DuchesS Xbox controller looks to do the same for the Controller S what The Duke did for the original, and provide long-time Xbox fans with a nostalgic pad built with modern tech.

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