Hyperkin Mega 95 Lets You Play Your Favourite Mega Drive Cartridges On The Go

Hyperkin Mega 95

The brand new Hyperkin Mega 95 is a portable Sega Genesis console that plays original game cartridges.

It’s a perfect device for the hardcore retro video game fans who enjoy collecting physical game cartridges.

You probably know Hyperkin for a similar handheld device that plays original game cartridges which made our list of the best SNES accessories – The SupaBoy.

Before the handheld emulation scene really took off, the SupaBoy was one of the best ways to play retro video games on the go. Besides original portable game hardware, of course.

Hyperkin SupaBoy (Image Source: Hyperkin)

One key difference that we noticed immediately is that the new Mega 95 does not feature the original Genesis controller ports on the front of the device like the SupaBoy.

This is a feature we would miss, but hopefully the new Mega 95 will feature those ports somewhere on the device that we cannot see in the promo images. Or at least leverage USB or Bluetooth controller options.

What Do We Know About The Mega 95?

Hyperkin Mega 95
Image Source: Hyperkin via The Verge

We do know that the Mega 95 will come with a dock for your television that will feature those missing controller ports.

That dock makes the Mega 95 both a handheld and a home video game console. So, you could consider this the Sega Genesis equivalent of the Nintendo Switch.

But let’s not forget – the Mega 95 is intended to be a portable console first. And it will feature a massive five-inch IPS display that outputs at both 4:3 and 16:9.

Hyperkin says that the internal battery will last around 10 hours per charge. We know that these estimates are often overstated, so we’d guess that you’re looking at closer to 8 hours, which is still plenty for a day of portable game play.

Like the SupaBoy, the Mega 95 will be a hardware level recreation of the original Sega Genesis. This is not software emulation like the Anbernic RG-Arc, and it is also not FPGA like the Analogue Pocket.

This is a singular device intended to do one very specific thing – play your original Sega Genesis game cartridges on the go.

So, if you are looking for an exciting new way to enjoy all of the best Sega Genesis games in a portable device, Hyperkin has you covered.

As massive fans of portable gaming and the joy of collecting classic game cartridges, we love this focus!

When Will The Mega 95 Be Available?

There is currently no official word about the release date of the upcoming Mega 95 from Hyperkin. But surely we will start hearing more information soon.

Because the SupaBoy currently retails for $119.99USD, we’re expecting the Mega 95 to debut at around the same retail price.

Keep in mind that the images provided are an early preview and that the device featured is considered a working prototype, so we may see some changes before the official release of the Mega 95.

But what we are seeing already looks quite polished, and we cannot point to anything we’d hope to see changed. We just want to see the top and the back of the device to what ports are featured.

We’re looking forward to more official news from Hyperkin, and we will absolutely be keeping an eye out for future details about the Mega 95.

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