Super Mario 64 Gets Ported To The Game Boy Advance

super mario 64 port

Super Mario 64 is undoubtedly one of the best retro video games of all time, with many iterations and remakes being crafted since launch, but it has yet to make it to one of the best handhelds ever made… the Game Boy Advance, until now. Spotted by Nintendo Life, a modder by the name of […]

Legendary Golden Sun Series Arrives On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Golden Sun

Nintendo has just announced that their classic Game Boy Advance Golden Sun series arrives on Nintendo Switch via their online service next week! RPGs Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age will be heading to the Game Boy Advance player – we’re going to need to put some serious time aside for those! The […]

All Game Boy e-Reader Games (Full List)

game boy ereader list

We love Nintendo and their wacky peripherals so today we’re taking a look at all of the Game Boy e-Reader Games. For the uninitiated, the Nintendo Game Boy e-Reader is a card reader that plugged into the Game Boy Advance and allowed players to access additional content within their games or experience entire games with […]

Frog Boy Color Leaps Onto The Game Boy Modding Scene With A Splash

Frog Boy Color

An incredible new DIY Game Boy, the “Frog Boy Color”, has just been revealed by a clever modder Chris Hackmann aka Froggocustoms. When Chris teased the innovative design back in June, the Game Boy modding community had their interests piqued at maximum levels. At first glance, you’d have absolutely no idea what you were looking […]

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror Multiplayer Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Nintendo has just announced the upcoming release of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror for their Nintendo Switch Online Service. You should need very little reason to be excited about a new Kirby game in your library, because… well… it’s Kirby! This incredible Kirby title made its well deserved appearance on our list of the best […]

New GBA Game Goodboy Galaxy Now Available For Pre-Order

Goodboy Galaxy

Goodboy Galaxy is a brand new game for the Game Boy Advance that is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and actual physical cartridges for the original GBA. Like many of the best modern games for retro systems, Goodboy Galaxy started as a game jam submission back in 2018. It has since expanded into an incredible […]

Limited Run Games Announces Revival of Cancelled Shantae Game For GBA

Shantae Risky Revolution

Limited Run Games has announced a partnership with WayForward to revive a cancelled Shantae game for the Game Boy Advance. This exciting news game as one of many projects in development shared at the LRG3 2023 Showcase. As a massive fan of Shantae and an even bigger fan of all things Game Boy, this is […]

3 New Mario Classics Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Expansion

Nintendo Switch Online

Game Boy Advance fans will surely be excited to hear that three new Mario classic games are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion in May. Nintendo is riding the Super Mario wave with the massive success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, and adding three new titles to their premium Switch Online package makes […]

Apotris is the Best Tetris Port for Game Boy Advance

I would consider myself a bit of a Tetris snob, and I’ve play-tested quite a few ports in my day. And I have to give credit where credit is due; the recent release of Apotris by Akouzoukos is one of the best Tetris ports I’ve ever played. So what makes a Tetris port different or […]

10 Rare Game Boy Advance Games & How Much They’re Worth

You’re here to find rare Game Boy Advance games & how much they’re worth, are ya? Well come in and sit down, let me tell you a tale. The value of rare collectibles is an interesting phenomena. It’s all based on how desperate a collector is to have that item, right? I remember back in […]